Visiting Saint-Tropez: 12 things to do in Saint Tropez

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If you are considering taking a holiday to Saint Tropez, you might be curious about the best things to do in Saint Tropez and its surrounding areas of France. Wonder no more – there are plenty of amazing things to explore and enjoy here and Winalist is here to help you plan your perfect visit to Saint Tropez.

When you hear “Saint-Tropez,” do thoughts of the iconic French actor Louis de Funès, luxurious resorts, and opulent yachts come to mind?

This famed part of the French Riviera is renowned for its stunningly beautiful beaches surrounded by breathtaking turquoise waters; however, it still retains much of its traditional Provençal charm with preserved architecture, cuisine and vineyards.

There are endless things to see and do in this heavenly south-of-France city. So, here is your guide to visiting Saint-Tropez and its hypnotizing turquoise-water beaches!

Where is St. Tropez?

St. Tropez is a popular summer destination on the French Riviera, located between Cannes and Saint-Raphaël. It has become widely known as one of the most chic resorts in the world, with its stunning beaches and beautiful Mediterranean Sea views.

St. Tropez also offers visitors a rich cultural experience, with its charming old town steeped in history and plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to explore. This vibrant destination attracts tourists from all over the world for its exclusive atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle.

Things to do in Saint Tropez: What to visit

things to do in saint tropez, france - the citadel of saint tropez

1. First thing to do in Saint Tropez: The citadel of Saint-Tropez

Your first of all the things to do in Saint Tropez ought to be the citadel of Saint-Tropez is a “pre-Vauban” fortified complex dating from the beginning of the 17th century. You can visit the Maritime History Museum of Saint-Tropez.

2. Next of our things to do in Saint Tropez: The Port of Saint-Tropez

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Saint-Tropez Port

Meeting point between fishermen, locals and tourists, take the time to walk along the port, admire its traditional and colorful facades. Take a seat on the terrace of a café facing the incredible armada of yachts!

3. Don’t forget Pampelonne beach

things to do in saint tropez - Pampelonne Beach
Saint-Tropez Pampelonne beach

Saint Tropez beaches are famous around the world. If you’re searching for the best things to do in Saint Tropez, it’s time to relax on Pampelonne beach, a sandy beach nearly five kilometers long located in the town of Ramatuelle, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. In 1955, this beach became world famous with the film “And God…created woman” featuring the sublime French actress Brigitte Bardot.

4. Shop at the Saint-Tropez market

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, make sure to visit the Place des Lices. Here, you’ll find a delightful mix of vendors selling local flavors such as flowers, plants, clothes alongside artisanal creations like classic hats or straw baskets.

If for some reason the market gardeners don’t set up shop here – no worries! You can always watch Tropézien pétanque players take over instead with a glass of rosé in hand… What could be better?

5. Visit The Castle of Moutte

Yes indeed, there are also castles in St Tropez! The castle property extends to the sea and includes a botanical park that you can walk around. Every summer, the estate hosts the cultural music and dance festival Les Nuits du Château de la Moutte. Discover this sumptuous place, you won’t regret it!

6. See Cape Camarat

Forget the Cap Camarat being a mere boat model; it is renowned for its 130 meter high lighthouse – the Camarat Lighthouse.

Put on appropriate shoes and head out! Sentier des Douaniers, situated in Ramatuelle beneath Cap Camarat, will grant you an enchanting walk filled with azure coves and ivory sand beaches of incomparable beauty.

7. The Annonciade Museum

This art museum is housed in the Notre-Dame de l’Annonciade chapel. We can therefore admire works of painting dating from the 19th and 20th centuries, which show that Saint-Tropez was a high place of artistic creation where Paul Signac, Braque and Matisse met.

8. The parish church of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption

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One of the most essential things to do in Saint-Tropez, its bell tower is visible from all sides. If the Saint-Anne chapel is worth the detour for the view, the parish church of Notre-Dame de l’Assomption is worth a visit for its architecture, its colorful facades and the classical music concerts it hosts.

9. Golf at the golf course of St. Tropez

The Golf of Saint-Tropez is one of the most beautiful in Europe. It is not for nothing that travelers from all over the world, rich or not, come to visit Saint-Tropez!

