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The Island of Beauty is full of wine estates. Visit one of the most beautiful regions of France and taste the best wines of the Corsican country. Book your tours, tastings and activities quickly and easily with Winalist. During the week or at the weekend, guided tours and walks in the heart of the vineyards allow you to discover the cultural and taste treasures of Corsica.
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  • Clos Teddi
  • Domaine Orenga de Gaffory

Tastings in the Corse region

  • Du vin, un spuntinu... Dégustation au coeur du désert de l'Agriate
    Clos Teddi

    Clos Teddi

    Tasting Du vin, un spuntinu... Dégustation au coeur du dés...

    From €40.00 / person • 1h00


  • Dégustation au caveau de Saint-Florent
    Clos Teddi

    Clos Teddi

    Tasting Dégustation au caveau de Saint-Florent

    From €15.00 / person • 30mins


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Visits and tastings in the Corse region

  • Visite guidée d'u chai suivi d'une dégustation commentée
    Domaine Orenga de Gaffory

    Domaine Orenga de Gaffory

    Visit and tasting Visite guidée d'u chai suivi d'une dégus...

    From €15.00 / person • 1h00

    Patrimonio, France

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Corsican wine grape varieties to know

Nielluciu is a red grape native to Italy which gives a complex, powerful and bright red wine. The wines of this grape are fat and round (like Grenache), and this grape also produces delicious rosés. Syrah is used in blends as a great improving grape variety, thanks to its notes of licorice and violet. Muscat is famous throughout the Mediterranean. It is the best grape variety for making the very fine wines of the region, renowned for their delicate aromas of white grapes and citrus fruits. Sciaccarellu is one of the main grape varieties of all rosé and red AOCs in Corsica. These wines are balanced, elegant in color, sometimes lively on the palate. These wines are highly rated and receive many positive reviews. Finally, Vermentinu is the main grape variety for all Corsican white wine AOCs. To be consumed young, these wines with floral and sometimes mineral notes are renowned for making great Mediterranean white wines.

How to book a wine weekend in Corsica?

With Winalist, wine tourism in Corsica is just one click away! Discover the partner maquis and coastal vineyards in the region, for an experience that suits you. Select your next destination using your criteria, then book your experience on the date and time of your choice, with no booking fees. Our harvesting partners also welcome you on Saturdays and Sundays to discover wine on weekends. Winalist is the leading wine tourism platform in Corsica and France.

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Explore the Ajaccio vineyards, which mainly offer red and rosé wines. However, lovers of white wines will also find their happiness! Domaine Orenga de Gaffory offers you, for the occasion, a visit to its winery from the reception of the ...

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