Ultimate Travel Guide for your Trip to Provence

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Whether you have heard of Provence through movies or Rosé, it is a heavenly destination where crystal water, lavender fields, olive tree fields, hilly vineyards, picturesque villages and hot sunny days treat you well.

Plan your own trip to Provence with the help of this ultimate travel guide!

A trip to Provence France: things to know before you go

The Provence region of France is located south-east of the country, not very far from the Italian border.

How to get to Provence & Provence villages

Many large cities and Provence villages such as Marseille or Nice are apart of Provence, so region is rather well accessible whether by plane, train or car.

  • By plane: Marseille being the capital city of Provence, it has the largest international airport in the area, if you plan on landing in Provence – Marseille Provence Airport. From there, you will have no trouble finding shuttles and buses to take you where you need to go, whether the city-center or the train station to leave Marseille.
  • By train: thanks to France’s well-developed high-speed train network (TGV), Provence is also accessible by train from large French cities. From Paris, expect a 2h45 hour trip to Avignon, and a little over 3 hours to reach Aix-en-Provence.

When is the best time to visit Provence?

To experience Provence to its fullest, it’s essential that you come when the lavender and sunflowers are in full bloom. The ideal months for visiting are June through August – so make sure to plan ahead! This way, you can be certain of seeing these stunning fields at their very best.

If you appreciate hot and sunny weather, July is your best choice for visiting Provence. Mid-July sees peak bloom in the region, but anytime during summer will be an ideal time to take a trip here. Nevertheless, bear in mind that this period marks a high tourist season; cities and villages can get packed quickly — especially places like the French Riviera that are popular destinations among both foreigners and locals alike.

How to get around Provence

When you come to Provence, you can choose one of three options: take the train and public transportation; drive your own car; or settle in a single city and explore it primarily on foot. Depending on where exactly you stay, this approach could be especially rewarding!

You may be interested in renting a car to travel around and plan a nice road trip to Provence. We strongly suggest this option! Touring Provence by car is not only easy and fun, but also allows you to explore each village with no strings attached.

Plus, when on the ground there’ll be plenty of opportunities for spontaneous changes in your itinerary, because who can resist those beautiful lavender fields and charming villages? We guarantee that you will leave feeling head-over-heels in love with Provence’s wonders.

How long should a Provence trip last?

To make the most of your stay in Provence, France, we recommend staying a couple of weeks. Seriously, from incredible landscapes of vineyards, flower fields and olive trees, to most charming cities and villages such as Gordes, and glamorous spots on the French Riviera, you will surely regret rushing your stay in south-east of France.

Where to stay in Provence: main Provence cities

Provence, France, is a rather large region that stretches on the South-Est part of the country – both on the coast and more in land. Choosing where to settle for a trip to Provence might come as a difficult decision, especially is you have never been in the surroundings before. Large cities offer you most interesting choices in terms of accessibility, activities, restaurants and accommodations – so that’s why we focus on presenting them as places to settle, but settling in Provence villages can be all the more enjoyable! From East to West, here is all you need to know on the main Provence cities.

Stay in Provence village of Nice

things to do in nice

Right on the East side of Provence, on the Coast and close to the Italian border, beautiful city of Nice, France, awaits you for some glamorous days on the French Riviera.

Why stay in Nice: Nice to Provence day trips

If you are planning a kind of a road trip in Provence, Nice is a very interesting location to consider, as it is the starting point of the French Riviera tour, and could also be the beginning of your nice to Provence day trip itinerary. Nice’s international airport welcomes you (Nice Côte d’Azur Airport) without difficulties from international destinations

From its gorgeous landscapes to the charming French culture, Nice is a must-see destination for anyone seeking an upscale atmosphere.

You’ll have plenty of activities to choose from in this city—you can take a stroll down Promenade des Anglais, admire Vieille Ville’s colorful streets and explore Parc de la Colline du Château. Plus, Cours saleya Market has culinary delights that one simply cannot miss!

Where to stay in Nice

In Nice, you have it all: top luxury hotels, more affordable apartments, city-center lodgings or quieter and more “Provençale” areas, find your perfect accommodation.

If you’d like to visit more town on the coast, read more about where to go on the French Riviera!

Stay in Provence village of Marseille

Port de Marseille

Marseille is one France’s largest city, right after Paris and before Lyon. It’s not only the capital city of Provence region, but also considered as the capital city of South of France, and one of the oldest towns of the country. This being said, you can imagine how dynamic and diverse this French Metropolis can be!

Why stay in Marseille

Planning a trip to Provence? Marseille is the perfect city to call home base – you can easily fly in from overseas destinations or arrive via train from another French town. Furthermore, it’s less than an hour away by public transport from Aix en Provence where you can explore for a day and then return for a cozy evening back at your hotel!

Venture to the glorious west coast of Provence and bask in its classic French Mediterranean ambiance. From recognisable Old Port, tantalising seafood delights such as Bouillabaisse, or a journey throughout the captivating Calanque National Park – you will be left mesmerised by this breathtaking region’s many wonders!

