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La Winerie Parisienne

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Ile-de-France Winery / Winegrower
La Winerie Parisienne to revive the thousand-year-old wine-making history of the Ile-de-France region

In the 19th century, Île-de-France was the largest wine-growing area in France. The region was a producer, but also a trading place. Today, the 45,000 hectares of vines in the region no longer exist, but the creators of the Winerie Parisienne have decided to revive the tradition of wine in Paris.

Our wine

Grape varieties used

Pinot Noir

Wines prices

€10.00 - €23.00 per bottle
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LA WINERIE, Boulevard de la Boissière, Montreuil, France France

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  • Blending workshop: create your red wine

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