Visiting Reims: Best Things to do in Reims

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Embark on a journey to the city of kings and explore Reims, where you will reconnect with its remarkable past as France’s capital for over millenniums. Designated as City of Art and History, there are now 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites in this majestic destination.

Beyond its impressive architecture and storied historical discoveries, Reims is home to some of the world’s most iconic Champagne Houses. Winalist has crafted a comprehensive guide for your stay, so you can make sure that you don’t miss out on all that this unofficial capital of Champagne-Ardenne has to offer! From the best places to visit in Reims, to things to do while there – follow our lead and explore everything this city holds!


Visiting Reims: an easy trip from Paris!

Did you know that Reims is quite close to Paris? If you are settled in Paris, France, you can plan a one-day trip in Reims very easily!

Traveling from Paris to Reims by train

Did you know that France has a top-notch high-speed train route connecting its major cities? For example, the direct track between Reims and Paris takes only 45 minutes. Without a doubt, it is extremely convenient to take this express journey from one city to another with several routes running back and forth each day!

Traveling from Paris to Reims by car

Reims is only 154 kilometers away from Paris (about 95 miles), so it’s also worth considering traveling by car! You can find may car rentals from any of Paris airports. A very easy and direct 1h30 trip: driving out of Paris on the East side, take the A4 highway up to Voie Jean Taittinger on the A344.

It’s a nice option considering you’ll be able to drive around the Champagne region and its beautiful vineyards, it’ll your own Champagne tour from Paris.

Unmissable historic things to do in Reims

Here are the Top places that we recommend you absolutely see if you visit the center of Reims during a quick stay. You can however consider staying longer and better enjoy this beautiful city and surroundings!

The Palace of Tau

Former residence of the archbishops of Reims, the Palais du Tau was also the residence of the kings of France. Of classical architecture, the Palais du Tau houses the Museum of the Work, with many sculptures from the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims.

We discover more particularly treasures and works evoking the coronations of the kings of France gathered in the two rooms formerly dedicated to coronations. The treasury of the Ancien Régime is mainly made up of objects from the cathedral which were not destroyed at the time of the Revolution.

The Villa Demoiselle

Built in 1890 on boulevard Henri-Vasnier opposite the Domaine Pommery, the Villa Demoiselle is an architectural masterpiece, a mixture of Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco styles.

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La villa Demoiselle à Reims – Crédit Photo : Wikipédia

Now owned by the Vranken Champagne House, this villa is open to visitors. It is a real jewel of the city of Reims, with a studied and refined decor that charms all its visitors, and allows you to learn more about the history of the great Champagne houses that have built the reputation of the region.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Reims

The illustrious cathedral of Reims is an absolute must-see! It has been the site for crowning almost all French kings since the 11th century, making it a magnificent Catholic architectural treasure that endured through war and destruction throughout World War I. This breathtaking structure stands proudly in the city center today as tangible evidence of its remarkable history.

Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral is an awe-inspiring monument that towers over even the magnificent Notre-Dame de Paris. This majestic cathedral pulls in more tourists than any other place throughout the year.

Reims Champagne
Cathédrale Notre Dame – Reims

Some numbers that might make you dizzy:

  • The cathedral has more than 2000 statues
  • To visit the terrace and enjoy a panoramic view of Reims, you will have to climb exactly 249 steps
  • The building as a whole is 150 meters long and 83 meters high

Champagne Park

Located to the south-east of the city, in the Butte Saint Nicaise and Champagne Houses district, the former Parc Pommery is open to everyone free of charge.

In summer, it happens that certain exhibitions and cultural events take place there. It is an ideal place to relax or have a picnic, with a children’s play area and large paths for a walk in the heart of nature.

Built on the heights of Reims in 1911, the Parc de Champagne originally served as a place of leisure for the employees of the Maison Pommery. It was then developed to become a mecca for sports practice when training facilities were installed there.

Finally, the Parc de Champagne is a place of memory. You can gather there at the monument erected to pay homage to the Black Army and its African colonial troops who fell during the First World War.

Visit the surroundings of Reims: trip to the Champagne vineyards

Lovers of good wines and especially Champagne will particularly appreciate their trip to Reims.

Do you want to walk around Reims to better discover Champagne-Ardenne, its culture and its Champagne wine estates? We have it all, just one click away.

Share special moments with Winalist’s partner winegrowers around Reims!

Cuillier Champagne House, in Pouillon

Discover all the know-how of Maison Cuillier, where champagne is above all synonymous with family tradition and respect for the terroir. From generation to generation, this family of winegrowers has passed on the art of champagne production, and welcomes many visitors to share it with them.

visit reims
Vineyard Maison Cuiller

You can go to their land in Pouillon to visit the vines, taste a set of vintages from the House or even learn about sabering.

Discover now all the oenological experiences offered by Maison Cuillier.

