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Do you want to book an oenological workshop in Bordeaux ? You will find everything you need in Bordeaux. This initiation into the discovery of wine allows you to initiate yourself into the art of tasting with passionate professionals.

Visits to cellars in castles or in an estate are one of the most famous activities in Bordeaux. Some visitors want to take the experience even further to learn more about the products and heritage that have shaped the history of this wine region. This is why Winalist invites you to take advantage of a day for a quality wine workshop.

During the oenology workshop, your senses will be put to the test. This fun activity is a commented tasting, during which you will be made aware of good wine appreciation practices (especially red). Use your sense of smell to recognize aromas, and taste to detect the specificities of the wines you will have the opportunity to taste.

Does oenology still have a lot of secrets for you? It's never too late to learn ! Discover the best wine workshops in just a few clicks and simply book through Winalist.

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From €59.00 / person • 4h00


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