Where to stay in Marseille

The 2nd largest city of France offers an extensive choice of accommodations, both in the suburbs and in the city-center. From VIP hotels to simple and affordable apartments, to find your perfect housing.

Stay in Provence village of Aix en Provence

The Aix Cathedral in Aix-en-Provence, France
The Cathedral of the Holy Saviour in Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhone, France

North of Marseille, the in-land city of Aix en Provence is on the most well-known cities of Provence. Once the capital city of France’s southwest region, it is the heart and soul of the Provençale way of life.

Staying in Aix en Provence

Since visiting Aix en Provence is a must during your stay in French lavender and Rosé region, you won’t regret settling there for a couple of weeks. You will experience both a laid-back Provençale kind of rhythm with daily markets, and the liveliness of a large city, where locals enjoy cultural events and festivals during the summer. And oh, you don’t want to miss typical Provence tapenade tastings – delicious olive purée – at local producers’ shops. From the Old Town of Aix, the Church of the Madeleine, Cezanne’s studio, the Caumont hotel, the Saint-Victoire Mountain and many more sights, you won’t be bored.

Where to stay in Aix en Provence

Find all accommodations in Aix en Provence. From views of lavender fields to city-center stoned houses, you will surely book your one of your best housings ever.

Find out more on what to do in Aix en Provence!

Stay in Provence village of Avignon

Visiter Avignon
Avignon Bridge with Popes Palace and Rhone River at sunrise, Pont Saint-Benezet, Provence, France.

The most west-located city of Provence, at the border of the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region, Avignon is also a city to consider visiting and settling at during your Provence trip.

Why stay in Avignon

A testimony of rich history, the former City of Popes has charmed more than one with its narrowed streets and Medieval setting. Being in Avignon is a little bit like being in a small typical Provence village, but on the large-city scale. The town was actually named a UNSECO world heritage site, so this international recognition speaks for itself.

Where to stay in Avignon

Find all accommodations in Avignon, and check out more on what to do in Avignon!

Top 3 things to do on your trip to Provence

1. Visit beautiful Provence villages


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Gordes village

Officially recognized as being one of the most beautiful villages of France, your visit in Gordes will be one of the highlights of your Provence trip. Located not far from Avignon, the village of Gordes to Provence is like the Eiffel Tower to Paris – so it’s well worth planning a full day wondering in this beautiful hilltop village!

On the menu: narrowed streets, breathtaking view on the Luberon region, a 10th century Châteaux to visit, the Pol Mara Museum to discover and much more to explore. Add this village on your Provence road trip itinerary!


Les baux de provence
Les Baux-de-Provence village, spectacular located in Alpilles mountains, Provence, France

Between Arles and Avignon, les Baux-de-Provence is part of the prestigious list of most beautiful villages of France. Beware: even if it’s small village, it does hold incredible historical heritage and Provence patrimony! Perched in the Alpilles mountains, Baux-de-Provence offers breathtaking panoramas on the Provence landscapes.

After a breath of fresh air, you’ll be amazed to visit the Castles and Fortress of Baux, Bauxite quarries and hike on the Val d’Enfer trail. Discover more on what to in Baux-de-Provence!

2. Get lost in Provence Lavender Fields

lavender fields in provence
Abbay de Senanque

Who goes to this part of France without looking for Provence lavender fields? Not you! If you have the opportunity to drive around and explore Provence from countryside roads, you will surely come across lavender and even sunflower fields.

In case you don’t feel like driving too much to find the perfect Provence lavender spot, you can find some in land:

  • A little further than Avignon, about an hour and forty-minute drive from the city,
  • At the Abbey de Senanque
  • At the Plateau de Valensole
  • Luberon villages like Gordes

3. Discover Provence vineyards and wineries

Vignoble d'aix-en-provence

One of the best things to do in Provence is, without a doubt, the visit of local wineries and the discovery of Provence vineyards. Surely, you have already tasted an amazing Provence Rosé on a hot summer day. Well, you will enjoy it so much more in Provence region of France!

On Winalist, you can find an extensive choice of wine estates, from Wine Châteaux like Villa Baulieu, to family domains, that offer great wine experiences and tourism activities such as top Wine Tours, oenological workshops and wine tastings.

Take a look at the Top 10 wineries to visit in Provence!

Enjoy your upcoming incredible trip to Provence!

Visit Provence France FAQs

What is Provence best known for?

Provence is a southern region of France and one of the countries main wine region, best know for its delicate Rosé. It’s also a favorite tourist destination for French people and travelers around the world, who want to experience lavender fields and hot weather.

Why visit Provence?

The region of Provence, France, is a top destination for French people. Synonym of slow relaxing rhythm, picturesque hilly villages and lavender fields, Provence is definitely worth visiting.

Where to stay in Provence without a car?

The best way to make the most of your stay in south-east of France without renting a car, is to settle in main cities of Provence. Aix-en-Provence offers a good compromise, because it is very well linked with other large cities like Marseille, Avignon and Nice, and immerses you right in the heart of Provence.