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Top 5 Best Champagne Houses to visit in Epernay
Le champagne, une boisson de prestige

Top 5 Best Champagne Houses to visit in Epernay

Located in the Grand-Est French region, 1h30 west from Paris by train (about 2 hours driving distance) and not far from the well known city of Reims – Epernay is the capital city of Champagne in France with most-renowned Champagne Houses on it’s most famous street: Champagne avenue.

The chalky subsoil in the region allows the cultivation of vines on the slopes of the Champagne vineyards. From Gallo-Roman times, wine was cultivated and formed the beginnings of a flourishing economy.

In 1730, the Chanoine brothers founded the first Champagne House in Epernay a year after Ruinart was founded in Reims. Wealthy wine merchants from all over France and Europe will take the opportunity to develop their fortunes. This prosperous period left a unique architectural heritage in the region, which you can admire while visiting Epernay.

This tradition continues, and Champagne is a product exported all over the world. Today, a significant portion of jobs in Champagne production are in Epernay and its vineyard.

The notoriety of Champagne also generates demanding tourism, which Winalist has understood very well. On our site, you can find the best wine experiences and tastings in Epernay and Champagne in just a few clicks.

Best Epernay Champagne Houses to visit

The basements of Epernay contain prestigious treasures, which you are about to discover. Well-preserved, away from heat and light, millions of Champagne bottles continue to make the reputation of the greatest champagne houses in Epernay. Today we offer you a selection of the best Champagne cellars and houses to visit in Epernay.

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1. Champagne Mercier: a guided cellar visit in a train

The Mercier family saga begins during the Second Empire. Eugène Mercier, barely 20 years old at the time, decided to found his own champagne house which would bear his name. His ambition was clear and totally innovative at the time: making champagne an accessible consumer product, without neglecting the quality that made it an exceptional one.

Since the construction of the cellars in 1871, Champagne Mercier has always shone as one of the best in France. At the time, visits to the 18km-champagne-cellars were done by horse-drawn carriage! Nowadays, the 100,000 annual visitors to Maison Mercier have the choice between several tours and tastings.

2. Champagne Mumm Perrier-Jouët

The heritage of Champagne Mumm dates back to the 12th century. Since 1761 the family had been carrying on a wine production and sales business based in Cologne, named “P.A. Mumm”, for Peter Arnold Mumm. The company already owned large vineyards in the Rhine Valley and produced its own wines.

Fearsome contractors, all three sons of Peter Arnold – Gottlieb, Jacobus and Philipp – understood the commercial potential of the sparkling wine of Champagne at the beginning of the 19th century. Then, they took advantage of the “cordial peace” between Germany and France to settle in Champagne.

In 1852, the House took its definitive name from one of their descendants, Georges Hermann Mumm, the man who created the famous “Cordon Rouge” vintage in 1875. Maison Perrier-Jouët, based in Epernay, was bought by G.H. Mumm. Driven by its independent spirit and inspired by nature, Maison Perrier-Jouët produces wines with a floral and complex style. It is one of the oldest Champagne Houses in France.

Address :  Champagne Perrier-Jouet, 26 Avenue de Champagne

3. Champagne Moët & Chandon: the famous one

From viticultural techniques to the invention of new celebratory gestures, the innovative spirit has always been part of Champagne Moet et Chandon. The use of new advanced technologies associated with traditional know-how characterizes the excellence of this champagne house.

champagne houses

One of the most famous in the world, the prestigious cellar in Epernay is a monument of sparkling wine, over more than 28 kilometers dug into the chalk soils of Champagne. The visit begins in the famous Avenue de Champagne, and is available in 2 formulas:

  • Iconic visit with the tasting of an imperial Moët wine;
  • Imperial visit, which also includes the tasting of Moët Rosé.

4. Champagne Pierre Mignon

For 5 generations, Champagne Pierre Mignon has been producing Exceptional Champagnes in the purest respect for tradition while favoring innovation. Their vineyard extends over more than 18 hectares in the best Crus of Champagne (Marne Valley, Côte des Blancs, Epernay region).

