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Best Wineries & Distilleries to Visit in Cognac

Domaine Pasquet - Winalist
The Organic - Discovery and tasting
Bellevigne 45 reviews 4.8

Domaine Pasquet

The Pasquet cognac house, certified organic, finds the perfect balance between the warmth of fami...

18,00 €

Cognac Frapin - Winalist
Discovery tour
VIP tour
Know-how circuit
Segonzac 18 reviews 4.6

Cognac Frapin

Taking craftsmanship to the highest levels of excellence, Frapin’s style embodies the very esse...

15,00 € - 250,00 €

Cognac Raby - Winalist
On the trails of Grande Champagne
Instant booking Sustainable
Segonzac 15 reviews 4.8

Cognac Raby

Located on the limestone lands of Grande Champagne, the exploitation of Logis de La Brée is at t...


Cognac Braastad - Winalist
Discovery tour
Privilege visit
Cognac from the vine to the glass
Instant booking Sustainable
Mainxe-gondeville 11 reviews 4.8

Cognac Braastad

Ideally located in Jarnac on the banks of the Charente, the Tiffon establishments invite you to d...

15,00 € - 35,00 €

Domaine Conte Et Filles - Winalist
From A to Z
Instant booking Sustainable
Chillac 7 reviews 4.6

Domaine Conte Et Filles

Conte&Filles, a family estate for 5 generations, is today driven by the passion of two sister...


Cognac Martell & Co - Winalist
Martell Savoir-Faire
Martell Heritage
Martell Discovery
Cognac 2 reviews 4.5

Cognac Martell & Co

The oldest of the great cognac Houses opens the doors of its historic site to you and invites you...

25,00 € - 290,00 €

Camus Cognac - Winalist
Intense Classic
Signature Borders
Fine Island
Master Blender
Cognac 2 reviews 5.0

Camus Cognac

"Five generations have each succeeded his predecessors to establish the reputation of Camus,...

25,00 € - 190,00 €

XO Madame - Winalist
Full day in 2CV to discover Cognac
The Cognac vineyard on horseback
2CV ride with picnic in the vineyards
The Cognac vineyard in a 2CV

XO Madame

XO madame, creator of wine tourism experiences, specializes in the Cognac vineyard. We offer aut...

170,00 € - 320,00 €

Bourgoin Cognac - Winalist
Tasting of the Bourgoin range
The secrets of cognac
Visit/Tasting/Picnic in the vineyards
Retro Safari in the vineyard
Discovery of the vineyard in a vintage carriage

Bourgoin Cognac

BOURGOIN COGNAC is a handcrafted vigneron cognac. The family estate is located in the village of ...

30,00 € - 90,00 €

Cognac Tasting Tour  - Winalist
Guided E-bike ride and distillery visit
master class
The Cognac vineyard and its distilleries
Instant booking

Cognac Tasting Tour

Cognac Tasting Tour, labeled "Vineyards and Discoveries" by the French Ministry of Tour...

60,00 € - 670,00 €

Trot'z Ride - Winalist
The Gabarres river route
Instant booking

Trot'z Ride

Rental of all-terrain electric scooters. For romantic rides, with family or friends, discover a f...

25,00 €

Cognac Guillon Painturaud - Winalist
Prestige vintage visit
Pineau des Charentes creative workshop

Cognac Guillon Painturaud

Based near Cognac, we are two young sisters and we produce, from the vine to the bottle, cognacs ...

40,00 € - 60,00 €

Trott In Charente - Winalist
Wine Escape on a Scooter: Vines and cognac at Domaine Landreau

Trott In Charente

Trott in Charente is a dynamic and innovative company specializing in tourist rides on all-terrai...

45,00 €

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The Gabarres river route - Winalist
Instant booking
Trot'z Ride The Gabarres river route

From €25.00

Full or half-day tours

Best guided tours in Cognac

The Cognac vineyard in a 2CV - Winalist
XO Madame The Cognac vineyard in a 2CV

From €170.00

The Cognac vineyard on horseback - Winalist
XO Madame The Cognac vineyard on horseback

From €189.00

Full day in 2CV to discover Cognac - Winalist
XO Madame Full day in 2CV to discover Cognac

From €320.00

2CV ride with picnic in the vineyards - Winalist
XO Madame 2CV ride with picnic in the vineyards

From €185.00

The Gabarres river route - Winalist
Instant booking
Trot'z Ride The Gabarres river route

From €25.00


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Best things to do in Cognac, France

Cognac wine region cognac wine region

For those looking to experience the best cognac tastings and distillery visit, there are several top-notch options to consider. When it comes to vsop cognac, discover Winalist's selection of highly recommended Cognac distilleries to tour. You'll learn that VSOP cognacs are aged for at least four years in french oak casks, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile that is perfect for sipping. XO cognac enthusiasts should not miss a visit to Fontpinot XO or Hennessy XO, two of the best in the market. These cognac xo offerings are aged for a minimum of six years, giving them a superior old and aromatic taste that will excite any palate.

