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You have planned a weekend in Amboise with friends or family to discover the history of Loire wine, but you do not know exactly what to do? Then you have come to the right place because, at Winalist, our principle is to guide you in the choice of your future wine tourism activities. Experiences in cellars, museums or guided tours, wine tastings or specialties ... everything is tempting but we will have to decide. We have prepared a list of things to do (and see) in Amboise and its surroundings below.

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What to do and what to visit in Amboise?

The town of Amboise is located on the banks of the Loire and is surrounded by vineyards. Only thirty kilometers from Tours, this city was for many years the favorite city of King Francis I who resided in his royal castle. Each summer evening, you will be able to observe a magnificent nocturnal spectacle "At the court of Roy" within the Castle. On the program, games of light, water games, fireworks, Renaissance dance scenes and cavalry scenes will make you live the history of France.

This pearl of Touraine and the Loire hides still other secrets ... Leonardo da Vinci has spent his last two years at the Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise. Today, this place can be visited by everyone. You can discover the reconstruction of a large part of his works from the Renaissance.

But Amboise is also a wine city: it offers sublime wine landscapes. You can also taste, in the Touraine Amboise appellation, white, rosé but also red. Amboise knows how to please everyone!

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What particularities for Amboise wines?

Amboise Blanc is a wine made from the Pineau grape variety from the Loire. there are two kinds: sparkling wines, rather light on the palate and pleasantly accompanying aperitifs and desserts, then dry, semi-dry or sweet still wines depending on the amount of sunshine.

Amboise Rouge is made from a blend of different grape varieties: Cabernet and Gamay. And that's when the wine expresses all its fragrance.

Amboise Rosé is obtained by maceration of the whole grape and comes from the same grape varieties as red. It is bottled early to keep all its freshness.

If you want to know more about the history of Amboise wine, do not hesitate to book your next experience now on Winalist. The winegrowers of the region will be happy to explain to you in detail the secrets of this winemaking. If you wish, you can even make a commented tasting. Good getaway in Touraine!

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