In love with his terroir and passionate about wine, Jean-Charles Mignon creates Champagnes with passion and regularly produces new cuvées with character. Awarded many times by all the organizations specializing in wine and gastronomy, the Maison Pierre Mignon welcomes you with the greatest kindness. Whether you are an amateur or already initiated, your sommelier guide will help you discover the treasures of the cellar around a beautiful table, in a luxurious atmosphere.

Our favorite one: the “Champagne and Caviar” experience! So french.

5. Champagne de Venoge

Unlike Maison Mumm, Maison De Venoge adopts the cordon bleu to distinguish itself in the Champagne region. Distributed today in more than 40 countries across the globe, this house, which is more confidential to the general public, is nevertheless widely renowned among Champagne connoisseurs. The top of the range of the house is symbolized by the Louis XV and Grand Vin des Princes cuvées, remarkable for their elegance and complexity. As for its more “traditional” champagnes, we can recognize them as having an excellent quality-price ratio. Treat yourself to a visit to the shop after your visit!

Maison De Venoge is located at 33 Avenue de Champagne, in a magnificent setting that perfectly conveys the image of nobility, distinction and refinement attached to de Venoge.

Book your tasting at Champagne De Venoge

Other Champagne houses worth visiting in Epernay

1. Champagne Leclerc Briant

Created in Cumières in 1872 by Lucien Leclerc, the Domaine moved to Epernay in 1955. From 1980, Pascal Leclerc took up the torch to perpetuate the work of his ancestors. In 2012, the House was sold to an American couple passionate about France and its unique terroir.

Modern and confidential, the vineyard of Maison Leclerc Briant is always on the lookout for innovation, without seeking growth at all costs. We still wanted to include them in this ranking of the best Champagne Houses to visit in Epernay, because their work in wine tourism is very interesting. You will discover the family’s historic plot of vines called La Croisette, as well as all the places used to transform the precious grapes into Champagne (chai, vats, cellars, presses).

The icing on the cake: access to the roof terrace offering a panorama of Epernay and its surroundings. The ideal place to savor one of the prestigious vintages of Champagne Leclerc Briant.

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2. Champagne Comtesse Lafond

At the top of the Champagne avenue (the famous street in Epernay) you’ll probably walk in front of an amazing castle and probably want to visit it. Well you can! Owned by Baron Patrick de Ladoucette, Champagne Comtesse Lafond is an great place to have a wonderful time in Champagne.

3. Champagne Boizel

Each member of the Boizel family is proud to be a link in this bicentennial history, whose family traditions have been passed down from father to son (or daughter) since 1834. But even more than recipes, assembly secrets or customs, each generation has endeavored to enrich tradition and pass on the Boizel spirit.

The passion for Champagne is intact and rigorously inculcated, without however clinging to ancient traditions at all costs. Modernity is also highlighted in the cellars of Maison Boizel. In Épernay, the family opens the doors of its renovated cellars to you on the famous Avenue de Champagne in Epernay.

Discover all the involvement of those who work every day, from the vine to the glass, to sustain the production of one of the best French champagnes. Epicureans in search of finesse, character and elegance will immediately find something to satisfy their curiosity.

More information and booking : Book Champagne Boizel tour and tasting

Enjoy your Champagne trip in Epernay!

Once you’ve spent a great time in Epernay you could also explore other nearby villages like Avize, Hautvillers (the famous village where you’ll discover the Church of Dom Pérignon), Mailly-Champagne or a bit further the larger cities of Troyes or Chateau-Thierry (on your way back to Paris)

FAQ & Useful resources

What are most beautiful Champagne cellar to visit?

Even if many are truly breathtaking, we must admit that some Champagne cellars are particularly beautiful:
– The cellars of Maison Pommery,
– The cellars of Maison Taittinger,
– The cellars of the Maison Veuve Clicquot,
– The cellars of Maison Lanson.

How many Champagne Houses are there in Epernay?

Well, as in credible as it may seem, there are more than 300 Champagne Houses in Epernay and its surroundings! Epernay is not the Capital city of Champagne for nothing.

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