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What to know before visiting Best Jura wineries

Which villages to visit in the Jura? +

Franche-Comté has some great surprises in store for you. Besides the magnificent landscapes that you will discover throughout your wine route, take the time to stop in these few villages that are worth visiting. Château-Chalon is a recognized AOC vineyard that produces the best Yellow wine in the region. Arlay is the capital of straw wine, with its feudal ruins and ramparts. Baume-les-Messieurs is a tiny village surrounded by caves and waterfalls. Poligny is a Mecca for wine and Comté tasting. A small town with character that will surely please you.

Where to go out this weekend in the Jura? +

Why not take a breath of fresh air while strolling through the vineyards? If by bad luck it rains, go to the Jura Museum of Vines and Wine in Arbois. Otherwise, a Kayak ride on Lake Chalain could delight young and old.

Which wineries in the Best Jura wineries region are open today? +
To discover wineries, cellars and chateaux that are open today in Best Jura wineries, click here.
Can I visit a winery as a group in Best Jura wineries? +
Here are the wine estates in Best Jura wineries that can accommodate groups of 8 people or more: View wine tours and tastings in Jura.
What are the best wineries for families in Best Jura wineries? +
The wine estates that offer the best tours and tastings for families are: View all wineries in Jura.
Book your wine experiences in wineries, museums or guided tours in the region of Jura. Instant booking without fee.

Located in France , discover the Jura vineyard. Winalist offers you a selection of the best visits and tastings in the Jura wine estates . To discover with friends, alone or with family, take advantage of this region with its remarkable heritage during the week and at weekends. The wine routes await you!

Discover the wines of the Jura during an authentic experience

The Jura vineyard is located in the Jura department alone. A vineyard that will make you discover unique grape varieties in the world over 100 kilometers from North to South.

The wine estates of the Jura are very old estates but are still little known. However, the wines there are of high quality thanks, among other things, to a terroir that could be described as atypical. Indeed, the vines are planted at an altitude of around 300 meters and the climatic conditions represent a real challenge for the vines. The grape varieties and cultivation methods are therefore rigorously selected. The grape varieties that we find the most are then Pinot Noir, Chardonnay but also Poulsard, Trousseau and Savagnin. You will be able to discover a great diversity of red, white and rosé wines but also sparkling wines and especially the famous yellow wine. Among them we can mention Arbois, Arbois Pupillin and Châteaux-Chalon . Discover this typical wine thanks to Winalist and its many visits, tastings and wine tourism activities.

This wine-growing region has more than 100 wine merchants and winegrowers all committed to a quality approach around tourist reception. Alone, with family or friends, these professionals will introduce you to their know-how and all the flavors of the Jura, driven by their passion for their land. You will inevitably find the oenological experience that suits you.

Did you know ? The Jura yellow wine is considered one of the 5 best dry white wines in the world. As it is in contact with the air, it can turn sour, but can also protect itself by developing a veil of yeasts which gives it specific and strong aromas. They are often highly rated, and receive many positive reviews.

How to book an oenological weekend in the Jura?

With Winalist, wine tourism in the Jura is just a click away! Thanks to our search platform, discover the vineyards and castles that suit you. Select your next destination using your search criteria. Book your experience among the slots offered by our partners. Once your activity has been reserved, you will receive a confirmation from us. A large part of our harvesters welcome you on Saturday and Sunday for a wine tourism stay. Winalist is the leading wine tourism platform in the Jura and in France.

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