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Best Champagne Houses and vineyards to visit

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Best houses & Vineyards to Visit in Champagne

Champagne Vranken-Pommery - Winalist
Guided tour "Henry Vasnier"
Guided tour of the Pommery cellars
Self-guided tour of the Pommery cellars
Free visit "Henry Vasnier"
Free visit of the Villa Demoiselle
Gastronomic visit
Guided tour from the vine to the glass
Instant booking
Reims 547 reviews 4.6

Champagne Vranken-Pommery

The prestigious Champagne House Pommery is located in the heart of the city of Reims. You will be...

27,00 € - 145,00 €

Champagne Mercier - Winalist
Founder's visit
Mercier Duo
Visit Golden Bubble Public
Speaking of bubbles
Épernay 365 reviews 4.5

Champagne Mercier

In 1871 Eugène Mercier began an innovative project of digging his Champagne cellars: “Count in...

21,00 € - 40,00 €

Champagne Le Gallais - Winalist
Tasting of 3 Champagnes
Visit at the heart of our family Clos and tasting of 3 Champagnes
Sabrage introduction : like Napoléon !
Masterclass Le Gallais
Instant booking Biodynamic
Boursault 207 reviews 4.7

Champagne Le Gallais

Charlotte Le Gallais is growing 4 ha of vines inside the historical Clos du Château de Boursault...

15,00 € - 65,00 €

Champagne Moët & Chandon - Winalist
Moët & Chandon "Grand Vintage" Tour
Moët & Chandon "Imperial Instant" Tour
Moët & Chandon "Signature" Tour
Moët Collection
High oenology
Epernay 202 reviews 4.6

Champagne Moët & Chandon

The “Maison” Moet & Chandon cellars open its doors Visit the Moet & Chandon cella...

40,00 € - 200,00 €

Champagne Taittinger - Winalist
Instant Comtes (from July 22, 2024)
Instant Rosé (from July 22, 2024)
Instant Gourmet (from July 22, 2024)
“At the table of Thibaud IV” experience (until July 19, 2024)
Instant Rosé (until July 19, 2024)
Instant Gourmet (until July 19, 2024)
Reims 172 reviews 4.6

Champagne Taittinger

All year round, our interpretive guides open the doors of Taittinger champagne to you and help yo...

37,00 € - 80,00 €

Champagne Leblanc-Collard - Winalist
Classic Tour
Epicurean Tour
Terroir Tour
Guided champagne tasting
Val de livre 159 reviews 4.7

Champagne Leblanc-Collard

Coming from a family of winegrowers since 1751, the vines have followed every generation. Indepen...

12,00 € - 35,00 €

Champagne G.H. Martel & C° - Winalist
Reims 157 reviews 4.7

Champagne G.H. Martel & C°

The House G.H. Martel & C° was founded in 1869 by a small grower and Champagne Maker from Av...

25,00 € - 40,00 €

Champagne Ruinart - Winalist
The Crayères
Visiting the chalk pits around Blanc Singulier
Reims 148 reviews 4.8

Champagne Ruinart

Come discover one of the oldest Champagne House, founded in 1729. Discover the history of this Bo...

75,00 € - 90,00 €

Champagne Mumm - Winalist
Cordon Rouge Visit
Grand Cru experience
Vintage Experience
Reims 136 reviews 4.7

Champagne Mumm

Maison de Champagne Mumm, established in the heart of Reims, is an icon of the champagne industry...

28,00 € - 50,00 €

A La Française Champagne - Winalist
E-Bike Champagne day tour & lunch from Reims
Veuve Clicquot,  family grower day tour & lunch from Reims
Short day, family grower & lunch from Epernay
Champagne & producer morning from Reims
Mumm day, winegrowers and lunch
Hautvillers & producers afternoon from Reims
E-bike Tour, Champagne & Lunch from Epernay
Champagne tasting class and lunch near Epernay
Cellar visit and champagne tasting class
Winegrowers discovery tour & lunch from Reims
E-Bike Champagne tour & lunch from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ
Vineyard afternoon by electric bike in Champagne
Winegrower discovery tour & lunch from Dijon
Winegrower discovery tour & lunch from Beaune
From Beaune: electric bike day & lunch
From Dijon: electric bike day & lunch
Instant booking
Aÿ-champagne 125 reviews 4.7

A La Française Champagne

A la Française is a network of local agencies, each expert in their own region ! Each agency off...

40,00 € - 290,00 €

Champagne Charles De Cazanove - Winalist
Commented tasting
Azure tour: food & wine pairings
Visit & tasting: Cazanova
Visit & tasting: Stradivarius
Reims 124 reviews 4.8

Champagne Charles De Cazanove

Champagne house created in 1811, located in the city of Reims Possibility of making tours and ta...

