Wine workshops, Montélimar

Are you looking for advice and information to participate in an oenological workshop in the Rhone region ? You are in the right place. Winalist lists the best wine courses in Montélimar, a town steeped in history located in the heart of this beautiful wine region.

In a castle, a cellar, an estate, or even in the middle of the vineyards, you put your taste and smell to the test to learn to detect the aromas of Alsatian appellations. The initiation to tasting will also allow you to know in more detail the grape varieties, the stages of production, and even to discover some secrets well kept by the winegrowers.

Red wine will be in the spotlight. Use your sense of smell to recognize aromas. Some initiations also include a section on gastronomy and food and wine pairings. The method taught and the exercises offered may vary depending on the host and the theme of the activity.

Does oenology still have a lot of secrets for you? It's never too late to learn ! Discover the best wine workshops in just a few clicks and book simply through Winalist.

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