Wineries near Paris: Top 7 best wine experiences

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The city of love just might also be the city of wine! Wineries near Paris are not uncommon, and visiting vineyards in Paris is one of these things you wan to do to highlight your Parisian trip.

Whether you wish for wine tastings & tours, food & wine pairings, fun activities or more Parisian ones, you’re safe with us. Winalist, the leading site for booking wine experiences in France, guides you through the top 7 best wine tourism experiences in french winery near Paris.

1. Wineries near Paris under 30 minutes

wineries near paris
Domaine de la Bouche du Roi

Who said you had to go far from Paris to live a real wine experience? Certainly not us!

The Domaine de la Bouche du Roi is located at the end of the plain of Versailles, less than 30 minutes from Paris and accessible by public transportation. A godsend for those who love wine, unique experiences or even original family one-day getaways in a french vineyard.

On the program: visit to one of the oldest vineyards in France and tasting of delicious cuvées from the Winerie Parisienne.

Be assured, you will not be disappointed with the (very fast) trip.

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2. French winery near Paris: visit & tastings at Champagne Pannier

Located in Château-Thierry, the closest town in Champagne from Paris (if you are driving), in the heart of the hills of the Marne Valley is the famous Champagne Pannier house. This first stop would be one of the best Champagne houses to visit for a start. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are the grape varieties over which the House has developed exceptional mastery and thanks to which its champagnes inspire a gourmet and fruity character.

But to believe it, you have to see it… or rather taste it. We invite you to explore the medieval cellars of Maison Pannier, going through its history and the fascinating world of Champagne during a guided tour. Afterwards, you will discover the process of making Champagnes and you will end with a long-awaited tasting. Champagne Brut Sélection, Champagne Vintage, Champagne Rosé: you will have the choice during your visit between a tasting of one, two or three cuvées.

You can now book your next visit in one of this french winery near Paris, less than 1h15 away. Don’t forget to bring your children with you, the escape game in the champagne cellars is going to please them!

3. Food & wine pairing less than 1h30 from Paris

Les vignes de Champagne le temps d'un week-end proche Paris
Champagne vineyards close to Paris

Chocolate galore at Dom Caudron

More commonly called “the chocolate trio”, this chocolate-rich activity is sure to delight young and old alike. Another french vineyard, located in Passy-Grigny, a village in the Marne Valley, the Maison Dom Caudron offers its visitors the opportunity to enter the world of Champagne thanks to a guided tour. On the menu: presentation of the eco-museum with its old presses and tools and of the modern pressing center, a film of about twenty minutes on the work of the vine and wine as well as the complete explanation of the elaboration of Champagne (you will hold precious secrets!).

After this cultural parenthesis, it’ll be time to taste: 3 Champagnes combined with the delicacy of 3 Chocolates. The youngest can be satisfied with chocolate only, of course.

The experience lasts about 2 hours and is free for children under 18.

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4. Champagne sabering, tours & tastings at Pierre Laurent

This time, we are going to Saulchery, in Aisne, where the Pierre Laurent family home is located. For 5 generations, the Pierre family has been cultivating vines and producing its Champagne wine. With more than 4 hectares exploited today, the House is mainly endowed with the Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grape varieties.

Located in the vineyards of the Marne Valley, Champagne Pierre Laurent offers a wine tourism experience rich in flavors. After having visited the vines and listened to the explanation of their culture, you will find yourself in the company of the experts of the House for a tasting. You will taste their various Champagnes as well as their marc de Champagne, fine de Champagne, ratafia but also their honey.

Did you know ? The Marne Valley crosses the historic heart of the Champagne vineyards and the biggest champagne houses all have vines there. This terroir opens its doors to you less than 1h30 from the gates of the capital: perfect for a family weekend close to Paris!

5. Wine tour in Montmartre

Who said that it was not possible to discover oenology in the center of Paris? Operated by Original Food Tours Paris, this oenological and gastronomic excursion will delight Parisians, provincials, but especially gourmets.

This tour invites you to explore the food and wine scene of the Montmartre district. A local guide will take you to a dozen different places where you can taste cheese, chocolate and of course wine. You will even be invited to visit the Clos des Vignes, one of the only vineyards in Paris!

6. Environmental commitment at Champagne Piot Sevillano

Visite et dégustation dans la Vallée de la Marne, à 1h30 de Paris
Wine tasting at Piot Sevillano

Our team invites you to visit Champagne Piot Sevillano where Christine and Vincent who will be happy to welcome you to their domain. These independent winegrowers make their champagnes as naturally as possible thanks to a drastic reduction in their treatments, a zero herbicide policy and the use of organic practices. It should be noted that this change was successful for them since they obtained the High Environmental Value (HVE) certification at the beginning of 2015.

Maison Piot Sevillano is located in Vincelles in the Marne, between Château-Thierry and perfect for discovering a smaller wine producer after visit Epernay Champagne houses. During your visit, the owners will introduce you to the process of making champagne, their working methods, their environmental commitments and their characterful Champagnes. Of course, you will visit the estate: pressing center, vat room, cellar. Finally, will come the time for the commented tasting of 5 champagnes. Extra brut Tradition, Brut tradition, Brut Rosé, Brut Millésime Edition 2009 OR Brut Prestige, Mono-varietal of your choice… You are in for a treat.

This 2-hour visit is accessible to minors. Book your family visit and tasting quickly on Winalist!

7. The wine world comes to Paris

Take advantage of your stay in Paris to visit the Vineyard of Suresnes: come and discover the history of the first vineyard in Ile-de-France. At the same time, take a trip to the cellars of the Louvres: a unique place to discover wine in a different way in the heart of Paris.

Thanks to Winalist, create your own Wine Routes and Wine Tours! Winalist offers more than 600 wine experiences in France and Europe that can be booked in one click and paid for online to facilitate your wine trips.

Enjoy you amazing tour in wineries near Paris!

FAQ & Useful resources

What vineyards to see around Paris

The Loire Valley, to see and see again! : PARIS > TOWERS: 1h30 Champagne wins you over! : PARIS > CHAMPAGNE: 2h Burgundy ! PARIS > BEAUNE: 2 hours

How many vineyards are there in Paris?

Altogether, there are about 150 vineyards in Paris, Champagne being the closest one.