21,00 € - 40,00 €

Champagne Pol Couronne - Winalist
Tasting of 3 Champagnes with biscuits
Initiation to Sabrage - Champagne
Tasting of 3 Grand Cru Champagnes
Champagne Masterclass
Luxury Masterclass with sabrage
Virtual visit and tasting
Instant booking
Reims 99 reviews 4.6

Champagne Pol Couronne

Founded in 1887, Maison Pol Couronne is a traditional champagne house which priorities lay at qua...

28,00 € - 65,00 €

Champagne Comtesse Lafond - Winalist
Tasting at the Showroom Comtesse Lafond
Comtesse Tour
Comtesse Tour and Champagne sabering
Instant booking
Épernay 98 reviews 4.7

Champagne Comtesse Lafond

During the 19th century the Comtesse Lafond built on the fame of the family’s wines and castles...

20,00 € - 60,00 €

Champagne Canard-Duchêne - Winalist
Discovery Tour
Freedom Tour
During the week - Prestige Visit
During the week - Visit to the cellars and Introduction to sabrage
During the weekend - Visit to the cellars and Introduction to sabrage
During the weekend - Prestige Visit
Ludes 88 reviews 4.7

Champagne Canard-Duchêne

20 minutes from the city center of Reims, in the heart of the vineyard, the Canard-Duchêne house...

21,00 € - 98,00 €

Pressoria - Winalist
Sensory Journey to the Heart of Champagne
Instant booking
Aÿ-champagne 79 reviews 4.8


Will you trust your 5 senses? Located at the foot of historic hills listed as Unesco heritage ...

18,00 €

Le Sentier du Vigneron - Winalist
Discovery Tour
Visit trilogy
La visite du sentier du Vigneron
Mutigny 77 reviews 4.7

Le Sentier du Vigneron

Come and meet us in Mutigny en Champagne, a village with an exceptional panoramic view! Our beau...

15,00 € - 22,00 €

Champagne Veuve Clicquot - Winalist
Only one quality, the very first
The Art of Blending Rosé Champagne
Madame Clicquot, The Story of a Great Lady
Reims 74 reviews 4.7

Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Founded in the eighteenth century, Veuve Clicquot is one of the largest houses in the Champagne r...

60,00 € - 100,00 €

My Vintage Tour Company - Winalist
The heart of the Champagne region
The essential tour
Sabering a Bottle of Champagne
Épernay 69 reviews 4.8

My Vintage Tour Company

Discover the Champagne vineyards aboard a mythical French vintage car from the 1980s! We offer wi...

10,00 € - 75,00 €

Champagne Boizel  - Winalist
Treasure Private Tour
Épernay 63 reviews 4.9

Champagne Boizel

Fruit of the history of a Champagne family passionate about the wines of its region, Maison Boize...

40,00 € - 120,00 €

Champagne Michel Fagot - Winalist
"Signature" Tour
Prestige Tour - 3 Champagnes
The Collector's Visit - 3 Champagnes
Traditional Tour - 1 Champagne
Tasting - 3 champagnes
Discovery Tasting 3 Champagnes
Tasting of the Collectionneur 3 champagnes
Instant booking
Rilly-la-montagne 63 reviews 4.8

Champagne Michel Fagot

A few kilometers from Reims "Cité des Sacres", the Domain Michel Fagot is located on a...

25,00 € - 39,00 €

Champagne Julien Chopin - Winalist
Workshop n ° 1: visit and tasting
Workshop n°2
Workshop n°3
Board and champagne tasting package
Escape game: on the fly
Œnological lunch
Instant booking Sustainable
Monthelon 62 reviews 4.7

Champagne Julien Chopin

Producer of champagnes and ratafias from Champagne in the village of Monthelon, in the Coteaux Su...

20,00 € - 65,00 €

Champagne Christian Muller - Winalist
 A walk through the vineyards
Christian's delicacies
Mailly-champagne 62 reviews 4.8

Champagne Christian Muller

Located in Montagne de Reims in Mailly-Champagne, the Champagne Christian Muller proposes Grand C...

20,00 €

Champagne Pannier - Winalist
Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
Visit and tasting of 2 cuvees
Visit and tasting of our Cuvée Sélection
Tasting of 1 cuvee
Instant booking Sustainable
Château-thierry 59 reviews 4.8

Champagne Pannier

It was in 1899, in Dizy, at the gates of Epernay, that Louis-Eugène Pannier wrote the first page...