Champagne Guyot-Guillaume in Méry-Prémecy

To the west of Reims, the Guyot-Guillaume family has found its winegrowing roots in Méry-Prémecy, a typical Champagne village. It perpetuates the tradition and the regional know-how, while bringing a touch of modernity. The House holds HVE (High Environmental Value) and VDC (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) certifications.

The grape variety is mainly composed of Pinot Meunier, a little bit of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, making it possible to create 6 vintages of character.

Winalist recommends a walk along the wine paths followed by a champagne tasting. In just two hours, you will learn a lot about the craft, family traditions and the production of champagne.

Tour and tasting at Champagne Guyot-Guillaume - Champagne Guyot-Guillaume

What to do in Reims? Top 3 activities

Here is a selection of ideal activities during a stay with family or friends in Reims:

  1. Taste Champagne in a cellar in the center of Reims;
  2. Immerse yourself in the infinitely large at the Planetarium;
  3. Visit the car museum.
Luxury Masterclass with sabering - Champagne Pol Couronne
Luxury Masterclass with sabering – Champagne Pol Couronne

1. Champagne Pol Couronne in Reims

Founded in 1887, Maison Pol Couronne is a traditional Champagne House whose Cuvées are made from grapes from the most prestigious plots of Champagne, most of which are classified as Grand Cru.

You will have the choice between several activities such as:

  • Tasting of 3 Grands Crus champagnes;
  • A Masterclass with sabering;
  • A Masterclass of initiation to the appreciation of champagne.

Maison Pol Couronne is located in the heart of Reims, Cours Jean-Baptiste Langlet.

On the Winalist search engine, you will also have the opportunity to find the experiences offered by the biggest champagne houses located in Reims (Mumm, Taittinger, Ruinart, Pommery, etc.).


2. The Planetarium: ideal family experience

This modern Planetarium located rue du Général de Gaulle is the ideal place to learn about astronomy, the world of stars and planets, and comes in very handy on rainy days (especially if you are visiting Reims with your children).

The major attraction: the hemispherical room, a complex system of astronomical projections offering a faithful reconstruction of the starry sky. You are immersed in the interstellar universe thanks to the images coming from the most powerful telescopes located tens of thousands of kilometers above us.

Located just 10 minutes from the Cathedral of Reims, the central point of the city, the Planetarium is more than a museum, it is a real spatial immersion that will appeal to children and adults.

3. The Automobile Museum of Reims

Take a leap into the past by strolling among the 200 old vehicles on display at the Reims Automobile Museum.

Born from an association of collectors who love mechanics, the automobile museum located on Avenue Georges Clémenceau welcomes you all year round.

Enjoy your stay in Champagne at the city of Kings!

FAQ & Useful resources to visit Reims

Where to buy good Champagne in Reims?

Here are the main places we can suggest you: La Grande Boutique du Vin (3 Place Léon Bourgeois), La Cave Colbert (18 Rue Colbert), La Boutique du club Trésors de Champagne (2 Rue Olivier Métra), Le Bon Manger (rue Courmeaux), La Vinocave (Place du Forum), and of course you can acquire bottles on site, at the prestigious estates you visit.

What cellar should I absolutely visit in Reims?

Best cellars to visit are without a doubt most prestigious domains as Pommery, Taittinger and Veuve Clicquot.

How to visit Reims?

Reims is served by high speed train lines (TGV) and the city-center has several parkings – should you travel by car. The Tourist Office is located at “6 Rue Rockfeller” where you will find the Reims City Pass. With this pass, you will be able to use unlimited public transportation for a couple of days, and have free access and discounts to visit emblematic sites in the city.

When is the best time to visit Reims?

Reims is a very dynamic city where you will find plenty to do, from sight-seeing, outdoor walks and tours, to museum visits and incredible Champagne experiences – any time is a good time to visit Reims. However, there are slight differences according to seasons:
Winter: you’ll discover the magical Christmas markets in Reims and all the festivities it offers (light shows,…)
Spring: this period is interesting because it not the high tourist season and the weather starts to be very enjoyable with longer days and beautiful blossomed gardens.
Summer: during the high tourist season, the area can be quite crowded, but is also adds some dynamism to the city’s activities.
Fall: from end of August to September is the harvest season – a busy period for wine-growers but an interesting one for wine-enthusiasts who wish to experience this with a close eye. Plus, fall colors always turn vineyards into most beautiful color pallet, a great time to bike around vineyards and enjoy this show!

Where to stay in Reims?

The privilege of staying in Reims is to have the opportunity to settle right next to prestigious Champagne Houses that are all over Reims! Find all accommodations in Reims on here.
You can also enjoy staying at beautiful estates that host tourists for several nights in their wonderful rooms, like:
– Château de Sacy;
– La Bertonnerie en Champagne.