When it comes to the best overall cognac brand to sample, Hine is a standout choice. Their grande champagne cognac is a favorite among enthusiasts and has won numerous awards at prestigious wine and spirits competitions. For those looking to stock their home bar with top-tier cognac, Dubouché and Delamain are also excellent options to consider. Their blends of eaux-de-vie are made from the highest quality grapes and aged in french oak casks to perfection.

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Appellations in Cognac

Cognac wineries

What to know before visiting Best Cognac Tastings & Distillery to visit

How many appellations (AVAs) are there in the Cognac region?

Cognac has six different wine regions, including:

  • "Grande Champagne" : Renowned for producing cognacs of great finesse and complexity, often considered the best, thanks to its ideal chalky soil.
  • "Petite Champagne" : Offers high quality cognacs with similar characteristics to Grande Champagne, but slightly less refined.
  • "Borderies" : The smallest of the regions, known for its round and floral cognacs, with faster maturity due to its unique clay-limestone soil.
  • "Fins Bois" : Produces fruity and well-balanced cognacs, appreciated for their roundness and relatively rapid aging.
  • "Bon Bois" : Gives cognacs with rustic and fruity aromas, thanks to varied soils including sand, clay and limestone.
  • "Bois Ordinaires" : Produces robust, marine cognacs, influenced by proximity to the ocean and frequently used for blends.

What types of wines and spirits do Cognac wine estates produce?

The Cognac region of France is famous for its traditional “vin brûlé,” or brandy, which is a special type of double-distilled wine. This type of wine is made from distilled grape juice that has been fermented into wine. The grapes used to make cognac are Ugni Blanc and Folle noire grapes - these are harvested in the autumn then fermented in barrels for several months before being double distilled.

The final Cognac product is aged between four and 100 years, depending on the style you like (or your budget).

When is the best time to go to Cognac?

If you like peace and quiet, choose the months of March to May or September to November for a cognac tasting in low season. However, summer will allow you to discover the Cognac Festival in July and the Fête du Pineau in August, two unmissable events.

In winter, the region lights up with Christmas festivities, providing a magical ambiance for your wine tours. Whatever the time of year, Cognac promises you a rich and varied experience. To buy cognac, the experiences available on Winalist will allow you to make the best choice according to your tastes and desires.

What is a Cognac AOC classification?

Cognacs from the Cognac AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) appellation benefit from numerous positive reviews thanks to specialists' notes. Numerous oenological workshops, as well as visits to cellars or distilleries in Cognac, allow you to learn everything about regional grape varieties.

The AOC is a legal guarantee of origin and quality of a particular cognac, which it is important to respect when choosing your cognacs. When it comes to selecting the best cognac, it is crucial to consider the AOC classification. This is the highest level of classification for a wine company and guarantees that your cognac comes from grapes grown in a specific region and has been aged in oak barrels for at least two years.

There are different levels in the AOC classification depending on the aging time of a cognac house:

  • VS (Very Special): cognac aged for at least two years.
  • VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale): cognac aged for at least four years.
  • XO (Extra Old): cognac aged for at least six years (since 2018, previously ten years).
These classifications will help you choose the cognac that best suits your tastes and expectations.

What to do in Cognac in a day or a weekend?

Spend a weekend in Cognac and immerse yourself in the heart of the Charente wine region. Discover passionate master distillers during guided tours, where they share their know-how and their love for the terroir. Soak up the authentic atmosphere of local markets, such as the one on Place François 1er, and savor Cognac cuisine in traditional restaurants such as La Ribaudière or La Courtine.

For those who want to combine pleasure and culture, end your day by strolling through the city's picturesque historic streets, including the unmissable Rue Grande. Don't miss the Château de Cognac, one of the region's tourist gems.

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