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Are you looking for advice and information to attend a tasting workshop, visit a wine cellar, a champagne house or a winemaker near Avize in the heart of the Côte des Blancs in France? Avize is only 2 hours from Paris, 10 minutes from Epernay and 40 minutes from Reims by car. In this village surrounded by vineyards, you will find magnificent places to explore. When you arrive in Avize, immediately meet the local winegrowers who will be happy to welcome you. Below is a list of wineries open to the public in and around Avize. The map will help you locate the vineyards and plan your trip to Champagne.

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What to do and what to visit in Avize?

Avize, a small village in the Marne, is full of history. It is not the largest nor the most famous destination and yet it is worth a visit! It is imperative for Champagne enthusiasts to go there because they will discover several Champagne houses such as the Maison de Sousa or in the surroundings, the Domaine Vincey.

This land of viticulture is made up of vines that produce a tasty grape. This is ideal for making blanc de blancs. You will find, in the champagnes of Avize, a character and a subtle mixture of sweetness and original aromas.

Between the Champagne cellars, the vineyards, the wine workshops, it is impossible to get bored in Avize. We advise you to spend some time in Épernay once your strolls in the village have been completed. If you still have time, don't hesitate to go to Châlons-en-Champagne which is 26 kilometers away.

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What to do around Avize?

If you have decided to come to Champagne for a weekend, then here are our recommendations to make sure you are constantly busy. Visit the remarkable gardens of the region such as the Botanical Garden of the Presle or the Gardens of Viels-Maisons. Visit the Reims Cathedral and the Palais du Tau. Go to the Montagne-de-Reims regional natural park and before leaving, take a tour of the Coteau de Chartèves nature reserve.

The Grand-Est is rich in activity. Champagne, which is part of it, too. So go ahead and book now your wine tourism activity (s) on Winalist. If you have any questions about your future experience, we are here to guide you: send us an email.

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