Top 7 Best Wine Trips in France

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Wine trips in France are one of the most perfect ways to learn about this country’s many wine growing regions – and explore each region’s local delights. From unique architecture and history to seasonal festivals, France’s wine tours help you learn about wine while also exploring authentic areas of the beautiful country of France.

There are thousands of incredible wine trips and excursions in France at many of its expansive wine cellars, tours, and vineyards. Whether you’re planning a short trip to France and would like to taste some authentic French wine while on your journey, or traveling to France specifically to taste its delectable wine varietals, Winalist can help you.

While in France, you can travel in most amazing settings of French vineyards and discover incredible spots, from superb Loire Châteaux to fabulous wine cellars like Champagne Taittinger, or ridiculously cute Provençal villages.

France wine tours are unforgettable life experiences. However, it can also be daunting to plan a wine trip in France. For example, what region should you choose to visit on your French wine trip? What kind of a wine trip should you go for? It might feel overwhelming to choose from so many amazing French wine regions, let alone pick individual wine experiences in each region.

That’s when we can help you! With Winalist, you have a direct overview of domains and activities in each of France’s vineyards. You can also compare prices and reviews to plan your trip as best as possible. And of course, in this article we give you highlights of each French wine region and best rated wine tours so you’ll have all insights to plan this amazing French wine trip of yours!

1. Champagne Avenue in Epernay

If you land in the French city of Love, Paris, you’ll find it very convenient to reach Champagne – a 45-minute high-speed train trip will bring you to the best Reims Champagne houses. You will find many great things to explore in its city center.

The absolute highlight of you Champagne trip however, would be strolling along most famous Champagne Avenue in Epernay. Make sure to take a snapshot of yourself next the Avenue de Champagne road-sign!

wine trips in france,wine tour near lyon,bordeaux wine tours,france wine tours,winery tour france,french wine tours,french vineyard,french vineyards - Top 7 Best Wine Trips in France - 2023 - 3
Champagne Avenue – Epernay

Also called the Champagne Champs Elysées, this historical street holds massive heritage when you think that is has, altogether, over 110km of underground Champagne cellars.

You’ll find most prestigious Champagnes Houses that have built their cellars on their street, back in the day when it all started.

Discover top Champagne tours with Winalist and have fun while visiting this beautiful region of France!

2. Private day-trips in the Loire Valley

The magnificent Loire Castles you have heard of are just a couple hour away from many tourists’ potential landing destination, the city of Paris.

To underline your trip to France, visit the Loire Valley. This region of France will allow you to visit incredible castles while also letting you taste the best wine of the region. Some famous chateaux that will take your breath away include Château de la Loire: Château de Chenonceau, and Château de Chambord. Château de Brézé in the wine-producing city of Saumur or the Ribeau Garden next to Chinon will steal your heart.

The best part: it’s even more amazing to pair Châteaux visits with wine tastings!

We are pleased to suggest the incredible wine tour and excursion that our host Val de Loire Travel has put together to the delight of everyone. Right at sunrise, your guide tour comes to pick you up and start a beautiful day trip in the Loire valley vineyard, all in a mini-bus. From visits of troglodyte cellars to tastings of several wines and a pic-nic and visit to a Chinon Castle – this will be a day to remember.

3. Alsace Wine Route experiences

Colmar , Ribeauvillé, Kayserseberg… These are each names of unique and charming Alsatian villages. If Alsace wineries are of interest to you, then Colmar should definitely be on your bucketlist. This village’s Little Venice district and local cuisine are guaranteed to charm you and any other guests.

One amazing way to enjoy the beautiful Alsace Wine Route is to go on bike rides and excursions, thanks to all the trails in the vineyards that you can ride on from north to south. This is why we suggest you try one of the many outdoor tours our hosts have for you! Among them you’ll find Evindez-vous who offers electric bike-rides (4 hours or 6 hours) to discover special view of the vineyard and taste the estates’ Crémants.

You might also like our exclusive host Joseph Cattin, who offers Segway guided tours and the tasting of a Crémet and 3 Alsatian wines.

