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Discover the winegrowing region of the Savoie and its estates divided inside little small islands notably all along the Leman lake. Winalist will help you tou find the best visits, tastings and activities in the region.

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Why should you coming in Savoie ?

The winegrowing region of Savoie is divided in two territoires : Savoie and Bugey. These regions propose diverse wines and we can find some famous names as the Abymes, Apremont or the Rousette de Savoie. The region is provided by a beautiful wine route named Route des Vins de la Combe Savoie. You could taste these wines during your trip. Let's taste these wines with Winalist and its huge selection of visits, tastings and activities.

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+ How to book a wine weekend in Savoie?
+ Which estates and winegrowers to visit in Savoie?
+ When to come to Savoie?
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