8,00 € - 28,00 €

Champagne Henri Giraud - Winalist
Experience Table
Experience Collection Table
Initiation Henri Giraud
Ay 58 reviews 4.8

Champagne Henri Giraud

Champagne must be a great wine, it's Henri Giraud's commitment. A Great Terroir, AY Gr...

105,00 € - 495,00 €

Champagne Cuillier - Winalist
The Winegrower’s Moment: Visit & Tasting (BRUGNY)
The moment Experience: Sabrage (in BRUGNY)
The Ecological moment: visit of our vineyards
The Winegrower's Moment: Blending Workshop (in BRUGNY)
Meal Food and champagne pairings (in BRUGNY)
Instant booking Organic
Brugny-vaudancourt 55 reviews 4.8

Champagne Cuillier

Maison Cuillier, Champagne is above all synonymous with family and terroir. Intrinsically linked,...

15,00 € - 140,00 €

Champagne Philippe Martin - Winalist
Tasting of 3 Champagnes
Visit of a family house and tasting of 3 champagnes
Instant booking Sustainable
Cumières 54 reviews 4.8

Champagne Philippe Martin

Champagne Philippe Martin: a family story. Winegrowers since 1730 in Cumières, in the heart of ...

15,00 € - 20,00 €

Champagne du Rédempteur - Winalist
Visit and tasting
Venteuil 46 reviews 4.8

Champagne du Rédempteur

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the economic situation of the champagne vine growers i...

18,00 €

Champagne Vincent d'Astrée  - Winalist
Visit of the historics cellars of Pierry and tasting of 3 Champagne
Pierry 40 reviews 4.7

Champagne Vincent d'Astrée

Boutique and departure for visiting Champagne Vincent d'Astrée and our historics cellars.

30,00 €

Champagne de Venoge - Winalist
Tour and Tasting of 2 glasses of Princes Champagne
Tour and Tasting of 4 glasses of Princes Champagnes
Visit and Tasting of 2 Vintage Champagnes
Épernay 40 reviews 4.7

Champagne de Venoge

Founded in 1837 in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, La Maison De Venoge has focused its development on internatio...

56,00 € - 92,00 €

Champagne Richard-Fliniaux - Winalist
Aÿ éco Tour | Tasting
100% Aged Champagnes and Macaroons
Ay 37 reviews 4.8

Champagne Richard-Fliniaux

The Richard-Fliniaux family wine estate house is established since 1905. To honor their ancestors...

45,00 € - 55,00 €

Champagne Bauchet - Winalist
Cellar visit and tasting of a cuvée
Tasting of 3 cuvées
Sensory experience and cellar visit
Tasting of two cuvées
Tasting of three cuvées
Bisseuil 32 reviews 4.8

Champagne Bauchet

The Bauchet family have been cultivating and harvesting their vineyards from father to son, since...

7,00 € - 35,00 €

Champagne Malard  - Winalist
Tasting 3 Champagnes
Tasting 5 Champagnes
Aÿ-champagne 29 reviews 4.7

Champagne Malard

Fondée en 1996 par Jean-Louis Malard, la Maison Malard est installé au coeur du célèbre villa...

13,50 € - 18,00 €

Champagne Jacquinot & Fils - Winalist
Cellar visit and tasting
Épernay 29 reviews 4.8

Champagne Jacquinot & Fils

Pierre Jacquinot, originally a winegrower and peasant, developed the family vineyard just after t...

30,00 €

Champagne Gosset  - Winalist
Let yourself be surprised by the Gosset Style
Celebrate the Gosset's Exception
The Maison Gosset's Story
Épernay 27 reviews 4.6

Champagne Gosset

The Maison Gosset, the oldest wines house in Champagne (founded in Aÿ in 1584) is located in Epe...

70,00 € - 110,00 €

Champagne Pierre Laurent - Winalist
Visite du vignoble & dégustation de 2 champagnes
Visite du vignoble & dégustation de 5 champagne
Visit of the vineyard & tasting of our entire range
Champagne Sabering Demonstration & Tasting
Sabering Experience & Tasting
Instant booking
Saulchery 26 reviews 4.7

Champagne Pierre Laurent

For over 5 generations, the PIERREs has dedicated their passion for the winegrowing and the produ...

20,00 € - 50,00 €

Champagne Marc Hennequiere - Winalist
Visit and tasting
Avirey-lingey 26 reviews 4.8

Champagne Marc Hennequiere

In the heart of the “Vallée de la Sarce”, the estate has built its reputation by producing c...

10,00 €

Champagne Vollereaux - Winalist
Instant Gourmand
Picnic in the vines
Pierry 22 reviews 4.7

Champagne Vollereaux

Founded in 1805, Champagne Vollereaux now owns nearly 100 acres covering 13 villages of Coteaux S...

