Best things to do in Dijon, France: Your guide to a perfect visit

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Thinking about paying a visit to Dijon, France on your trip to the wine region of Burgundy? Great choice! Just an easy 1h30 ride on a high-speed train from Paris (get your tickets here), this lively city has a ton to offer. Its old town center is strikingly well-preserved, and most of the downtown area is super pedestrian-friendly, making it an ideal spot for sightseeing.

From Dijon, you’re perfectly poised to delve into the wonders of the Burgundy wine region which is just south of the city. Whether you choose to rent a car or opt for a guided full-day tour, you’re in for a treat. Let our travel guide, painstakingly put together by our wine-loving team at Winalist, help you squeeze every last drop out of your trip!

Top things to do in Dijon for a perfect visit

Are you ready to explore Dijon? We’ve got a handpicked selection of spots and landmarks that you absolutely must visit during your stay.

The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy

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A journey to Dijon just wouldn’t be complete without paying a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This former home of the Dukes of Burgundy and Kings is a must-see! Right there in the heart of Place de la Liberation stands an awe-inspiring palace that you simply can’t ignore. Trust us, it’s a sight that will leave you speechless!

Saint-Bénigne Cathedral in Dijon

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Since its inception, this ancient basilica has been a beacon for pilgrims from across Europe, drawn to venerate the tomb of Saint Bénigne. Throughout its storied history, it has weathered fire, destruction, and pillage, yet has still been meticulously preserved. In fact, shortly after the Revolution, it was elevated to the status of a cathedral for a whole new diocese.

Delving into the history of Saint-Bénigne in Dijon offers valuable insights into its captivating past. Additionally, don’t miss the chance to tour the Romanesque crypt – nestled within the lower level of a grand rotunda, it showcases eye-catching sculptures hailing from the early 11th century!

The Botanical Park of Dijon (L’Arquebuse)

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The stunning Arquebuse Park, a favorite hotspot amongst the locals of Dijon, stretches out over a sprawling 5 hectares. This green sanctuary houses a botanical garden, a museum, and a planetarium. Within its borders, you’ll find an awe-inspiring variety of around 1500 different types of plants and a whooping 250 species of trees. This park is truly a paradise for nature lovers!

Edmont Fallot mustard factory

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If you’re a fan of all things mustard, Edmond Fallot Moutarderie in Dijon is a place you simply can’t miss. Established in 1840, this family-run operation continues to honor age-old traditions while offering a diverse variety of artisanal mustards.
During your visit, you’ll get the inside scoop on the production stages– from scrutinizing mustard seeds to pot-filling. Experience the thrill of tasting delightful mustards and uncovering unique flavors that will revolutionize your palate. Stepping foot into the Edmond Fallot Moutarderie guarantees a singular experience that introduces you to the Dijon legacy and gives you a real taste of authentic Dijon mustard.

Nestled on Rue de la Chouette, Edmond Fallot’s mustard factory stands as one of Dijon’s biggest claims to fame. If mustard is your thing, you’re in for a treat! There’s plenty on offer to cater to all preferences and budgets – they even boast a tasting bar.

If you’ve got the time to delve deeper into the lore of Dijon mustard, the guided tour won’t disappoint. It winds up with an aromatic sampling of around fifteen unique mustards.

Take a wine masterclass in the city center

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Dijon marks the starting point of the famed Burgundy wine route. Stretching from North to South, it’s the ideal place to elevate your understanding and appreciation of Burgundy wines!
Venture into the heart of Le Clos Vivants’ wine cellar and experience an introductory tasting. This initiation will familiarize you with the unique ‘Climats’ of the Burgundy vineyard. So, what are the ‘Climats’? They’re the distinct vineyard areas across Burgundy, each boasting its own signature grape blend. Remarkably, the ‘Climats’ vineyards are honored as a UNESCO World Heritage site!

What to do near Dijon?

