Visit the Alsatian wine cellars of Kaysersberg

Want to travel the roads of Alsace to discover the culture of wines from this region? We have put together a list of activities for you to do in the town of Kaysersberg so that your wine route is as complete as possible. Among them, discovery tastings, cellar visits but also wine workshops with our hosts and partner wine estates. The former French town of Kaysersberg develops unique experiences every day to satisfy both amateurs and wine professionals. Do not wait any longer to explore this pretty region.

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What to do and what to visit in Kaysersberg?

Kaysersberg is a former French commune located in the Grand Est region, in the Haut-Rhin department. Since January 1, 2016, the former municipalities of Kaysersberg, Kientzheim and Sigolsheim have come together to form only one municipality, that of Kaysersberg Vignoble. It is located in the historic and cultural region of Alsace.

During your trip in the Haut-Rhin, we strongly recommend that you visit the Schlossberg Castle which is a French fortified castle located in the town of Kaysersberg. Also take the opportunity to admire the Church of the Invention-of-the-Holy-Cross which is considered a historic monument. Pass in front of the Constantin Fountain which dates from the XVIth century in order to contemplate the architecture of the statue but also that of the surrounding dwellings then stop in one of the many restaurants in the city to taste the Alsatian culinary specialties.

Visits and tastings near Kayserberg

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What wine tours to make in Kaysersberg?

The commune of Kaysersberg is rich in oenological experience, so it is hard to make a choice when all the activities make us want. Know that Kaysersberg was elected favorite village of the French in 2017, it is therefore imperative to visit the places before delving into the wine history of the town.

To immerse the visitor in the wine traditions of Alsace, Kaysersberg proposes to carry out tastings in the valley bordered by vineyards, at the winegrowers themselves, in the heart of the villages of times. So opt for a traditional visit, guaranteed sensation!

You will also be able to enjoy the chocolate-wine pairings that are offered to you or other activities that you can find in the list below. All experiences are bookable online, secure payment and instant booking. Take advantage now of the Alsatian landscape and its tasty wines in the company of Winalist!

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