21,00 € - 48,00 €

Champagne Philippe Mallet - Winalist
 4x4 vineyard tour and tasting in the vineyards
Vineyard tour in 4x4, tasting of clear wines
Trélou-sur-marne 20 reviews 4.8

Champagne Philippe Mallet

Family farm for 3 generations, Récoltant-Manipulant, located in the West Marne Valley. Our vi...

30,00 € - 35,00 €

Champagne André Jacquart - Winalist
Visit / Tasting "Blanc de Blancs"
Visit / Tasting "Experience"
Visit / Tasting “Golf initiation”
Blancs-coteaux 20 reviews 4.8

Champagne André Jacquart

Champagne André Jacquart is a family Domain situated in the heart of the Côte des Blancs. Our C...

20,00 € - 50,00 €

Champagne Etienne Oudart - Winalist
Tasting "Découverte"
Tasting "Exceptionnelle"
Tasting Vintages
saber experience
Brugny-vaudancourt 20 reviews 4.8

Champagne Etienne Oudart

The Domaine Étienne Oudart is located in Brugny, in the Coteaux Sud d'Épernay. In 2015, th...

25,00 € - 35,00 €

Champagne Jacquart - Winalist
Signature Tasting
Prestige Tasting
Vintage Tasting
Champagne Jacquart Masterclass
Reims 20 reviews 4.8

Champagne Jacquart

Champagne Jacquart, a house founded in 1964, opens its doors to the public for the first time on ...

26,00 € - 72,00 €

Champagne Leclerc Briant - Winalist
Immersive visit
Épernay 19 reviews 4.7

Champagne Leclerc Briant

By appointment, Champagne Leclerc Briant opens the doors of its House nestled on the heights of E...

75,00 €

Champagne Mailly Grand Cru - Winalist
Discovery Tasting
Parcel Tasting
Prestige Tasting
Instant booking Sustainable
Mailly-champagne 19 reviews 4.7

Champagne Mailly Grand Cru

Founded in 1929, Champagne Mailly Grand Cru is one of the few exclusively mono Grand Crus in Cham...

14,00 € - 35,00 €

Champagne Victor Charlot - Winalist
Lineage Tasting
Getaway and Lunch at the foot of the vineyards
Instant booking Sustainable
Moussy 16 reviews 4.7

Champagne Victor Charlot

The pack invites you to their new lair. La Tanière du clan Charlot, the cozy and warm place of ...

17,00 € - 49,00 €

Champagne Lévêque Dehan - Winalist
The Champagne road in old Combi VW
Unique sensory space
Barzy-sur-marne 14 reviews 4.7

Champagne Lévêque Dehan

Winemaker in the Marne Valley, I represent the 5th generation of a family estate located between ...

16,00 € - 45,00 €

Champagne Lionel Carreau - Winalist
The Côte des Bar from the sky
Celles-sur-ource 14 reviews 4.6

Champagne Lionel Carreau

Authentic family Champagne house. Passed down from father to son and daughters since the 16th ce...

90,00 €

L'empreinte Des Fées - Winalist
The whirlwind of the harvest
 Discover and taste Champagne!
Unearth and taste the Champagne truffle
Taste the king of wines!
Gouton Mâchon, winegrower's table d'hôtes: visit and tasting
Explore the vineyard on an electric scooter
Champignol-lez-mondeville 13 reviews 4.8

L'empreinte Des Fées

Off the beaten track, discover the fairies' playground: a gourmet land by nature, in the hea...

10,00 € - 79,90 €

Au Coeur des Sens  - Winalist
Gourmet walk in Cumières
Épernay 13 reviews 4.5

Au Coeur des Sens

Come and enjoy an experience in the Champagne vineyards “Au Cœur des Sens” in a few words :...

55,00 €

Le Clos Corbier - Winalist
Cellar visit, tasting workshop and lunch
Cellar visit and tasting workshop
Instant booking Sustainable
Aÿ-champagne 12 reviews 5.0

Le Clos Corbier

Clos Corbier is a family Champagne house built in the 1850s in the style of the Champagne Houses ...

40,00 € - 85,00 €

Sacré Wine Tour  - Winalist
Bike tour in Champagne with a transport solution
In a wine grower's footsteps
Bike tour in Champagne : full day : bike and van experience !
Reims 12 reviews 4.8

Sacré Wine Tour

Sacré Wine Tour accompanies you for your stay in Champagne. Either on a bike or in a car, go th...

60,00 € - 200,00 €

Champagne Prophète & Co - Winalist
Visit and tasting
Barbonne-fayel 9 reviews 4.9

Champagne Prophète & Co

Located in the Coteaux du Sézannais, our family house Champagne Prophète & CO is the brand ...