Just a short drive from Dijon, prepare to immerse yourself in the renowned vineyards and cellars of the Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune wine regions. If history piques your interest, we invite you to take a jaunt to the charming neighboring town of Beaune. Here, you’ll discover the Hospices de Beaune – a breathtakingly beautiful medieval hospital that has been transformed into a fascinating museum.

Take a day-trip to Burgundy renowned vineyards

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Heading out on a day trip to the famous vineyards of Burgundy from Dijon with your own private chauffeur is a superb way to delve into the beauty of the surroundings. This allows you the luxury of sitting back, unwinding, and soaking up the stunning landscape and top-notch wines that this region is internationally celebrated for. With a seasoned driver leading the way, you can forget about the hassle of navigation and logistics. Instead, pivot your attention to savoring tastings and diving deep into the rich history that this region proudly boasts of.

Road trip on Burgundy wine route

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After a delightful exploration of Dijon’s wineries, we invite you to delve further into the enchanting vineyards of Côte d’Or. This region, gracing the northern part of Burgundy’s wine country, holds many hidden vinicultural treasures for you to unearth.

The dedicated team at Winalist has made your discovery journey even easier with the creation of an interactive map. This handy tool will serve as your pocket-sized guide, offering a curated selection of the best routes and activities. This way, you can maximize your visit to this stunning region, unlocking the best Burgundy wineries waiting for your arrival.

Uncover Gevrey Chambertin wines

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Just a 30-minute drive from Dijon, you’ll find Domaine Quivy nestled in the heart of Gevrey-Chambertin village. This historic 18th-century mansion is not only a landmark but also a gateway to some of the most celebrated wines of the region. Come and experience the rich history and exquisite flavors Domaine Quivy has to offer.

The Vosne Tasting club

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Dive right into the heart of Vosne-Romanée, an area famous for its iconic wines like Romanée-Conti. Explore our interactive tasting space and try some of Burgundy’s most notable vintages.

Join us on our ‘Vosne Confidential’ adventure through the magical village of Vosne-Romanée! As you journey through, you’ll uncover the history of each vineyard while being captivated by breathtaking views of expansive vineyards. And to make this experience unforgettable, you’ll get to indulge in five exquisite local wines – among them, a Grand Cru!

FAQ & Useful resources to visit Dijon

What is Dijon known for?

Both modern and historic, Dijon is one of the most popular cities in Burgundy for tourists. Its pedestrian city center makes walking pleasant, and you can discover most of the city in one day.

How to get to Dijon?

From Paris Gare de Lyon, the TGV allows you to reach Dijon in 1h40. By car, it will take about 3 hours. From Lyon, Dijon is 2 hours by car and 1h30 by train.

How to visit and get around Dijon?

From the tourist office in the city centre, pedestrian paths are offered to discover the essentials of Dijon: the Parcours de la Chouette, the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy, or Les Halles as well as the parks and gardens of the center.

How many days do you need in Dijon?

Dijon is a very nice city to settle in, especially if you plan a wine trip in Burgundy. It gathers all elements that make a destination worth visiting: museums, amazing food, attractions, beautiful architecture, historical heritage and marvelous landscape. This being said, you can visit Dijon in just one day, but might regret not staying longer. The perfect compromise would be staying 3 full days.

Where to stay in Dijon?

Dijon offers many accommodations, from Luxurious hotels to more simple ones, in the city-center or in remote districts, you will find what you wish for. Check out on here where you can settle in Dijon!

Where to taste Dijon gastronomy?

On top of being a well-known city for a much appreciated gastronomy – actually one of the French gastronomy capitals with Lyon – foreign tourists confirm this reputation and praise Dijon’s cuisine by making it a top destination in Burgundy for this reason. In Dijon you will find many place to eat delicious specialties:
Les Halles centrales: the best place to find all Burgundy local food treasures, perfect for your Burgundy picnic!
Le Gourmet Dijon:
– Michelin restaurants not too expensive: Parapluie, L’Essentiel;
– Stared restaurants such as Loiseaux des Ducs;
Pain d’Epices Mulot et Petitjean: factory and museum of French gingerbread, where you can buy the best gingerbread you have ever tasted.