10. The Gendarmerie of Saint Tropez

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Saint-Tropez Gendarmerie

The Gendarmerie of Saint Tropez has hosted brigades for more than a century, but it was made famous thanks to the film “Le gendarme de Saint Tropez“, which traces the adventures of famous French actors Louis de Funès and Michel Galabru. It now houses the Museum of the Gendarmerie and the cinema of Saint Tropez.

11. Aqualand Sainte-Maxime

For a family activity, head to Sainte-Maxime aqualand. Here, we come to relax on hot summer days and to have fun with the family.

12. The gastronomy of Saint-Tropez

The good cuisine of the south, that of the Mediterranean is a pleasure in the mouth. Going to Saint-Tropez is also an opportunity to succumb to it!

Take advantage of your obligatory visit to the Place des lices to taste the Tarte Tropézienne. It is a mythical sweetness to taste and share without moderation! With some cream as a base, brioche and sprinkled with generous grains of sugar, tasting one of these is a must in St Tropez!

You will find it at the table of all the restaurants, but it is at La Table Tropézienne that we prefer it.

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Famous “Tarte Tropézienne”

Who says south and seaside, says fish: go to the fish market where the fishermen are waiting for you!

The gastronomy of Saint-Tropez is also many festivals: chestnut festivals, olive festival, honey festival, and many wine fairs.

Wine tourism activities around Saint-Tropez

Vignoble d'aix-en-provence

A visit to Saint Tropez would be incomplete without a visit to Provence’s vineyards. Among our favorite things to do in Saint Tropez are wine tourism activities in the beautiful Provence wine region.

The hinterland of Saint-Tropez is a land of vineyards. It mainly produces Côtes de Provence, rosés with a pearly color and reds with ruby reflections. In two words: precious wines. Take part in many activities around oenology: guided tour, introduction to tasting, walks in the vineyards, winegrower’s picnic, etc.

Take advantage of your stay to cross the door of the wine estates or cellars of Saint-Tropez and discover the richness of the wines of the Provence wine region with Winalist’s amazing and knowledgeable hosts.

If you’re traveling to any nearby cities in Provence or spending more than just a few days in the area, also be sure to check out Winalist’s reccomended itineraries for other Provence villages, such as:

Enjoy your trip in south of France when visiting Saint-Tropez, we hope you enjoyed reading about some of our favorite things to do in Saint Tropez!

Things to do in Saint Tropez FAQs

What are the top attractions to visit in Saint-Tropez?

The port of Saint-Tropez, the Citadel, the Annonciade museum, the Museum of the Gendarmerie and Saint-Tropez Cinema, the place des Lices, the beach of Pampelonne, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the beach of Graniers.

What to see and do around Saint-Tropez?

Pampelonne beach, coves, the village of Ramatuelle, Gassin, Croix-Valmer, Cavalaire-sur-Mer, Sainte-Maxime.

When to visit Saint-Tropez?

Saint-Tropez is to be discovered in priority from April to June and September to October, out of step with the high tourist season. To party, it is better to favor July and August.

What is the recommended visiting time?

We easily stay 1 week on site to discover Saint-Tropez and the Côte d’Azur.
For a visit to Saint-Tropez: 1 day on site.

What is the average budget for a day?

Plan around 150€-200€/day/person, including meals, visits, accommodation and activities. It’s easy to spend more in Saint-Tropez.

How to get to Saint-Tropez?

By train, via Saint-Raphaël, Les Arcs and Toulon stations, then direct shuttle bus to Saint-Tropez. By plane via the nearest airports of Nice and Toulon-Hyères.

How to get around Saint-Tropez?

We mainly get around on foot in Saint-Tropez. For excursions in the surroundings, prefer to rent a car or a two-wheeler.

Where to sleep in Saint-Tropez?

The accommodation offer is very important and expensive with hotels, high-end establishments, house and villa rentals, Airbnb, campsites… to be booked in advance. The price is around 120€/night for an average double room in a comfortable hotel. Prices change according to the season.

Kon Tiki is a fairly popular holiday village which directly overlooks the famous Pampelonne beach. Located on the Route des Plages, this village offers an exceptional area for an impeccable quality of life during your stay.

La Toison d’Or is also a very pretty village on the beach of Pampelonne. Calm and comfort will be the key words during your stay. It is really the ideal place if you are with your family, because it offers very nice spaces for children.