Top 5 best wine regions to visit in France

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Do you know what are the best wine regions in France?

It is no secret that France is a land of vine, one of the world’s main wine producer and consumer, home to some of most famous and prestigious wine appellations. Each region has specificities in terroir, historical heritage and know-how. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or not, exploring France also means exploring beautiful wine regions and being immersed in incredible wine-making heritage.

Today, we take to 5 of the best wine regions in France, from Champagne to Bordeaux, passing through Bourgogne, you’ll know all essentials on most famous french wine regions and top wineries to visit.

Champagne wine region

best wine regions in france

Known world-wide for delicate and precious sparkling wines, the Champagne wine region of France is the most prestigious vineyard in the country. Rich in history, discover Champagne throught its cities and visit the best champagne houses in Reims or best champagne houses in Epernay.

Champagne region map

How to get to Champagne?

Located in the north center part of France, close to Paris, you can get to Champagne:

  • By Plane: you can plan landing at international airports of Paris, according to your departure location. Either Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Orly Airport. Then, you’ll have a large choice of public transportation to reach Gare de L’Est and take a TGV (high-speed train) to go to Reims and start your trip to Champagne.
  • By Train: from Paris, you can reach Reims in only 45 minutes by high-speed train trips. Epernay is equally accessible, located south of Reims, count an 1h30 from Paris and 30 minutes from Reims.

Top 3 wineries in Champagne

1. Champagne Dom Pérignon

One of Champagne pioneers, Dom Pérignon had set himself the goal of finding the perfect wine-making method to create the best Champagne in world. Discover unsaid secrets about Champagne by visiting the Dom Pérignon Champagne Estate.

2. Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Back in the 18th century, Veuve Clicquot finds a new process that influences the aging Champagne in bottle: the rotation of the bottles. Discover more about Champagne Veuve Clicquot one of the most prestigious Champagne House by booking tastings and visits!

3. Champagne Le Gallais

Next to the Château Boursault, the family starts growing 3 grape varieties, which gives birth later to historical Clos du Château de Boursault. Especially observant to conscious growing, the family has much to share through amazing wine tourism experiences.

If you are interested in visiting Champagne, check out our Travel Guide to Champagne region and learn more on the History of Champagne!

Burgundy wine region

best wine regions in france, champagne wine region, Bordeaux wine region, Loire Valley vineyard, Alsace wine region, Burgundy wine region, french vineyards, wine regions france, wine country france, map of wine regions france - Top 5 best wine regions to visit in France - 2023 - 4
Vineyards with windmill near Chénas, Beaujolais, Burgundy, France

You must have heard of renowned Burgundy wines: finesse, unique know-how and historical heritage are words that best describe the Burgundy wine region and its wine. On the east-center part of France, between Alsace and the Rhone valley vineyard, the terroir Bourgignon is home to the most wine appellations in France. Dijon gastronomy, atypical architecture and prestigious wine estates, it is no wonder why the Burgundy wine region is next to most famous wine regions in the world. Read more to discover the history of Burgundy!

Burgundy region map

How to get to Burgundy?

To discover the Grands Crus Route, you can come to Burgundy:

  • By plane: further from Dijon, you can plan flying to Burgundy and land to the Dole-Jura airport. You can also consider landing in Paris, Lyon or Geneva, and then take a direct train trip.
  • By train: to get to Dijon, count about 1h40 from Paris, about 2 hours from Lyon and 2 hours from Lausanne in Switzerland. If you wish to reach Beaune, you will have a 1h40 minute trip from Lyon and less than 30 minutes from Dijon.

Top 3 wineries in Burgundy

1. Château de Pommard

Both the name of the village, and one of Burgundy’s wine appellation, Pommard is synonym of prestige and finesse. The Château opens its doors to you for exceptional activities such as hot-air balloon rides, truffle tastings… Don’t wait to book your experience at Château de Pommard!

2. Château de Chamirey

Home to a huge production of Burgundy wines, no less than 37 hectares, Château de Chamirey will steal your heart away. In the Mercurey terroir, this domain’s wines reflect the diversity of soil and climate that is so special to one of the best wine regions in France.

3. Domaine Chanzy

Located in Bouzeron in the Côte Chalonnaise, Domaine Chanzy offer a panel of 3 different Côte de Bourgogne. They are happy to explain specificities about their 3 different grapes varieties and wine-making processes through guided tastings and tours! Plus, they even organize a great Bourgignon Picnic. Book your next experience there!

Bordeaux wine region

best wine regions in france, champagne wine region, Bordeaux wine region, Loire Valley vineyard, Alsace wine region, Burgundy wine region, french vineyards, wine regions france, wine country france, map of wine regions france - Top 5 best wine regions to visit in France - 2023 - 6

Have you already tasted a Château Margaux in Château Margaux? Right on the Atlantic coast, south-west of France, the city of Bordeaux is considered to be the world’s capital city of red wines. Most expensive and world prestigious red wines come from the Bordeaux wine region, where small villages like Saint-Emilion, on the Médoc Wine Route, are so much more than just villages.

Bordeaux region map

How to get to Bordeaux region & city?

Go to this amazing wine region:

  • By plane: you’ll find flights that land right at the city’s international airport Bordeaux-Merignac International Airport (BOD), or land in Paris and come to Bordeaux by train.
  • By train: thanks to France well-developed high-speed train network, Bordeaux is easily accessible by train from France’s main cities: Paris, Toulouse for short trips, Marseille and Lyon for longer ones.