15,00 €

Champagne Louis Brochet - Winalist
Visit & Champagne tasting at the winemaker
Écueil 7 reviews 4.7

Champagne Louis Brochet

Independent winegrower located in Champagne, we are "maker-vintner" on a 13 hectare vin...

30,00 €

ABC  Champagne Tour - Winalist
Angélique's Champagne getaway in a van
Instant booking
Épernay 7 reviews 4.9

ABC Champagne Tour

I was born in Epernay, in the heart of this Champagne cradle where the maternity ward was called ...

225,00 €

Champagne Collery - Winalist
Champagne tasting - 3 vintages
Picnic in combination with 3 champagnes
Champagne tasting - 6 vintages
Ratafias Tasting - 3 Ratafias with pairings
Aÿ-champagne 7 reviews 4.7

Champagne Collery

Because at Collery, we want to share our passion for champagne, our know-how and, above all, meet...

25,00 € - 50,00 €

Champagne Devaux - Winalist
The essential
4 champagnes and 4 matching cheeses
4 champagnes and 4 chocolates in harmony
Pinot Noir in all its forms
The D Collection
Terroirs of Heart
The art of assembly
The influence of color
Bar-sur-seine 6 reviews 4.8

Champagne Devaux

Long established on Avenue de Champagne in Épernay, Champagne Devaux today occupies an 18th cent...

10,00 € - 45,00 €

Champagne Lallement Massonnot - Winalist
Champagnisation processes, visit of the vineyard & tasting
Coulommes-la-montagne 6 reviews 4.8

Champagne Lallement Massonnot

Domaine 1er Cru, Family, operating around 5 hectares, only 15/20 from Reims. Xavier (Telecom E...

39,00 €

Champagne Bernard Lonclas - Winalist
Visit of the cellar and tasting of three champagne
Instant booking Sustainable
Bassuet 6 reviews 4.8

Champagne Bernard Lonclas

Since 1976, Champagne Bernard Lonclas has been writing one of the boldest stories in Vitryat. Fai...

18,00 €

Maison Huiban - Winalist
Visit and Tasting of 3 Champagnes
Jonquery 5 reviews 4.9

Maison Huiban

For two centuries, the passion for earth and wine has led five generations to succeed at the he...

15,00 €

Champagne Anthony Betouzet - Winalist
The Discovery Tour
The Tasty Tour
Dormans 5 reviews 4.9

Champagne Anthony Betouzet

Welcome to Champagne! We will welcome you in Dormans, in the heart of the exceptional terroir...

15,00 € - 25,00 €

Les sensations vigneronnes - Winalist
Authentic tour
Épernay 4 reviews 5.0

Les sensations vigneronnes

We propose you, the time of half a day to take on the role of a winemaker. We will make you disco...

100,00 €

Champagne Pierre Mignon - Winalist
Pierre Mignon champagnes group masterclass
Champagne and Caviar : Champagne Exception
Épernay 4 reviews 5.0

Champagne Pierre Mignon

In an elegant and refined atmosphere, come and discover the Champagnes of the Pierre Mignon famil...

100,00 € - 120,00 €

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte  - Winalist
Effervesense blind tasting workshop
Plumecoq, cd 40a, chouilly 4 reviews 4.8

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

Anchored in the heart of the prestigious Côte des Blancs, the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte cours...

60,00 €

Champagne Telmont - Winalist
Telmont discovery workshop
Damery 4 reviews 5.0

Champagne Telmont

Founded in 1912, the Telmont Champagne House is located in Damery, near Épernay. Created followi...

85,00 €

Champagne V & G Dupont - Winalist
Discovery tasting
Discovery of agroecological viticulture
Treasure hunt “The Legacy of Manu”
Instant booking Organic
Reuves 3 reviews 5.0

Champagne V & G Dupont

We are Valérie and Gaël, winegrowers and farmers in Champagne committed to the path of Agroecol...

8,00 € - 18,00 €

Dock - Les Sacrés Chais - Winalist
Bétheny 3 reviews 4.8

Dock - Les Sacrés Chais

Making wine in the heart of an urban environment, without vines (but with grapes!), is what Laure...

55,00 €

Champagne Bonvalet - Winalist
The Experience - Visit & Tasting
The Essential - Tasting
The Discovery - Food & Wine Pairing
Pierry 1 reviews 5.0

Champagne Bonvalet

Champagne Bonvalet was born from this crazy dream of creating its Champagne House from scratch. ...

