Discover Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Capitale de Noël

One of France’s and Europe’s most rated Christmas market, the Strasbourg Christmas Market is one you should consider exploring on your next Alsatian trip during the most wonderful time of the year.

Treat yourself to an enchanted break this Christmas! Only a little over 2 hours away from Paris or Frankfurt thanks to the high-way train-line, come to Strasbourg and deep dive into typical Alsatian Christmas markets.

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Christmas gingerbread delicacies – Strasbourg Christmas Market

We want to help you making the most of your stay in Alsace and beautiful Strasbourg during this holiday season. Come and discover wonders with us!

Speaking of Alsace, if you pass through Strasbourg while visiting the Alsace Wine Region, don’t miss our selection of wine experiences in the area in the best Alsace wineries!

Where is Strasbourg located?

Before anything else, you might wonder if Strasbourg is actually in France or in Germany. This confusion is of course linked to the region’s historical background, as the Alsace region has both been German and French back and forth.

Today, Alsace is indeed apart of France. It has however kept much of it’s German heritage, which brings a true richness to the region’s culture. You can feel it through many local traditions that Alsatians are proud to preserve and to carry on over generations, one of which is of the course their traditional and beautiful Christmas market.

Strasbourg Christmas Market: how to make the most of your stay

Each year, over 2 million of tourist visit the Strasbourg Christmas Market and enjoy its delightful festive ambiance. The town gathers over 300 chalets and stand that are spread throughout the perimeter of the Grande Île (the historic center of Strasbourg) in different districts of the city, which results in 13 different Christmas markets:

  • Christkindelsmärik at Place Broglie,
  • Place de la Cathédrale,
  • Guest country, Place Gutenberg,
  • Alsace Christmas delicacies market (Place Marché-aux-Poissons, Terrasse du Palais Rohan and Rue Rohan),
  • Market of the “irreducible small producers of Alsace”, Place des Meuniers
  • The counter of the Three Kings of Strasbourg (Place Benjamin-Zix),
  • The Carré d’Or Market (Place du Temple Neuf),
  • The Village of Sharing, Place Kléber,
  • Place Saint-Thomas
  • Strasbourg OFF Market – “New models” market (Place Grimmeissen).

You will find along the streets and squares of the city, nearly 300 superbly decorated and illuminated chalets. They offer a multitude of products allowing you to prepare for Christmas with dignity: original gifts, traditional objects for decorating the tree, not to mention traditional delicacies such as bredele and mulled wine!

Marché de Noël de strabourg

Follow the itinerary our wine-enthusiasts came up with to help you make the most of you stay in Strasbourg!

Starting point: Petite France

For your discovery of Strasbourg in December, we advise you to head first to the historic district of Petite France. Beyond the magical atmosphere created by the decorated half-timbered houses, you will find the Advent Village in the square Louise Weiss. You will then have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the traditions of Alsatian Christmas, take part in a workshop or attend a show. This is also your first opportunity to taste essential Alsatian Christmas specialties.

The iconic Christmas Tree – Place Kébler

Place Kléber - Strasbourg
Place Kléber – Strasbourg

Then head towards Place Kléber, where the Village du Partage stretches out at the foot of the Grand Sapin. You can taste the star soup, a soup concocted by a starred chef for the benefit of a charity.

Next, you can visit Strasbourg’s historic market: Christkindelsmärik. Considered the heart and soul of the city’s Christmas market, you’ll find it’ll be the perfect time to take a break over a glass of mulled wine or warm & spicy apple juice.

Find local souvenirs & gifts to bring back

Strasbourg Christmas Market
Traditional Alsatian costumes – Christmas Ornaments – Strasbourg

If you are looking for unique gift ideas, stop by the pop-up store “OZ, the Christmas of crafts” in Aubette, where some sixty craftsmen present their most beautiful pieces to you.

Admire Illuminations

Do not forget to turn to the facade of the Town Hall adorned with an enchanting decor. And let yourself be carried away by the legends of Alsatian Christmas while admiring the mapping show “L’Hôtel des Contes”.

The most famous illuminations are located around the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral.

Let Alsatian cuisine amaze you

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It is no secret that Alsace cuisine and snacks are renowned for their tastiness. Make sure to grab on of these pretzels to pair your spicy mulled wine! You will be spoiled for choice with both sweet and savory pretzels.

If you’re looking for where to eat in a restaurant, indulge in a comforting meal at a Winstub (traditional restaurant). They offer many specialties with sometimes unpronounceable names, yet always tasty and accompanied by the best Alsace wines. Much to be proud of!

Other beautiful Alsace Christmas markets to explore

If your plan is to rent a car (click here if you want a special price) the second largest Christmas market in Alsace after Strasbourg that we advise you to visit is the Colmar christmas market. An authentic other Christmas market, taking place in a medieval, picturesque and authentic 17th century setting, woud be the Kaysersberg christmas market.

Discover the exceptional Alsatian vineyard

The Alsace Wine Region, in addition to its wonderful route on the Vosges hills, is a great adventure, discover our hosts on Winalist.

Where to go to the Strasbourg Christmas market?

The historic market place Broglie.
The market for small producers in Alsace.
The Christmas delicacies market in Alsace.
The Market of the Magi.
The country of honor market.
The village of sharing.
Strasbourg Cathedral at Christmas.

Practical information for your stay in Strasbourg:

Lockers are available at Strasbourg station on platform 1 (open Monday to Sunday, 6:15 a.m. to 9:15 p.m.).

The Strasbourg tram network is one of the most convenient modes of travel to get from one Christmas market to another. With the individual ticket valid for 24 hours (4.30 euros) your trips are unlimited.

You can borrow a stroller free of charge for the day at the Strasbourg Tourist Office, Place de la Cathédrale and Place de la Gare (deposit 20 euros per day and subject to availability).

Bring good walking shoes to visit all the markets!

Where to park at the Strasbourg Christmas market?

In the car parks of:
Parcus Sainte-Aurélie (Station district),
Petite France (Historic district),
Place des Halles (Shopping center).