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Best Wineries to Visit in Beaujolais & Beaujolais Vineyards

Maison Jambon - Winalist
Visit and tasting of 6 wines
Tasting, visit and Beaujolais mache
Saint-lager 12 reviews 4.8

Maison Jambon

The Domaine des Maisons Neuves de la MAISON JAMBON, nestled in the heart of the Beaujolais vineya...

From 8,00 €

Château de Champ-Renard - Winalist
La Vie de Château & its Wine and Cheese workshop
Private wine challenge at the Château de Champ-Renard
Wine tasting workshop at the Château de Champ-Renard
Gourmet walk in the romantic gardens of the Château de Champ-Renard
La Vie de Château & its Wine and Chocolate workshop
Blacé 9 reviews 4.4

Château de Champ-Renard

The Château de Champ-Renard, a medieval castle and wine estate since 1765, welcomes you for priv...

From 45,00 €

Domaine Frédéric Berne - Winalist
Discovery of the Beaujolais estate and wines
Walk, visit and tasting
Lantignié 6 reviews 4.8

Domaine Frédéric Berne

Winegrowers in Beaujolais, we cultivate 14 ha of vines on living soil in Lantignié. We practice ...

From 8,00 €

Château de Poncié - Winalist
Stopover: Visit of the cellar & wine tasting
Discovery: Visit of the vineyard & tasting
Exploration: Bike ride & tasting
Fleurie 4 reviews 4.8

Château de Poncié

The Château de Poncié is a thousand-year-old estate (the first written sources date back to 949...

From 10,00 €

Hameau Duboeuf - Winalist
The Wine Hamlet
Hamlet + Gardens Pass
Romanèche-thorins 2 reviews 5.0

Hameau Duboeuf

Le Hameau Duboeuf, the leading vine and wine park in France and Europe A unique site in France: ...

From 20,00 €

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Other cities in Beaujolais

Beaujolais is a wine region in eastern France located directly below the Burgundy wine region. Though bordering Burgundy, Beaujolais is indeed its own wine region with distinct French Beaujolais wine. The most popular varieties of wine produced in this region are made from two primary Beaujolais grapes: red wines made from the famed Gamay grape and white wines made from Chardonnay grapes. A wine tasting experience in Beaujolais will whisk you through some of Beaujolais’s most beautiful villages, allowing you to sip wine, history, and the unique French culture of this area.

A trip to Beaujolais, France to visit acclaimed Beaujolais wineries is a chance to discover a world-renowned wine-growing area and visit France’s acclaimed city of Lyon. If you are looking for an unforgettable tasting experience and a charming visit through picturesque villages and lush vineyards, then a Beaujolais wine tour from lyon is an ideal experience for you.

Beaujolais wine highlights:

  • Located in eastern France, just north of the city of Lyon.
  • Laid-back, grounded atmosphere.
  • Popular for Gamay Noir, Moulin-a-Vent, Fleurie, and Brouilly wines.

About Beaujolais Wine Tours & Wine Tasting in France

Beaujolais is a popular place for tourists to visit when through France's wine regions. This wine-producing region is located just north of Lyon, France, and has been a favorite destination for wine lovers since the Middle Ages. Visitors to Beaujolais can enjoy a wide array of wine tasting experiences during their stay in France by touring one of its local, authentic vineyards. There are nearly 20 wine-growing subregions within Beaujolais alone!

The region of Beaujolais is divided into three major areas: Beaujolais Villages, Côte de Brouilly, and Fleurie. Each of these areas possesses its own unique flavor profile that's influenced by both climate and soil type. Beaujolais is known for its laid-back culture when compared to other wine-growing regions of France. Visitors tend to appreciate its non-pretentious atmosphere and beautiful landscapes.

History of winemaking in Beaujolais, France

The history of winemaking in Beaujolais dates back to the Roman empire. Romans cultivated vineyards in this region. Since then, Beaujolais has become famous for its fruit-forward wines, especially wines made from Gamay grapes with classic notes of berries.

Though viniculture began with Roman farmers cultivating vines on their farms more than 2 millennia ago, it wasn't until the mid-19th century that viticulture truly flourished here thanks to new technologies brought by French winemakers fleeing high taxes during the revolution (1789).

How to get to Beaujolais, France

Beaujolais is located conveniently near Lyon and Paris, two of France’s largest cities. So, you can take a train, shuttle, bus, or car from any of these cities to visit the Beaujolais region of France. Winalist’s wine tours to Beaujolais sometimes embark from one of these major cities, giving you tons of options to choose from for how to get to this region.

Where to Stay in the Beaujolais, France Wine Region

There are a variety of hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, chateaus, and villas in the Beaujolais, France wine region for you to choose from. Many people prefer to stay in a chateau, as these types of stays often offer a very authentic, quaint feel during your stay in Beaujolais. Chateaus are usually located in the countryside and offer a beautiful view of the vineyards. They also make for great wine tasting experiences, as most of them have an on-site winery where you can learn about how wine is made from start to finish.

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The main wine regions to visit in Best Beaujolais wineries are:
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Here are the wine estates in Best Beaujolais wineries that can accommodate groups of 8 people or more: View wine tours and tastings in Beaujolais.
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