Discover the Reims chalk caves

Winalist offers a selection of activities not to be missed once on site. Renowned for being the city of Coronations and the world capital of Champagne, Reims is a lively city. With these 81 Champagne houses in the city and its surroundings, its 200km of cellars and chalk pits, you will have the choice as for visits. Take the opportunity to attend the Crayères white evening which takes place every year in June. Discover the Champagne houses of Reims now and book your visit to the cellars without further delay.

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What to do and what to visit in Reims?

The city of Reims is full of little secrets: it has an underground labyrinth in which the greatest champagne vintages in the world are made. It is also recommended to visit the cellars of these great Champagne houses in and around Reims. Thanks to Winalist who has selected a list of houses that offer visit and tasting, you will have the choice and will be able to discover the world of Champagne in depth. You can also meet local winegrowers by 2CV or by bike in the Reims Mountains. But above all, you must visit the Reims Cathedral where the kings of France were sacred.

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What are the Champagne houses in Reims?

With their 81 Champagne houses, Reims and its surroundings have a wide selection to offer. Ruinart, Taittinger, Krug, Mumm, Veuve Clicquot ... The biggest houses invite you to their cellars to show you around the place where it all starts without forgetting the long-awaited tasting of their champagne. These experiences are available for online booking on Winalist. Guided tours of the vineyards are also offered from Reims train station.

How to come to Reims?

Only 45 minutes from Paris by train or 1.5 hours by car, Reims is accessible by everyone and for everyone. The city of Reims offers buses to get around, tram and even free shuttles in the city center. The train station is located a stone's throw from Place d'Erlon, the town's main square. You can also use your car or order a taxi. Don't hesitate to take a bike ride, especially during your visits to our winegrowers, who will be happy to guide you during this adventure!