Best things to do in Beaune, France

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Beaune, France is a breathtaking historical city nestled in the heart of the French wine region known as Burgundy, or “Bourgogne” in French. This gem has been cherished for centuries by both locals and visitors, making it an ideal destination for a couple of days of immersive exploration of Beaune’s wineries.

Boasting an extraordinary historical heritage, Beaune is a moderately sized city situated between Dijon and Lyon. Conveniently accessible via a two-hour high-speed train ride from Paris (book your tickets here), or a three-hour drive (find more info on car rentals here), it’s a breeze to reach. If your travels start elsewhere in France, Beaune is merely a 30-minute drive from Dijon and just over an hour and a half from Lyon.

From its storied architecture and bustling markets to its inviting wine tasting rooms, Beaune is a city that is sure to enchant you.

Top things to do in Beaune, France

Beaune is not only celebrated for its incredible vineyards but also for its rich art and history. In this travel guide, our team of wine enthusiasts at Winalist have curated a select list of must-see places during your stay.

Visit the iconic Hospices de Beaune

Les Hospices, un endroit à voir absolument quand on vient visiter Beaune

Nestled in France’s history, the Hospices de Beaune is a testament to its rich medieval heritage. Founded in 1443 by Chancellor Nicolas Rollin, it served as a beacon of hope during times of war and plague. Its Gothic architecture is distinguished by a unique, colorful roof, reflective of Burgundian design, making it a symbol of France’s grand historical legacy.

Get to know Fallot Mustard Mill

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As one of the last remaining independent and family-owned mustard producers in Burgundy, Maison Fallot stands as a pillar of tradition and quality. This esteemed establishment has been preserving the artisan craft of mustard-making since 1840. Today, it proudly opens its doors to offer you some of the finest mustards in the country, available at its two locations in Dijon and Beaune.

The store and production workshop can be found at 31 Rue du Faubourg Bretonnière. A visit to this shop is a fun-filled experience for everyone – family, friends, and especially the kids. Discover the timeless charm of Maison Fallot and fall in love with the world of artisan mustard.

Explore Burgundy Wine Museum

Visiter Beaune

This cultural haven is a historical goldmine, centered around the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine in Burgundy. Celebrating the unique climate features of Burgundy, the museum boasts around 10,764 square feet of permanent exhibits, spread across two levels. You can find it on Rue d’Enfer in Beaune, nested within the hotel of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Stroll Along Beaune’s Fortified Walls

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Beaune is a medieval town, encased in ramparts constructed between the 13th and 15th centuries. Take a leisurely walk along these aged fortifications and uncover the town’s prominent landmarks and noteworthy spots. Feast your eyes on the bastions, the watchtowers, the Saint-Nicolas gate, the spacious washhouse, and the Château de Beaune that proudly stands over the city. Each location and structure is brimming with captivating tales and stunning architectural nuances.

Discover Notre-Dame de Beaune Basilica

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When you plan a trip to Beaune, make sure to add the Notre-Dame de Beaune basilica to your must-see list. Located on Place du Général Leclerc, this Historical Monument takes you on an epic journey back to the 12th century.

Each night, June through September, as well as during the festive Christmas season and for major events, the basilica comes alive with a spectacular light show on its facade. This mesmerizing display walks you through its storied history and vast periods of construction. It’s a sight you simply can’t miss!

Explore Maison Jaffelin’s antic wine cellars

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The rich history of Jaffelin is deeply intertwined with that of the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame de Beaune. For centuries, their storied vaults in Beaune have served as the cellars for the wines of the Collegiate Church and the wine-loving ecclesiastical princes. The Chapter cellars, originally established in the 12th century, saw a change of ownership in 1816 when the industrious Jaffelin brothers founded their own estate.

Don’t delay – book your visit to one of Beaune’s most ancient wine estates now! Experience the delight of wine tastings at the very place where history blends with the finest viniculture.

Get your intro to Burgundy wines

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Make your way to Domaine Besancenot, a family-run winery that’s been around since 1850 and uncover their magnificent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Burgundy wines! You can’t miss this experience when you’re in Beaune.

Stroll through the historical city center

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Take a leisurely stroll around the hospices and the picturesque Place de Hale, wandering through the characteristic cobbled streets of Beaune. Along your stroll, you can admire the charming old houses and explore quaint little shops.

