Chateau-Thierry, France
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Popular wineries to visit in Chateau-Thierry

Champagne Vranken-Pommery - Winalist
Guided tour "Henry Vasnier"
Guided tour of the Pommery cellars
Self-guided tour of the Pommery cellars
Free visit "Henry Vasnier"
Free visit of the Villa Demoiselle
Gastronomic visit
Instant booking
Reims 267 reviews 4.5

Champagne Vranken-Pommery

The prestigious Champagne House Pommery is located in the heart of the city of Reims. You will be...

From 27,00 €

Champagne Mercier - Winalist
Founder's visit
Mercier Duo
Visit Golden Bubble Public
Speaking of bubbles
Épernay 189 reviews 4.4

Champagne Mercier

In 1871 Eugène Mercier began an innovative project of digging his Champagne cellars: “Count in...

From 21,00 €

Champagne Moët & Chandon - Winalist
Moët & Chandon "Grand Vintage" Tour
Moët & Chandon "Imperial Instant" Tour
Moët & Chandon "Signature" Tour
Moët Collection
High oenology
Epernay 128 reviews 4.6

Champagne Moët & Chandon

The “Maison” Moet & Chandon cellars open its doors Visit the Moet & Chandon cella...

From 40,00 €

Champagne Le Gallais - Winalist
Tasting of 3 Champagnes
Visit at the heart of our family Clos and tasting of 3 Champagnes
Sabrage introduction : like Napoléon !
Masterclass Le Gallais
Instant booking Biodynamic
Boursault 104 reviews 4.8

Champagne Le Gallais

Charlotte Le Gallais is growing 4 ha of vines inside the historical Clos du Château de Boursault...

From 15,00 €

Champagne Ruinart - Winalist
The Crayères
Reims 71 reviews 4.8

Champagne Ruinart

Come discover one of the oldest Champagne House, founded in 1729. Discover the history of this Bo...

From 75,00 €

Champagne Taittinger - Winalist
Experience "At the table of Thibaud IV"
L'Instant Rosé
The Gourmet Moment
Reims 65 reviews 4.5

Champagne Taittinger

All year round, our interpretive guides open the doors of Taittinger champagne to you and help yo...

From 37,00 €

Champagne Leblanc-Collard - Winalist
Classic Tour
Epicurean Tour
Terroir Tour
Guided champagne tasting
Val de livre 47 reviews 4.6

Champagne Leblanc-Collard

Coming from a family of winegrowers since 1751, the vines have followed every generation. Indepen...

From 12,00 €

Champagne Mumm - Winalist
Cordon Rouge Visit
Grand Cru experience
Vintage Experience
Reims 43 reviews 4.5

Champagne Mumm

Maison de Champagne Mumm, established in the heart of Reims, is an icon of the champagne industry...

From 28,00 €

Champagne G.H. Martel & C° - Winalist
Reims 33 reviews 4.6

Champagne G.H. Martel & C°

The House G.H. Martel & C° was founded in 1869 by a small grower and Champagne Maker from Av...

From 25,00 €

Champagne Veuve Clicquot - Winalist
Only one quality, the very first
The Art of Blending Rosé Champagne
Madame Clicquot, The Story of a Great Lady
Reims 28 reviews 4.6

Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Founded in the eighteenth century, Veuve Clicquot is one of the largest houses in the Champagne r...

From 60,00 €

Champagne Cuillier - Winalist
The Winegrower’s Moment: Visit & Tasting (BRUGNY)
The Ecological moment: visit of our vineyards
The Winegrower’s Moment: Blending Workshop
Meal Food and champagne pairings
Instant booking Organic
Brugny-vaudancourt 27 reviews 4.8

Champagne Cuillier

Maison Cuillier, Champagne is above all synonymous with family and terroir. Intrinsically linked,...

From 15,00 €

My Vintage Tour Company - Winalist
The heart of the Champagne region
The essential tour
Sabering a Bottle of Champagne
Épernay 27 reviews 4.9

My Vintage Tour Company

Discover the Champagne vineyards aboard a mythical French vintage car from the 1980s! We offer wi...

From 10,00 €

A La Française Champagne - Winalist
E-Bike Champagne day tour & lunch from Reims
Veuve Clicquot,  family grower day tour & lunch from Reims
Short day, family grower & lunch from Epernay
Champagne & producer morning from Reims
Mumm day, winegrowers and lunch
Hautvillers & producers afternoon from Reims
E-bike Tour, Champagne & Lunch from Epernay
Champagne tasting class and lunch near Epernay
Cellar visit and champagne tasting class
Winegrowers discovery tour & lunch from Reims
E-Bike Champagne tour & lunch from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ
Vineyard afternoon by electric bike in Champagne
Winegrower discovery tour & lunch from Dijon
Winegrower discovery tour & lunch from Beaune
From Beaune: electric bike day & lunch
From Dijon: electric bike day & lunch
Instant booking
Aÿ-champagne 24 reviews 4.8

A La Française Champagne

A la Française is a network of local agencies, each expert in their own region ! Each agency off...

