Discover the capital of Champagne, Epernay

Known for its famous “Avenue de Champagne” and its numerous cellars, Epernay will be able to satisfy you in terms of wine experiences. Guided tours, unusual walks, innovative tastings, cellar visits: everything is there. You will be able to get closer to the craft world in the company of the winemakers, delighted in advance to explain the life cycle of the vines and their way of working. Winalist has put together a list of wine tourism activities for you to do once there, check it out below and book your next visit right away.

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What to do and what to visit in Epernay?

The most beautiful avenue of Épernay is animated by many experiences: guest houses, champagne bars, tastings, cellar visits, thematic workshops, shops. You can attend it every day, all year round. For the gourmets, small food and wine pairings are available in the heart of Épernay. The most curious will also be served: the Château Perrier will house, during 2020, a Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archeology. If you want to visit Épernay in winter, do not miss the Habits de Lumière which will illuminate the city in December, accompanied by street shows, parade, fireworks and performances by great regional chefs. Little more for adventurers: a hot air balloon attached to the ground will be waiting for you at the start of Avenue de Champagne to offer you a spectacular view of the city over 150 meters high and all that, accompanied by a flute of champagne.

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What cellars to visit in Épernay?

The city of Épernay, classified as a “remarkable site of taste” in 1994 and a Unesco world heritage site in 2015, is renowned for its numerous cellars. It has 110 kilometers of cellars, some of which descend more than 20 meters deep. The Maison Mercier cellars alone have 18 kilometers and 47 galleries. Today, the Maison offers a visit on board a small laser-guided train: original but pleasant. You can also venture to Maison J. de Telmont, in the 33 hectares of vineyard owned, which offer various wine workshops and tastings that will delight your taste buds. Let yourself be tempted by the experience!

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