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Domaine Zuria
Domaine Zuria
Domaine Zuria
Visit of the cellar and Tasting

Domaine Zuria

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Organic Viticulture
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Clos Teddi
Clos Teddi
Clos Teddi
Wine, a spuntinu... Tasting in the heart of the Agriate desert
Tasting in the cellar of Saint-Florent

Clos Teddi

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What to know before visiting Best Corsica wineries

How to book a wine weekend in Corsica? +

With Winalist, wine tourism in Corsica is just one click away! Discover the vineyards of the maquis and the coastal partners in the region, for an experience that suits you. Select your next destination using your criteria then book your experience on the date and at the time of your choice, without any booking fees. Winalist is the first wine tourism platform in Corsica and France.

When is the best time to visit Corsica for wine tasting? +

The best time to visit Corsica for wine tasting is when the weather is mild and the grapes are ripe. If you visit Corsica in October, you might be able to attend a harvest festival and sample some of the wines before they are bottled. On the other hand, if your trip falls between April and June, it’s likely that most of the grapes will have already been harvested. Either way, you will have a great time visiting Corsica at any time of the year. Another important factor is whether or not there is an event happening during this period such as a harvest festival or winemakers conference—that you would like to attend while in Corsica.

What tourist circuit to visit the Corsican winegrowers? +

In one weekend, you can drive along Cap Corse by car, in the North of the island. Between Calvi and Île-Rousse, discover one of the vacationers' favorite regions: La Balagne. In the hinterland, you will find many small villages with strong traditions.

For the most beautiful beaches, head south to the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. And for a family weekend, Ajaccio is home to many activities suitable for children.

Which wineries in the Best Corsica wineries region are open today? +
To discover wineries, cellars and chateaux that are open today in Best Corsica wineries, click here.
What are the names of the wine regions in Best Corsica wineries? +
The main wine regions to visit in Best Corsica wineries are:
Can I visit a winery as a group in Best Corsica wineries? +
Here are the wine estates in Best Corsica wineries that can accommodate groups of 8 people or more: View wine tours and tastings in Corsica.
Which cities to visit in Best Corsica wineries? +
The main cities to visit in Best Corsica wineries are:

Appellations in Corsica

Book your wine experiences in wineries, museums or guided tours in the region of Corsica. Instant booking without fee.

A Corsica wine region tour is the perfect way to experience a Mediterranean climate and taste delicious wine. Winalist partners with wine experts in Corsica and other regions of France to bring the magic of winemaking to you. Whether you’re searching for a wine tour for yourself and some friends or would prefer a private wine tasting in Corsica with your significant other, Winalist can help you find and book the best experience for you.

The beautiful island of Corsica, located off the coast of Italy and France, is a French territory known for its Mediterranean climate and rugged coastline. It's also home to some of the best wines in all of France, boasting over 30 grape varieties and 9 AOC regions. People in Corsica have made wine dating back to ancient times, but it wasn't until the 1960s that a single appellation was created for wine produced on the island: Patrimonio.

Since then, additional appellations have been added to further define different areas within Corsica.

Corsica wine highlights:

  • Located on a Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy.

  • Grows grape types such as Grenache, Merlot, Syrah, and Vermentino.

About Corsica Wine Tours & Wine Tasting in Corsica, France

To start, Corsica is a wine region in France. It’s also an island in the Mediterranean Sea that is situated in the mediterranean sea. As part of the French Republic, it’s a beautiful place to visit with many different types of wine and tasting experiences available for visitors who want to learn more about Corsican wines. 

Wine is grown on many different types of soil in this area, making it a prime environment for over 60 grape varieties to be grown here. Some popular grapes commonly grown in Corisca include Grenache, Merlot, Syrah, and Vermentino.

How to get to the Corsica Region of France

You can fly to the Corsica Region of France from the mainland of France. Paris offers flights to this region. You can also get a ferry from cities along the Mediterranean coast of France, such as Nice. Some ferries also run from Marseille in Provence to Corsica.

The best way to get around Corsica once you’re there is by taking trains, buses, or shuttles (which are often offered through wine experiences and tours). This is often much cheaper than renting a vehicle on this island. Of course, you can always walk or rent bikes as well.

History of Winemaking Corsica, France

The history of winemaking in Corsica begins with the first vineyards planted in the 13th century by monks. They were brought to Corsica by the Genoese and Pisan families who had established a colony on the island. Though winegrowing had been going on for centuries, it wasn't until 1749 that France's King Louis XV officially recognized Corsican wines as a separate appellation. 

What types of wines do wineries in Corsica Produce?

Winemakers grow various grape varieties on the island of Corsica, but the primary three varieties include the Nielluccio, Vermentino, and Sciacarello (a grape type exclusively grown on the island of Corsica). These grapes are used by winemakers to create a wide variety of wines, from reds and whites to rosé and sparkling wines.

Nielluciu is a red grape variety originating in Italy which winemakers use to create a complex, powerful, and brilliant red wine. The wines of this variety are fat and round (like Grenache). This variety also gives delicious rosés.

Syrah is used in blends as an excellent improving varietal, thanks to its liquorice and violet notes. Muscat is renowned throughout the Mediterranean. It is the best variety for producing the very fine wines of the region, renowned for their delicate aromas of white grapes and citrus fruits. Sciaccarellu is one of the main grape varieties of all the rosé and red AOCs of Corsica. 

These wines are balanced, with an elegant robe, sometimes lively on the palate. These wines are highly rated and receive many positive reviews. Finally, Vermentinu is the main grape variety of all AOC white wines from Corsica. To drink young, these wines with floral, sometimes mineral notes, are renowned for making great Mediterranean white wines.

You can also find Corsican dessert wines made from grape varieties such as Vermentino, which is used for fortified wines like Marsala or Porto Vecchio.

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