From 40,00 €

Le Sentier du Vigneron - Winalist
Discovery Tour
Visit trilogy
La visite du sentier du Vigneron
Mutigny 20 reviews 4.6

Le Sentier du Vigneron

Come and meet us in Mutigny en Champagne, a village with an exceptional panoramic view! Our beau...

From 15,00 €

Champagne Pol Couronne - Winalist
Tasting of 3 Champagnes with biscuits
Initiation to Sabrage - Champagne
Tasting of 3 Grand Cru Champagnes
Champagne Masterclass
Luxury Masterclass with sabrage
Virtual visit and tasting
Instant booking
Reims 19 reviews 4.1

Champagne Pol Couronne

Founded in 1887, Maison Pol Couronne is a traditional champagne house which priorities lay at qua...

From 28,00 €

Champagne Christian Muller - Winalist
 A walk through the vineyards
Christian's delicacies
Mailly-champagne 17 reviews 4.7

Champagne Christian Muller

Located in Montagne de Reims in Mailly-Champagne, the Champagne Christian Muller proposes Grand C...

From 20,00 €

Champagne du Rédempteur - Winalist
Visit and tasting
Venteuil 17 reviews 4.8

Champagne du Rédempteur

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the economic situation of the champagne vine growers i...

From 18,00 €

Champagne Henri Giraud - Winalist
Experience Table
Experience Collection Table
Initiation Henri Giraud
Ay 16 reviews 4.9

Champagne Henri Giraud

Champagne must be a great wine, it's Henri Giraud's commitment. A Great Terroir, AY Gr...

From 105,00 €

Champagne Comtesse Lafond - Winalist
Tasting at the Showroom Comtesse Lafond
Comtesse Tour
Comtesse Tour and Champagne sabering
Walk around the Château (April 2024 Edition)
Instant booking
Épernay 15 reviews 4.7

Champagne Comtesse Lafond

During the 19th century the Comtesse Lafond built on the fame of the family’s wines and castles...


Champagne Charles De Cazanove - Winalist
Commented tasting
Azure tour: food & wine pairings
Visit & tasting: Cazanova
Visit & tasting: Stradivarius
Reims 15 reviews 4.4

Champagne Charles De Cazanove

Champagne house created in 1811, located in the city of Reims Possibility of making tours and ta...

From 21,00 €

Champagne Marc Hennequiere - Winalist
Visit and tasting
Avirey-lingey 11 reviews 4.9

Champagne Marc Hennequiere

In the heart of the “Vallée de la Sarce”, the estate has built its reputation by producing c...

From 10,00 €

Champagne Richard-Fliniaux - Winalist
Aÿ éco Tour | Tasting
100% Aged Champagnes and Macaroons
Ay 10 reviews 4.9

Champagne Richard-Fliniaux

The Richard-Fliniaux family wine estate house is established since 1905. To honor their ancestors...

From 45,00 €

Champagne Vincent d'Astrée  - Winalist
Visit of the historics cellars of Pierry and tasting of 3 Champagne
Pierry 9 reviews 4.4

Champagne Vincent d'Astrée

Boutique and departure for visiting Champagne Vincent d'Astrée and our historics cellars.

From 30,00 €

Champagne Pierre Laurent - Winalist
Visite du vignoble & dégustation de 2 champagnes
Visite du vignoble & dégustation de 5 champagne
Visit of the vineyard & tasting of our entire range
Champagne Sabering Demonstration & Tasting
Sabering Experience & Tasting
Instant booking
Saulchery 8 reviews 4.6

Champagne Pierre Laurent

For over 5 generations, the PIERREs has dedicated their passion for the winegrowing and the produ...

From 20,00 €

Sacré Wine Tour  - Winalist
Bike tour in Champagne with a transport solution
In a wine grower's footsteps
Bike tour in Champagne : full day : bike and van experience !
Reims 8 reviews 4.6

Sacré Wine Tour

Sacré Wine Tour accompanies you for your stay in Champagne. Either on a bike or in a car, go th...

From 60,00 €

Champagne Bauchet - Winalist
Cellar visit and tasting of a cuvée
Tasting of 3 cuvées
Sensory experience and cellar visit
Tasting of two cuvées
Tasting of three cuvées
Instant booking
Bisseuil 8 reviews 4.6

Champagne Bauchet

The Bauchet family have been cultivating and harvesting their vineyards from father to son, since...

From 7,00 €

Champagne Pannier - Winalist
Visit and tasting of 3 cuvees
Visit and tasting of 2 cuvees
Visit and tasting of our Cuvée Sélection
Tasting of 1 cuvee
Instant booking Sustainable
Château-thierry 6 reviews 5.0

Champagne Pannier

It was in 1899, in Dizy, at the gates of Epernay, that Louis-Eugène Pannier wrote the first page...

From 8,00 €

Champagne Michel Fagot - Winalist
"Signature" Tour
Prestige Tour - 3 Champagnes
The Collector's Visit - 3 Champagnes
Traditional Tour - 1 Champagne
Tasting - 3 champagnes
Discovery Tasting 3 Champagnes
Tasting of the Collectionneur 3 champagnes
Instant booking
Rilly-la-montagne 6 reviews 4.8

Champagne Michel Fagot

A few kilometers from Reims "Cité des Sacres", the Domain Michel Fagot is located on a...

