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Domaine Pasquet
Domaine Pasquet
Domaine Pasquet

Domaine Pasquet Host verified - Winalist

Organic Viticulture
Price: from 16,00 €
Cognac Frapin
Cognac Frapin
Cognac Frapin

Cognac Frapin Host verified - Winalist

Price: from 15,00 €
Les Frères Moine
Les Frères Moine
Les Frères Moine

Les Frères Moine Host verified - Winalist

Price: from 5,00 €
XO Madame
XO Madame
XO Madame

XO Madame Host verified - Winalist

Price: from 170,00 €
Bourgoin Cognac
Bourgoin Cognac
Bourgoin Cognac

Bourgoin Cognac Host verified - Winalist

Organic Viticulture
Price: from 25,00 €
Cognac Tasting Tour
Cognac Tasting Tour
Cognac Tasting Tour

Cognac Tasting Tour Host verified - Winalist

Price: from 54,00 €
Cognac Raby
Cognac Raby
Cognac Raby

Cognac Raby Host verified - Winalist

Instant booking Reasoned viticulture
Price: from 0,00 €
Trot'z Ride
Trot'z Ride
Trot'z Ride

Trot'z Ride Host verified - Winalist

Instant booking
Price: from 25,00 €
Cognac Hennessy
Cognac Hennessy
Cognac Hennessy

Cognac Hennessy Host verified - Winalist

Reasoned viticulture
Price: from 250,00 €
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What to know before visiting Cognac wine region

How do I book a wine weekend in Cognac? +

With Winalist, wine tourism in Cognac is just a few clicks away. Thanks to our unique search platform, you can discover the vineyards, wineries, and castles that are the best for you and those you’ll be experiencing wine tastings and tours with. Find your next wine-related destination or experience by entering your search criteria into our search tool at the top of the page. Book your experience at the date and time of your choice. Once your activity has been booked, you will receive a confirmation and a reminder from Winalist. 

When is the best time to visit Cognac for wine tasting? +

The best time to visit Cognac is from April to June, when the weather is mild and temperatures hover between 15 and 25 degrees celsius (59 and 77 degrees fahrenheit). During this time, you can also  experience all the local attractions like wine tasting and fine dining in Cognac's restaurants. If you are planning a trip during summer, make sure that you have enough time to explore the area because most of them are closed during July and August. It is best to stay for at least two days so that you can also explore other areas near Cognac, such as Bordeaux or Paris.

What to do in a day in Cognac? +

In the morning, you could attend a guided tour of the city of Cognac which is steeped in history, followed by a good lunch with local wine. Then, you may wish to learn the history of regional wines at the Cognac Arts Museum. Finally, attending a guided tour of the castle which gave birth to François 1er will immerse you in the eras of the great Kings of France.

This is just one example of the type of experiences Winalist can introduce you to. Be sure to use our search tool at the top of this page to discover unique experiences and Cognac day itineraries.

What types of wines do wineries in Cognac produce? +

The Cognac region of France is famous for its traditional “burnt wine”, or brandy, which is a particular type of double-distilled wine. This wine type is made from distilled grape juice that has been fermented into wine. The grapes used to make cognac are Ugni Blanc and Folle noire grapes—they are harvested in the fall and then fermented in barrels for several months before being distilled twice.

The final product of Cognac is aged between four and 100 years, depending on the style you like (or your budget). How many appellations are in the Cognac region of france?

Cognac has six different wine-growing regions, including:

  • Grande Champagne.
  • Petite Champagne.
  • Borderies.
  • Fins Bois.
  • Bons Bois.
  • Bois Ordinaires.
What is a cognac house? +

A Cognac house is a business that distills and matures Cognac wine. The four most famous cognac houses are Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell, and Courvoisier. 

What is a Cognac AOC classification? +

AOC classification is a legal guarantee of origin of a particular wine, which is important to look out for when choosing your cognacs. When it comes to selecting the best cognac, it is important to consider the AOC classification. This is the highest level of classification for a winemaking business, and guarantees that your wine is made with grapes grown in a particular region and has been aged in oak barrels for at least two years.

There are tiers in AOC classification based on how long a Cognac house ages their wine.

Which wineries in the Cognac wine region region are open today? +
To discover wineries, cellars and chateaux that are open today in the region Cognac wine region, click here.
What are the wineries that accept groups in the Cognac wine region region? +
Here are the wine estates that can accommodate groups of 8 people minimum in the Cognac wine region for a visit and tasting: See all domains that can accommodate groups in the region Cognac wine region.
What are the most popular wineries in the Cognac wine region region? +
Which wineries offer experiences for families in the Cognac wine region region? +
The estates that offer the best wine experiences for families are: View all family-friendly estates in region Cognac wine region.