Top 3 wineries in Bordeaux

1. Château d’Agassac

Only 15 minutes away from Bordeaux, you can discover on of the oldest Médoc wine estates: Château d’Agassac. Its numerous labels and awards ake it a top destination for wine tourism! Go discover more on what they offer to wine-enthusiasts like you!

2. Château de Bonhoste

This Bordeaux family domain will charm you! For 5 generations, the family has maintained know-how and passion for wine-making. They are happy to welcome you for some premium visits and tastings in their estate!

3. Château Pillebois

In the middle of hectares of vines in the Côtes-de-castillon appellation, Château Pillebois is waiting for you to share family know-how and insights on wine and wine-making.

Go take a look at the South-West of France Travel Guide to know more on how to travel in the wine country, France!

Alsace wine region

Route des vins d'alsace
Hunawihr, Alsace, France

One of France’s premium wine regions for white wines, the Alsace wine region stretches vertically on the Est side of France, next to the German border. Between valleys and small mountains, next to the Vosges mountains, Alsace is blessed with beautiful nature and hilly areas that make it an optimum terroir for growing white grape varieties such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Blanc.

Alsace region map

How to get to Alsace?

If you want to visit typical Alsatian villages and cities on the Alsace Wine Route, you can get there:

  • By plane: land at one of Alsace international airports: the Strasbourg Airport in Strasbourg, or the Basel-Mulhouse EuroAirport in Mulhouse.
  • By train: to reach Strasbourg, count about 1h40 from Paris, 1h30 from Luxembourg and 1h40 from Frankfurt. To reach Mulhouse, you can consider coming from Lyon in 2h50 or Zurich in 1h20.

Once in Alsace, we recommend you rent a car so you can freely drive on the Alsace Wine Route and make the most of your stay.

Top 3 wineries in Alsace

1. Domaine Gustave Lorentz

In the heart of Alsace, between the hillside of the Altenberg of Bergheim, this terroir and family know-how give birth to “gourmet, virile and powerful wines”. This beautiful Alsatian wine estate welcomes you for excellent wine tastings and impressive cellar tours.

2. Domaine Zeyssolff

Since 1778 in Getwiller, the Zeyssolff family is dedicated to growing 7 Alsatian grape varieties. TO know more on this family’s incredible history and wine-knowledge passed on through 11 generations, book your next amazing wine experience in Alsace!

3. Domaine Pierre Adam

On the Alsace Wine Route, in the village of Ammerschwihr, this part of Alsace is renowned for exceptional terroir, perfect for viticulture. Discover more about Alsace wines through a wine tasting at the Pierre Adam estate!

Discover Alsace’s main cities like Strasbourg and Colmar!

The Loire Valley wine region

Le chateau est immanquable quand on vient visiter Saumur
Château de Saumur – Source : Pixabay

Loire Valley Castles make this part of France shine over the whole world. Châteaux de Chambord and Château de Chenonceau are just a part of hundreds of most magnificent castles that board the Loire River, across charming cities like Tours, Chinon and Saumur.

But did you know that the Loire Valley is also a famous wine region? Right after Champagne, it’s France’s largest sparkling wine producer, and gives birth to famous Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blancs.

Loire Valley map

How to get to the Loire Valley?

Located south of Paris, in the center of France and toward the West, you can reach the Loire Valley:

  • By plane: the best option is to land at the Paris Charles de Gaulle, to then take a train reach the cities of Angers or Tours.
  • By train: from Paris, you can reach Angers in about 2 hours, and Tours in a little over an hour.

Once in the Loire Valley, you can have a lot of fun cycling on the several cycling paths along the river!

Top 3 wineries in Loire Valley

1. Domaine Du Closel

A 15-hectare vineyard, Domaine Du Closel is particularly attached to organic and biodynamic wine-making methods and processes. As one of the most beautiful wine estate to visit, we suggest you spend an afternoon there to discover their impressive cellars and taste exquisite wine!

2. Les Pierres D’aurèle

In the heart of the Loire Valley, near the city of Tours, this estate grows several grape varieties, including most prestigious like Chenin Blanc and Gamay. If you wish to stroll along their vineyards and enjoy scenic views while sipping Chenin Blanc wine, this is where you want to be!

3. Château De Tracy

A family wine estate, recreated by the Count and Countess Alain d’Estutt back in 1952, Château De Tracy expects excellency and quality from its wines, but also in the wine tourism activities they offer. Exceptional wine experiences await you at Château De Tracy!

There you go, now you know more about the best wine regions in France! On Winalist, don’t hesitate to explore the wine-tourism offer in wine regions over Europe!

FAQ & Useful resources

How many wine regions are in France?

Altogether, there are up to 13 wine region in France!

What is the most popular French wine?

Most popular French wine are Bordeaux wines. However, each year the raking can vary.

Which French region has the best wine?

This depends on personal taste. You might find exceptional wines in less famous wine regions of France like Languedoc Roussillon, or Cognac. In terms of quality of wines, you can consider that Burgundy and the Loire Valley vineyard are home to top French wines.

What is the most beautiful wine region in France?

It is hard to rank one French wine region over the other in terms of beauty. If you are sensible to hilly landscapes for example, you will love Alsace, Provence and Bordeaux. If you prefer typical medieval villages, you will love the Bordeaux wine region with typical villages such as Saint Emilion.

Are there vineyards in the south of France?

The whole land of France is covered with vineyards. South of France is divided into 4 main wine regions: Provence wine regions, Languedoc-Roussillon, South-West of France and Bordeaux vineyards.