20,00 € - 50,00 €

Champagne Roger Coulon - Winalist
Cellar visit and tasting
Vrigny 1 reviews 5.0

Champagne Roger Coulon

Description Domain: Champagne Roger Coulon has been a family estate for more than two centuries ...

33,00 € - 49,00 €

Champagne AR Lenoble - Winalist
Experience around the influence of glass
Tasting "Champagne Pairings"
Discovery of the diversity of Champagnes
Oenotheque Chouilly Grand Cru Tasting
Lunch at the estate
Instant booking Sustainable

Champagne AR Lenoble

AR Lenoble is one of the rare producers in Champagne that has been consistently family-owned and ...

76,00 € - 294,00 €

Champagne Lamiable - Winalist
Cellar Visit and Tasting
Instant booking Biodynamic

Champagne Lamiable

Champagne Lamiable is a family house located in Tours sur Marne, a Grand Cru village, in the hear...

30,00 €

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Experiences available on last-minute

Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees - Winalist
Instant booking
32 reviews 4.9
Champagne Pannier Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees

From €28.00

Visit and tasting of 2 cuvees - Winalist
Instant booking
12 reviews 4.8
Champagne Pannier Visit and tasting of 2 cuvees

From €23.00

Sensory Journey to the Heart of Champagne - Winalist
Instant booking
79 reviews 4.8
Pressoria Sensory Journey to the Heart of Champagne

From €18.00

Full or half-day tours

Best guided tours in Champagne

Glowing reviews

They loved their experience!

4.80 (191763)

Champagne Vranken-Pommery

An absolutely magical moment! A very beautiful discovery in the intimacy of the villa and its cellars and its champagne. And to finish, a tasting much appreciat...



Champagne G.H. Martel & C°

Very informative visit and the tasting is a very pleasant moment.



Champagne Pol Couronne

Very good experience, the tasting is accompanied by very interesting explanations



Champagne Vincent d'Astrée

Excellent private tour, very professional with lots of knowledge about champagne and answering all questions correctly. I tasted many different types of champagne...



Champagne Marc Hennequiere

Very pleasant experience! Highly recommended



Champagne Ruinart

What a joy this visit with Marco was! The history, the visit to the Crayères and the champagne tasting: great!! I highly recommend. Very nice visit!



Champagne Vranken-Pommery

Very interesting visit, with excellent final tasting.



Champagne Mercier

Beautiful and interesting experience underground in a cellar on board a train. Excellently guided tasting.



Champagne Moët & Chandon

A great tour with a guide, Violetta, who had a lot to tell and was very enthusiastic. The tasting at the end topped it off. Recommended!



Champagne Henri Giraud

The explanation was given in a very relaxed and private atmosphere. I was able to feel the passion that goes into the barrels and had a wonderful time.



Champagne Ruinart

Very nice experience! A big thank you to our guide for introducing us (in part) to the secrets of making their champagnes. We know consumption very well😋 but m...



Champagne Mercier

Really well organised. Helpful and knowledgeable staff and delicious champagne to taste.



Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Very knowledgeable and informative guide Alice



Champagne Boizel

Great tour, absolutely recommended.



Champagne Vranken-Pommery

Very beautiful morning with my sweetheart! Heja the best!!!



ABC Champagne Tour

We had a marvelous day with Angelique! We were lucky enough to be the only couple on her tour and she was able to take us to smaller champagne houses since we’d...


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The best way to discover the Champagne region whether you're planning a full day tour or spending two days in Champagne,  is to visit the most famous Champagne houses cellars and enjoy a tasting of various cuvees. Thanks to Winalist, you will be able to find and book a cellar visit and tasting in Reims , a cellar visit and tasting in Epernay in the best Champagne houses in Champagne, at the best price and without booking fees. In Champagne, most houses open welcome visitors during the week or during the week-end. Some champagne houses are opened on Sunday. 

The best way to spend a wine week-end in Champagne is to arrive in Reims, go to Epernay by train for example and if you have a car go through Troyes and discover its visits and tastings in Troyes. All cities in Champagne are rich in history and the Champagne vineyards are part of unesco world heritage site. If you stay in Paris, it is also possible to visit cellars and taste champagne in Château-Thierry for a day since the border of the Champagne wine region starts at only 1 hour drive from Paris.

Best Champagne houses to visit in Champagne

If you're already in champagne, you might be wondering what are the best Champagne tasting near me? Winalist will help you discover the Champagne vineyards, located in France , through its famous Champagne Houses or more independent wine growers. You will be able to book champagne tour from a very large number of wine tourism experiences and activities, whether it is a visit of one of the best Champagne Houses or a tasting in a smaller champagne producer cellar. Visits and tastings are the most common activities to do in Champagne and the most known Champagnes houses are Champagne Taittinger, Champagne Veuve-Clicquot, Champagne Ruinart.