Appellations in Cognac

Book your wine experiences in wineries, museums or guided tours in the region of Cognac. Instant booking without fee.

The area of Cognac, France is known around the globe for its vineyards, wineries, and distilleries. Vineyards in Cognac dot hillsides throughout the region, and many offer world-class tours of their facilities. Touring a Cognac vineyard, tasting wine in a Cognac winery, or even visiting a chateau through an experience booked through Winalist’s platform makes Cognac an unforgettable experience. 

Many of our partners’ tours offer unique ways to learn about the history of French winemaking in one of the most popular regions in France. Learn more below about Cognac wineries and distilleries, how to travel to Cognac, and why Cognac is such a memorable experience for those traveling to France.

What is Cognac wine?

Cognac is a type of brandy that is produced in the Charente region of France. This type of wine is made from white grapes grown in the Cognac region of France and aged in oak barrels for at least 2 years and up to 100 years.

Cognac gets its distinct flavor from its region's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean as well as its uniquely maritime climate. Cognac wine is created using three steps: fermentation, distillation, and aging (a process known as maturation).

Where is Cognac located in France?

Cognac is located in the Charente wine region of France. The Atlantic Ocean borders it on the west side. The region is also bordered by the Poitou region to the south and stretches between two rivers: La Charente and La Gironde. With a population of around 400,000 people, this area boasts a history and culture that is deeply rooted in winemaking traditions.

About Cognac Wine Tasting

Cognac wine tours are a great way to discover the best vineyards in this unique region of France. Winalist offers a variety of different itineraries, depending on your preferences. If you want to taste cognac and enjoy beautiful scenery, we recommend one of our partners’ wine and city tours that include tastings at local vineyards. If you’re more interested in tasting wines from specific winemakers and learning about their methods, you can choose one of our private tours with an expert sommelier who will guide you through cellars and explain how local winemakers distill products that are so unique.

On any of these tours, you may see rolling hills, roman architecture, and quaint cities. You can also expand your knowledge with an excursion around town in any one of Cognac’s local cities; Winalist has small group walking tours on its platform that take visitors through downtown Cognac while explaining its history and architecture before visiting places where they can sample fine wines from top producers like Hennessy or Courvoisier (or even try cognac liqueurs made by local distillers).

While tasting wine in Cognac, be sure to try Pineau des Charentes, an aperitif made from grapes that must mixed with eau-de-vie before being aged in oak barrels.

How to get to the Cognac Region of France

  • From Paris: You can take a train from Paris to Bordeaux. The trip takes around 2 hours one way. From Bordeaux, you can take a taxi or rent a car to get to Cognac.

  • From London: There are direct flights between London Heathrow and Bordeaux airport, which is just 40 km away from Cognac. Once in Bordeaux, it's an easy drive south to Cognac by car or taxi if necessary.

  • From Marseille: There are direct flights between Marseille Provence Airport in southern France and Bordeaux Airport almost daily. These flights take about 50 minutes each way, with easy connections through Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport before arriving at Bordeaux Airport.

If you’re still wondering how it might be best to get to the Provence region of France, reach out to Winalist or your chosen wine experience. 

The Wine Routes in Cognac

There are two primary wine routes in Cognac. The first course, “Le Cognac et la vigne” introduces you to the culture of wine in Cognac. Leaving from Saintes, it passes through Saint-Jean d'Angely, Burie, Cognac and Aigre. Still departing from Saintes, the second wine route takes you to Angoulême via Jarnac and Châteauneuf-sur-Charente along the Charente.  

Charente Maritime, Angoulême, Saintes, and the city of Cognac are among the essential metropolitan visits in the region. Here, you’ll discover various cognac houses and have the chance to pick up tips from the wine-growing know-how of these concentrated regions. Throughout the year, the grandest houses in Cognac welcome you for various visits and tastings (Martell, Henessy, etc.). Crossing the many villages with Romanesque architecture on your wine route, you will find on your way many more confidential winegrowers, mainly producing white wine from Ugni Blanc and Colombard grape varieties. 

History of Winemaking Cognac, France

Winemaking in Cognac started when the Dutch arrived in France. These groups bought plenty of wine, but it often wouldn’t remain drinkable on voyages back home. So, the Dutch began distilling wine in this region in the 16th century. In 1556, King Henry II founded the city of Cognac and ordered vineyards to be planted in the area. The first planting of vines occurred in 1589 when local farmers were encouraged to grow grapes to make brandy. In the 18th century, the first Cognac Houses were officially established.

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