Top 8 best wineries in Tuscany for a great Wine Trip

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From Chianti to Montepulciano wineries, passing by Florence and Siena, an incredible Italian wine trip awaits by visiting best wineries in Tuscany!

Tuscany wine map

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As Tuscan is full of wineries, you can also plan on visiting Tuscan wineries near large cities, in a complete Renaissance authentic setting!

Wineries near Florence, Italy

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Staying in bella Firenze is an absolute must if you travel to Tuscany. In fact, more generally speaking if you travel to Italy, Firenze is an absolute must-see destination. While visiting one Italy’s most splendid city and open-air museum, live the complete Renaissance experience by indulging yourself in one of the best Florence wine tours.

1. Tenuta Di Capezzana

The Capezzana family has been more than dedicated to art, culture, oil and wines for centuries. In fact, the estate itself is worth of a Renaissance Museum: statues, furnishings, ceramics and paintings adorn the villa. Their deepest wish: “A magnificent and unique land that we want to leave intact for future generations”. Today, they proudly share their story with you by guiding you to their impressive cellars, and organizing top Lunches and dinners paired with most excellent vintages and home-made olive oil.

2. Villa Travignoli

Villa Travignoli wine estate’s success and longevity marks it as one of the 150 most antique enterprises in Italy, with our vineyards having a long history in wine cultivation dating back to the Etruscans in 500 BC.

A good way to know more about Roman Empire!

Wineries near Siena Italy – the Chianti Classico experience

If you spend a couple of days in Siena, Italy, make sure to schedule visits at Chianti Classico wine estates! They have so much to tell you on one of Italy’s most famous wines.

1. Rocca Di Montegrossi

In the heart of one of the best Chianti wine subregions, Chianti Classico DOC, you’ll find the historic Rocca Di Montegrossi winery – one of the best wineries in Tuscany for tasting great Chianti Classico. Built in the 7th century, the estate grows several grape varieties on over 20 hectares out of a 100 hectares property – some of which dedicated to olive oil production. They will be happy to explain the Maison’s history and their land’s particularity by welcoming you for tastings and guided tours!

2. Castello Di Albola – Splendid Tuscan Castle

Located in the southern part of Chianti Classico, this Tuscan winery in the heart of the medieval village of Castello di Albola stands on top of the splendid Chianti hills, in an incomparable place for the charm of history, for the suggestions of art and for the unique agro-landscape context of unsurpassed harmony. What are you waiting to live the best Chianti wine experience through Tuscany wines tasting lunch and Wine Tours!

Winery near Arezzo

Tuscan vineyards also surround the city of Arezzo, located north-east of Siena, at the crossroad of four valleys. Discover in Arezzo what to in Arezzo!

1. Villa La Ripa – The authentic Renaissance experience

Have you felt like a member of the Medicis before? Well, it’s not impossible if you have the amazing opportunity to visit Villa La Ripa! Built back int 1558, it is difficult to offer a more Tuscan Renaissance-like wine experiences than this Tuscan winery. In other words, if you want to visit one of the best wineries in Tuscany, you know where to go. Whether you are longing for a Tuscan Wine Tours, Tuscany wine tasting or most exquisite food & wine pairings – book your newt wine experience there!

2. Famous San Gimignano village – Arrigioni 1913

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San Gimignano

One of Tuscany’s most celebrated and appreciated wine – the Vernaccia di Gimignano – comes from no other village than San Gimignano, Tuscany. Located between Florence and Siena on the west side, the small village of Tuscany is surrounded by 13th-century walls.

The Arrigioni 1913 winery proudly represents some of the area’s excellency and beauty – something you can’t miss while tasting their wines and visiting their Tuscan estate.

3. Fattoria Svetoni – Montepulciano

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A hill-op Tuscan medieval city, Montepulciano is one of these Italian villages you have already heard of when enjoying a great red wine from Tuscany. How about visiting a winery from this renown Tuscan vineyard?

A family-run biodynamic Tuscan winery, Fattoria Svetoni is quite attached to Montepulciano terroir and respecting it at best to create high quality wines. Discover how special their Sangiovese wines are by booking a Tuscan wine tasting there!

4. Tenuta Castelnuovo Tancredi – Montalcino

Does Brunello di Montalcino ring a bell?

If not, it’s time you unveil the secrets of this true Tuscan jewel! Tenuta Castenuovo Tancredi is up for this challenge with you. They will offer you a historical overview on the region’s wine making techniques and share secrets about Montalcino wines.

5. An unusual Picnic experience at La Maliosa

Perched in the Maremman hills, La Maliosa winery has come up with a concept that will simply charm you: a picnic in a Starbox to admire the sunset upon Tuscan vineyards. Taken by a privat chauffeur, you spend an beautiful evening in the heart of the Tuscan wine region and sip incredible wine from the estate.

Discover our amazing Tuscany travel guide to visit the best places and wineries in Tuscany!

FAQ & Useful resources

How do you get to Tuscany wineries?

You can reach Tuscany wineries by many transportation means: train, bus, car, or even bike and by walking.

How many wine regions are in Tuscany?

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most renowned wine region, and counts 7 major subregions of which most famous are Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano.

Where is the best wine in Tuscany?

The most prized wine in Tuscany is the San Gimignano Vernaccia, produced in San Gimignano.

What wine is Tuscany know for?

Most famous wines that make Tuscany know over the world come mainly from the Sangiovese grape variety – the one most grown in Tuscany. Most classic Tuscan red Sangiovese wines are Chianti, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Brunello di Montalcino.