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I cannot confirm my reservation

In the event of a problem, we invite you to start your reservation again. If after several attempts, you still encounter difficulties, you could be one of the few cases below:

Case 1: You are using Internet Explorer.

We strongly recommend changing your browser and going to the site with Chrome or Safari (Internet Explorer is no longer updated since 2016 - RIP).

Case n ° 2: Your card is declined.

Try another card and if the problem persists, unfortunately, you will have to contact your banker.

Case 3: Your basket has expired.

You may have spent more than 10 minutes before validating the payment. In this case, you should have seen the message “ Your basket is expired ”. Please try the reservation again. If the problem persists anyway, contact us via the contact page or online chat.

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You can contact or support team by chat. If no one is available, we'll bring you an answer as soon as possible.

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