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Thanks to Winalist, easily find your oenology workshop in Champagne. Participating in a workshop to create your own cuvée of wine or Champagne or to make a food-wine pairing will allow you to learn much more about the making of Champagne and to become a seasoned connoisseur. The estates open their doors to you during the week or for an oenological stay. Many of them are even open on Sundays.

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The production of wine and champagne is an art as much as a science that made the reputation of the France , especially in the area Champagne . The region has three controlled appellations of origin: AOC Champagne, AOC Coteaux champenois, AOC Rosé des Riceys. Champagne is a white or rosé sparkling wine produced according to specific Champagne practices. The Coteaux Champenois Appellations are still wines, and the Rosé des Riceys is a rosé with a pronounced taste, made from Pinot Noir. Subtleties that deserve to be discovered during an oenological workshop led by our passionate partners, specialists in Champagne wines. These workshops are recommended for wine and terroir lovers who want to know more about the secrets of making the finest vintages, or simply understand the blend and the art of deducing aromas. The oenological workshop is an even richer experience than a tasting, which is why some partner winegrowers of Winalist can offer to welcome you for a full weekend in order to soak up the Champagne tradition around the wines. Winalist offers you the best wine workshops near Reims, Troyes, Epernay and throughout the region. The wine route is waiting for you!

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4.8/5 (8803 reviews)
95 experiences

The most beautiful avenue of Épernay is animated by many experiences: guest houses, champagne bars, tastings, cellar visits, thematic workshops, shops. You can attend it every day, all year round. For the gourmets, small food and wine pa...


4.9/5 (9254 reviews)
52 experiences

The city of Reims has 30 meters underground, a labyrinth of cellars in which millions of bottles are stored, including the greatest vintages of Champagne in the world. It is also recommended to visit the cellars of these great Champagne h...




4.4/5 (9751 reviews)
15 experiences

The surroundings of Troyes, historic capital of Champagne, hide magnificent vineyards. The closest is 10 kilometers from the city, in Montgueux. You can taste tasty sparkling wines there because the Aube is the second largest producer of ...