From 25,00 €

Le Domaine La Bouche Du Roi  - Winalist
Visit of the estate with food and wine pairings
Visit of the estate and introduction to tasting
Work in the vineyard
Instant booking
Davron 5 reviews 4.9

Le Domaine La Bouche Du Roi

La Bouche du Roi Wine estate is the first professional vineyard of Île-de-France région, locate...

From 39,00 €

Champagne de Venoge - Winalist
Tour and Tasting of 2 glasses of Princes Champagne
Tour and Tasting of 4 glasses of Princes Champagnes
Visit and Tasting of 2 Vintage Champagnes
Épernay 4 reviews 4.5

Champagne de Venoge

Founded in 1837 in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, La Maison De Venoge has focused its development on internatio...

From 56,00 €

Champagne Etienne Oudart - Winalist
Tasting "Découverte"
Tasting "Exceptionnelle"
Tasting Vintages
saber experience
Brugny-vaudancourt 4 reviews 5.0

Champagne Etienne Oudart

The Domaine Étienne Oudart is located in Brugny, in the Coteaux Sud d'Épernay. In 2015, th...

From 25,00 €

Les sensations vigneronnes - Winalist
Authentic tour
Épernay 3 reviews 5.0

Les sensations vigneronnes

We propose you, the time of half a day to take on the role of a winemaker. We will make you disco...

From 100,00 €

Champagne Vollereaux - Winalist
Instant Gourmand
Picnic in the vines
Pierry 2 reviews 4.5

Champagne Vollereaux

Founded in 1805, Champagne Vollereaux now owns nearly 100 acres covering 13 villages of Coteaux S...

From 21,00 €

Champagne Jean Velut - Winalist
Visit with the winegrower, the simpliest way + Tasting !
Montgueux 2 reviews 5.0

Champagne Jean Velut

Let us climb the gentle slopes of Montgueux together, a terroir unearthed from fallow land only 6...

From 15,00 €

Champagne Lionel Carreau - Winalist
The Côte des Bar from the sky
Celles-sur-ource 2 reviews 4.5

Champagne Lionel Carreau

Authentic family Champagne house. Passed down from father to son and daughters since the 16th ce...

From 90,00 €

Champagne Pierre Mignon - Winalist
Pierre Mignon champagnes group masterclass
Champagne and Caviar : Champagne Exception
Épernay 2 reviews 5.0

Champagne Pierre Mignon

In an elegant and refined atmosphere, come and discover the Champagnes of the Pierre Mignon famil...

From 90,00 €

Maison Huiban - Winalist
Visit and Tasting of 3 Champagnes
Jonquery 2 reviews 5.0

Maison Huiban

For two centuries, the passion for earth and wine has led five generations to succeed at the he...

From 15,00 €

Au Coeur des Sens  - Winalist
Gourmet walk in Cumières
Épernay 1 reviews 4.0

Au Coeur des Sens

Come and enjoy an experience in the Champagne vineyards “Au Cœur des Sens” in a few words :...

From 55,00 €

Maison Régnard - Winalist
June 4 - Spring Walks Evening 2022
June 4 & 5 - Spring Walks, 10th edition
Tasting at the Maison Régnard Showroom
Discovery of the prestigious Maison Régnard
Instant booking
Chablis 1 reviews 4.0

Maison Régnard

Régnard, one of Burgundy’s oldest and most prestigious houses in Bourgogne, was founded in 186...


Champagne Boucant Thiery - Winalist
A sparkling visit to Mont de Bonneil
Instant booking Sustainable
Bonneil 1 reviews 5.0

Champagne Boucant Thiery

Champagne Boucant Thiery, located in the heart of Mont de Bonneil (Marne Valley), a few kilometer...

From 30,00 €

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte  - Winalist
Effervesense blind tasting workshop
Plumecoq, cd 40a, chouilly

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte

Anchored in the heart of the prestigious Côte des Blancs, the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte cours...

From 60,00 €

Champagne AR Lenoble - Winalist
Experience around the influence of glass
Tasting "Champagne Pairings"
Discovery of the diversity of Champagnes
Oenotheque Chouilly Grand Cru Tasting
Lunch at the estate
Instant booking Sustainable

Champagne AR Lenoble

AR Lenoble is one of the rare producers in Champagne that has been consistently family-owned and ...

From 76,00 €

Champagne Lamiable - Winalist
Cellar Visit and Tasting
Instant booking Biodynamic

Champagne Lamiable

Champagne Lamiable is a family house located in Tours sur Marne, a Grand Cru village, in the hear...

From 30,00 €

Champagne De Sloovere - Pienne - Winalist
Visit and tasting
Meals: food pairings & Champagne @La Cave à Manger
Instant booking

Champagne De Sloovere - Pienne

Proud of a know-how transmitted for five generations, our estate is located on the heights of the...

From 15,00 €

Champagne Lucien Collard - Winalist
Champagne tasting online

Champagne Lucien Collard

The vineyard is in Bouzy, village "grand cru", and his owner, Lucien Collard, is atta...

From 12,00 €

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