4. Discover Burgundy from up above

One of France’s most renowned regions for wine-making, Burgundy, is a destination to consider when it comes to wine travel in France. Actually, it’s rather one you don’t want to miss for the sake of Burgundy wine tours. This region also counts top Castles, incredible wine-estates, a delightful terroir and picturesque cities such as Beaune and Dijon – just to mention most prestigious ones.

Speaking of prestigious, we highly suggest you not one, but many visits to the Château de Pommard. This valued wine estate is dedicated to opening its doors to those who wish to meet them and their treasure, through many insightful wine activities – from truffle experiences to private tastings and guided tours.

Château de Pommard en plein coeur de la Bourgogne
Château de Pommard

The highlight of your wine trip in Burgundy will be – without a doubt – the hot air-balloon tour Château Pommard offers, to fly above Burgundy vineyards. This 4-hour one-of-a-kind guided Wine Tour will make you discover Burgundy all over again, might it be in terms of views, understanding of the terroir but also thanks to your guide’s incredible knowledge that will be shared to you.

5. Rhone Valley: wine tours near Lyon

We must all admit, a nice tasting of Côte-Rôties, Côtes du Rhone, or Chateauneuf-du-Pape has never failed anyone. The Rhone Valley vineyard holds incredible appellations thanks to a blessed terroir, or unique and forgiving landscape for growing grapes.

As a change of vineyard settings, why not try a fun wine experience in a city? A beautiful wine tour near Lyon will surprise you with exquisite food and wine pairing experiences, thanks to an amazing heritage of French gastronomy.

With Winalist, you will find several hosts that offer wine tours near Lyon, but our special suggestion would be to visit Les Vin Dévoilés. An absolute highlight of your Rhone wine trip, you have the choice between several oenological workshops, food & wine pairings and fun blind tastings together with most passionate and interesting team.

This city of lights will bring many delights!

6. A Provençale picnic experience at Château Vaudois

Ah, Provence… Lavender fields as far as eye can see, a slow life-rhythm where the sun paces your day… What else can we say? Well, enjoy this heavenly setting at best and plan an amazing wine picnic with one of our hosts!

Close to Saint-Raphaël, let’s meet at the Château Vaudois for a carefree and relaxing experience in the Provence vineyards. Treat yourself with this top high-standard private tour for a unique and memorable experience: hosts will be delighted to present the area’s vineyard and historical anecdotes, guide you through their cellars and wine-making steps, and top everything off with an amazing picnic meal in the vineyard.

7. Châteaux Bordeaux wine-making & food pairings

Last of this list, but certainly not least: Bordeaux vineyards. While we won’t try summing up how praise-worthy Bordeaux wine region is. Instead, we will only say one thing: if you are a wine enthusiast and you have one destination to choose for your wine trip in France, Bordeaux and its surroundings is where you want to be.

Bordeaux vous accueille à bras ouverts, le tout à moins de 2h de Paris

From wine-blending workshops, Châteaux tours, food and cheese pairings in medieval settings, to chocolate and wine pairings workshops, initiations to creating your own Médoc wine and gourmet walks – Château La Tour Carnet, Château Pape Clément and Château de Rayne Vigneau are just some of our hosts that blow every wine-lovers’ mind.

It is your choice to make, but just as a quick reminder, any wine region you choose for your next wine trips in France will concur your heart!

When is the best time to visit France for wine?

This question kind of depends on your own taste, also considering weather you mind crowds or not.
Generally speaking, the Wine Tour season in France is from April to September, but the highest season is of course during the summer.

Spring is very nice to enjoy blossomed gardens, and Autumn for all the color pallets in offers in the vineyards.
Wineries give their opening hours according to the seasons, don’t hesitate to check them before planning your trips!

Are April or December good months to visit Bordeaux?

April is a great time if you want to visit the area and wineries, as it is out of the high touristy season and that days are being longer. Plus, most wine estate start their wine tour season in April.
December is also nice considering the charming Christmas market Bordeaux settled each year. Dates vary but it usually takes place from November to the end of December.