In Champagne, you can also book an oenological workshop if you prefer to have a full experience. You can also find winegrower picnics in the vineyards, perfect for family weekends on sunny days. Last but not least, what about discovering the vineyards and Champagne houses with a bike tour from Hautvillers? Discover the famous champagne producing methods by bike while stopping to some of the best points of view and interests of the region.

Private guided tour in Champagne

If you arrive in Champagne from Paris at a train station, you will also be able to book a full day guided tour through the vineyards in Champagne, France. If you schedule a tour and tasting in Champagne, a driver will typically pick you up at the station or at your hotel and drive you from one Champagne house to the other.A Champagne guided tour is the best way to discover the region without worrying about what best places to visit in Champagne. If you prefer, you can also book a Champagne private tour with a private chauffeur. With this option you'll be able to spend as much time as you want in Champagne tastings rooms. Discover our selection of exclusive luxury champagne tours in France.

Before visiting Champagne, it's good to have a bit of information in mind. Pinot Noir grows on the limestone soils of the Montagne de Reims and the Côte de Bar. With aromas of red fruit, it gives body to wines. Pinot Meunier is more present in the Marne Valley, and brings a touch of roundness to the blends. Finally, Chardonnay is a white grape variety which represents around 30% of the Champagne vineyards, present in the vast majority on the Côte des Blancs. Today, many champagne winegrowers seek above all to revive the terroir and the Champagne hillsides by cultivating their hectares of vines as closely as possible to the ancestral methods which the whole world draws inspiration from today for cultivating vines. You will also have the opportunity to visit Gallo-Roman chalk pits in Champagne.

Book your next wine stay in Champagne

With Winalist, wine tours in Champagne are just a click away! Visiting Champagne is a must-do in France. If you stay a couple of days in Paris, then you must take the train and come to Champagne for at least one day. Wonderful wine experience as well as gastronomic one. In Reims, your will fin the third best french restaurant that has three Michelin's stars. Our partners, wine estates and houses in the region, will provide an experience that suits you. Select your next destination using your criteria then book your experience on the date and time of your choice, without any booking fees. 

The Champagne region is made up of more than 340 Champagne houses, the majority of which are located in the Marne. You will also find superb champagne estates on the bar coast in Aube. Winalist offers you a map of Champagne vineyards to easily find the experience that suits you, with family, friends, as a couple or alone.

Book your Winalist wine experience in Champagne now and discover the prices of the best rated wines from a multitude of champagne estates.

During your wine tourism stay in Champagne, you will have the opportunity to stop for a while in the many areas of the Champagne wine route to discover the treasures of the greatest champagne houses. Explore the Montagne de Reims and discover the wine estates present on Winalist offer you an alternative to simple tasting. A real introduction to oenology to help you understand and appreciate all the subtleties of the region's wines. After a guided tour of an estate and a visit to the cellar, you can, for example, taste the wines produced directly in the winegrower's cellar, or even have a picnic in the middle of the rows of vines. 

You will thus discover how to best appreciate the great wines of champagne, the specialty par excellence of many estates. From harvest to bottling, our partner harvesters reveal a few well-kept secrets, passed down from generation to generation. You thus understand the identity of each grape variety and the importance of the terroir. The discovery workshops on aromas and food-wine pairings sharpen all your senses. Winalist offers you to book visits concluded with a tasting in the best estates, during the day and on weekends. To find your oenological activity, simply use our search engine. Simply pay with a few clicks. Do you want to offer an experience to a wine lover? Think about the Winalist gift card! Completely customizable, it is a good surprise for sure valid on all our activities.

Champagne, France, is a magical place full of rolling hills covered with rows of grape vines. This region of France produces some of the most famous wines in the world, with its signature wine, of course, being its namesake. The bubbly white wine you've heard so much about originated in this region of France and is still produced here; it's made using traditional methods that date back centuries. If you're visiting Champagne for the first time or you’re a frequent Champagne visitor, try a Champagne, France wine tour to make your trip to France unforgettable with Winalist.

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Good to know before visiting the Best Champagne houses

When is the best time to visit Champagne for wine tasting?

There is no wrong time to visit Champagne, but the preferred times to visit the area for wine tasting are during spring and fall. Summer can get awfully hot, so if you’re going to be touring wineries, opt for the milder months of May or September. Winter isn’t for everyone either. It can be very cold in Champagne and sometimes snow contributes to road closures and more, potentially slowing down your visit.