If you’re on the hunt for the best wine bar in Beaune, make your way to Le Bout du Monde. There, you’ll have the opportunity to sample some of the finest Burgundy wines. They boast an extensive wine list, all at reasonable prices, enabling you to experience the best that Burgundy has to offer.

Best Restaurants & dining options in Beaune

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What could be better than exploring the gastronomic specialties of Burgundy while visiting Beaune? The city offers a plethora of culinary treats to satisfy every kind of foodie. Whether you’re craving a hearty coq au vin in a cozy setting or fancy refined dishes paired with the finest Burgundy wines, Beaune’s restaurants promise an unforgettable dining experience.

Here is our selection of the best restaurants in Beaune:

  • Lameloise*** – 3 michelin star restaurant, located in the heart of Beaune, a reference in gourmet cuisine.
  • Le Carmin* – This Michelin-starred restaurant offers inventive and refined gourmet cuisine.
  • La Table de Levernois*, an unmissable experience located about ten minutes from the city. Our recommendation for a romantic gateway.
  • Le Benaton – This small family restaurant is renowned for its creative cuisine and tasty dishes.
  • Ma Cuisine – Located in a former wine cellar, Ma Cuisine offers a warm and friendly atmosphere.

If you are looking for other dining options, you could opt for a lunch at a winery, a wonderful experience to discover wines along with typical gastronomic specialties :

What do do around Beaune?

As we mentioned earlier, Beaune serves as the ideal hub, nestled in the heart of the Burgundy wine tourist trail. It’s simply perfect for exploring the surrounding Burgundy wineries.

Embark on a Day Tour to Burgundy’s Vineyards

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Embarking on a guided day trip from Beaune to the Burgundy wineries definitely amps up your experience of Burgundy’s deep-rooted and lively winemaking scene. From the picturesque vineyards to the art of winemaking, there’s much to survey and learn. With the expertise of a seasoned guide, you get to sip on some of the most exquisite wines Burgundy prides itself on. Dive deep into the diverse terroirs and the extraordinary flavors that make Burgundy wines stand out in a league of their own.

Road Trip along the Burgundy Wine Trail

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If a trip to Beaune is on your horizon, no matter how brief, a tour of the wine estates is essential- even if you’re not a wine connoisseur. You’ll get the chance to share in unique experiences with proud winemakers, eager to pass on their family traditions and local expertise. Check out the best places to visit with our interactive map or follow the Burgundy wine route. Want more? Dig deeper into the ideal Burgundy itinerary to optimize your visit in our comprehensive guide.

Château de Pommard

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Established in 1726, the Château de Pommard blends three centuries of expertise with the forward-thinking vision of the Carabello-Baum family from America. Today, you have the opportunity to delve into the deep-seated traditions and unique terroir of Burgundy wine-making. By visiting our estate, mingling with our family, and participating in one of our highly praised wine experiences, you can truly immerse yourself in this rich cultural journey.

Experience a Vineyard Bike Tour

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As you explore the region, be sure not to miss the incredible bike tour offered by the prestigious Prosper Maufoux wine estate. Get up close and personal with the vineyards as you cruise through the Côte de Beaune on an electric bike. Before your adventure ends, take a deliciously gourmet pit stop right in the heart of the vineyard. To top it all off, you’ll round out your experience with a wine tasting in the atmospheric cellars of the Château. Take in the breathtaking views of the famous Burgundy vineyards, including Meursault, Aloxe-Corton or Chassagne-Montrachet.

Enjoy a view of the vineyards in hot-air-balloon

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Experience the unparalleled beauty of the Burgundy wine region in a way you’ve never imagined—floating gently above the vineyards in a hot-air balloon. As you drift silently through the early morning sky, you’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of the verdant countryside, scattered with endless rows of grapevines. The gentle sway of the balloon, coupled with the serene quiet of the dawn, creates an atmosphere of pure tranquility and peace. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

Experience an exclusive Meursault tasting

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The Manoir des Parcellaires de Saulx invites you to explore the wines of our three estates. Les Parcellaires de Saulx is a boutique winery in Meursault with a distinct approach. Each wine we produce originates from a single vineyard plot in some of Burgundy’s most prestigious appellations.

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How to get to Beaune?

Beaune is easily reachable from several highways:
– A6, A31 (towards Dijon, then Lille or Nancy)
– A38 (towards Besançon, Bâle).
To come by train, you can count about 2h15 from Paris and passing through Dijon, and about 1h45 from Lyon or Mulhouse.