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Top 5 Bordeaux Luxury Wine Tours

Top 5 Bordeaux Luxury Wine Tours

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France offers many wine destinations for all tastes: white wines, rosés, sparkling or red wines. The wine-tourism offer is also diverse: wine tastings for amateurs, workshops, picnics in vineyards… but also luxury Wine Tours.

The Bordeaux wine region is a true heaven for lovers of strong red wines, and visiting Bordeaux wineries is something to do once in your life. The best tour in Bordeaux is actually one you do yourself, by seeking best-in-class wine experiences and choosing top Wine Châteaux to explore.

If you are longing to visit Bordeaux Châteaux for luxury Wine Tours getaway on the Médoc Wine Route, we have the perfect selection for you. Our Bordeaux experts have selected for you a Top 5 of the best Bordeaux Wine Tours, for a unique and exceptional wine stay in France.

1. Cognac Frapin – VIP Circuit

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Fapin Estate

An exceptional testimony of historical heritage, the Cognac Frapin domain traces its wine-growing and distilling history back to 1270. This outstanding accumulation of know-how and methods that have been passed over centuries and generations, is reflected, at all levels, in the estate’s prestigious beverage.

Today, the family welcomes you for a luxury wine tour in Bordeaux vineyards, distillery and century-old cellars to share their remarkable story with you. The highlight of your private tour: a break at Château Fontpinot to be immersed in the family’s history and ancestors, of which famous French Renaissance writer and physician François Rabelais. You will be guided by a private chauffeur and the Maison’s guide, to make you discover more at the Cognac Fapin Museum, and end with a commented tasting of 4 Cognacs.

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2. Wine Cab – English Cab in Bordeaux Vineyards

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How about being taken around Bordeaux vineyards in an English Cab?

Probably one of the most unique rides you will find in Bordeaux surroundings, our host Wine Cab has come up with a delightful concept to explore France’s south-west vineyards. Perfect for couples or friends, you will hop in a typical English cab for a 4-hour Wine Tour to discover prestigious Bordeaux Châteaux, vineyards, the Médoc Wine Route and gorgeous villages such as Saint-Emilion, Pomerol and Sauternes. Enough to make Bordeaux connoisseurs blush!

Wine Cab tour specialists can create itineraries on your demand, or make tailor-made tours according to your personal preferences. Their passion for Bordeaux terroir will make this afternoon trip a special one. But of course, if wouldn’t be a wine tour if no wine tasting was included! Along the tour and winery visits, you will taste 6 different Bordeaux wines. So, how about it?

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3. Chateau Fombrauge – Private Wine Tour

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The largest wine estate in Saint-Emilion, Château Fombrauge – which means “Spring surrounded by heather and bushes” – gathers wine-growing know-how of three families: the Canolle, the Dumas and the Taffard. Today’s owner, Bernard Magrez, is dedicated to organizing premium wine experiences to share the Château’s terroir typicity and diversity, its history and the complexity of Fombrauge wine.

Amongst the 8 wine experiences that Château Fombrauge offers, the most exclusive one is The Secret of an Exceptional Terroir – a private Tour where you will spend privileged time with the estate’s guide, in a unique setting. This journey through time will unveil secrets of Grands Cru Classés and micro cuvée like Château Magrez Fombrauge, while exploring the vines, cellars and the vat room. Icing on the cake: this first-class Tour ends with a commented Bordeaux wine tasting of 6 of the estate’s wines.

Perfect for an exceptional romantic getaway, this experience also welcomes Families and groups of 10 people.

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4. Terradovino – Medoc Discovery

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Splendid Wine Château, impressive wine cellars and charming wine tasting rooms are on the menu: Terradivino is dedicated to making Bordeaux vineyards a highlight of your VIP wine trip.