Weekends tend to be busier than weekdays at most wineries in Champagne, so if you want more personal attention from your host or guide, choose to visit during a week day instead.

What is a champagne house?

A champagne house is a business that manufactures and sells champagne. The majority of these businesses are located in the region of Champagne, France. This term can also be used to refer to the business itself or its employees.

What is the Champagne wine route and how do I find it?

The Champagne wine route is also called "Champagne Tourist Route.” You will find signs on a black background indicating this when you go near the main cities located inside of Champagne. These signs will help you to easily explore the Champagne vineyards by car or bicycle and discover all the places of interest in Champagne.

During your wine escape to champagne, be sure to check out some of the most exclusive champagne tours.

Can I visit Champagne Cellars with Children?

It is quite possible to visit the most beautiful Champagne cellars with children. Some wineries are more family-friendly than others. If your children are minors, they must nevertheless be accompanied by an adult and will not be able to taste Champagne or any other alcoholic drink at wineries in Champagne.

What types of wines Champagne houses Produce?

Champagne is a type of sparkling wine produced exclusively in the Champagne region of France. Three main grape varieties are used to make champagne: chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. Each grape variety contributes distinct flavor and texture characteristics in the final wine.

  • Chardonnay : This white grape variety brings finesse, lightness and floral and citrus aromas to champagne. Champagnes made from Chardonnay alone are called "Blanc de Blancs" and are often considered elegant and fresh.
  • Pinot Noir : This black grape variety adds structure, body and red fruit aromas to Champagne. Champagnes made from Pinot Noir alone are called “Blanc de Noirs” and are known for their richness and depth.
  • Pinot Meunier : Also a black grape variety, Pinot Meunier brings fruity aromas and a certain roundness to the champagne. It is often used in blends with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to add complexity to the wine.

Champagne houses produce several types of champagne, depending on the composition of the grape varieties and the dosage (amount of sugar added after the second fermentation):

  • Brut : The most common champagne, with little added sugar (less than 12 grams per liter), it is dry and fresh.
  • Extra Brut : Even drier than Brut, with less than 6 grams of sugar per liter.
  • Brut Nature : Also called "Zero Dosage", this type of champagne has practically no added sugar (less than 3 grams per liter).
  • Semi-dry : Sweeter, with between 32 and 50 grams of sugar per liter, often enjoyed with desserts.

Champagnes can also be vintage (from a single year of exceptional harvest) or non-vintage (a blend of wines from different years to ensure consistency in taste).

Each Champagne house has its own style and winemaking techniques, offering a wide diversity of champagnes for all tastes and occasions.

Which Champagne houses to visit?

To enjoy a champagne tasting and a visit to the cellars, we advise you to visit a cellar, among the most beautiful Champagne houses we find the Mercier, Moët & Chandon, Mumm, Taittinger, Veuve Clicquot, Ruinart, Vranken-Pommery cellars. . which are the main Champagne houses to visit during your next stay.

How to visit Champagne region?

To visit Champagne wine region and enjoy its pleasures, the ideal is to schedule visits to vineyards and Champagne wine estates where you will find amazing tasting rooms. You will enjoy a fun and gastronomic experience, where you can taste the best champagnes of the region. All while admiring the marvelous landscapes from hilly paths, in the heart of the Champagne vineyards.

You can also take the opportunity to organize a Champagne cellar visit in Reims or a visit and Champagne tasting in Épernay, the two must-see cities in the region, which offer wine tourism experiences of all kinds. History buffs can also stroll the cobbled streets of Reims and walk near the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, where many Kings of France have been crowned. Do not forget to visit Troyes in Aube and its magnificent Côte-des-Bar.

What are the most popular Champagne wine & spirits producers?
The Champagne region concentrates a wide choice of wine or spirits estates. However, the top 3 wineries or distilleries preferred by our visitors for tours and tasting are:
  • Champagne Vranken-Pommery with an average rating of 4.6 among 547 reviews.
  • Champagne Mercier with an average rating of 4.5 among 365 reviews.
  • Champagne Le Gallais with an average rating of 4.7 among 207 reviews.
How much does a winery tour and wine tasting in Champagne cost?
In Champagne, the average price of a cellar tour with wine tasting is €60.00. Prices vary according to several criteria:
  • The duration of the experience: The longer the visit and tasting, the higher the cost.
  • The type of visit: Visit to a cellar, wine estate, or distillery.
  • The presence of a guide: A tour guided by an expert, especially over a half or full day, can increase the price.
  • Services included: Premium tastings, number of wines tasted, and additional activities such as wine workshops or meals.
The most economical experience in the area is Guided tour with tasting at a price of €0.00 and the most expensive is Experience Collection Table at €495.00.

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