A whole 8-hour day is ahead of you with Terradivino’s Medoc Discovery wine tour. In the morning, you will visit a renowned cooperage to be introduced to the making of oak barrels, the kinds used to age Bordeaux red wines. Visits at two prestigious Bordeaux Wine Châteaux are planned after lunch, where winemakers and their teams will share secrets of the Maison, and know-how specificities. The end of the day will take a more cultural turn, to dig deeper into French heritage: culture, gastronomy, monuments and landscapes of Bordeaux vineyards.

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5. Château Pape Clément – Create your own vintage

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Ah Château Pape Clément… do we need to introduce one of Bordeaux’s most prestigious and worldwide known wine estate? Probably not, not to you. Maybe, we shall only mention that this seven-century-old Bordeaux Wine Château opens its doors to you for some exclusive wine experiences!

Other than exquisite food & wine pairing tastings, visits and cellar tours, we have selected this top wine activity: a workshop to create your own vintage. Following one of the most impressive vat room and winery tour in your life, the serious part of this one-of-a-kind Bordeaux wine tour starts: you will taste various Bordeaux assemblages to get more familiar with the panel of flavor you will have at your disposal, for your unique creation. Immersed in Château Pape Clément’s first-class ambiance, you will indeed create your own Château Pape Clément wine – a unique moment you will remember all your life.

Book your amazing Bordeaux wine creation

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Visit more wineries in Bordeaux vineyards!

There are endless and diverse possibilities for wine tastings and tours in Bordeaux. Bordeaux vineyards is home to countless Bordeaux wineries, from prestigious Wine Châteaux to family estates – the Medoc Wine Route has much delights to offer you. Go on our website to find Bordeaux france wine tours ! Here you can enjoy one of the most exclusive wines in the world in the historic châteaux of Medoc, wander in the vineyards around Saint Emilion or visit La cité du Vin museum with your family to discover the history of wine civilization. Choose your favorite wine tasting in Bordeaux or the tour to châteaux, let us know and we will guaranty your memorable experience.

FAQ & Useful resources

Best Wineries in Bordeaux to Visit for Unique Wine Tasting

What is the best wine region in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux wine region is divided into several sub-wine regions, but mainly into 2: on the Left bank of the Garonne river and on the Right bank.

What is the most expensive Bordeaux?

Most expensive Bordeaux wines are from the Pomerol apellation:
– Petrus, Pomerol: $3,715
– Le Pin, Pomerol: $3,696

What is the most beautiful wine region in France?

France is home to about 13 wine regions. Most beautiful ones are yours to choose, according to personal taste, as they all have specificities and elements that make them beautiful and unique!

How do you make wine taste like Bordeaux?

If you wish to taste a wine that has a similar taste to Bordeaux wine, you can try tasting Italian wines such as Cabernet-led Petra Toscana Rosso, the Bindi Sergardi Simbiosi Rosso Toscana as alternatives.

How to Reach Wine Tasting Experiences in Bordeaux ?

Wine tasting tours in Bordeaux are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air :
Bordeaux has its own international airport, Airport of Bordeaux-Mérignac (BOD), that serves very well the city and it’s a good starting point to start looking for wine tastings and tours in Bordeaux.

By Car :
If you decide to travel to wine tastings and tours in Bordeaux by car, always follow the directions towards the city of Bordeaux, which is the real heart of the wine region.
There is not official wine route connecting the wineries where wine tastings and tours are held in Bordeaux, but while you roam in the French countryside, you will find many indications leading to the best wine tastings and tours in Bordeaux.

By Train :
The best way to get to wine tastings and tours in Bordeaux by train is to arrive in Bordeaux with a TGV and from there take a train to one of these other towns: Blanquefort, Caudéran Mérignac, Parempuyre, Ludon, Margaux, Moulis Listrac, Mérignac Arlac, Pauillac, Pessac, Lesparre. You can find more information on travelling times by visiting the website of the French railways system SNCF.
BE CAREFUL! Some trains might leave from Bordeaux Moulis station and not from the central station.

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