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Popular wineries to visit in Cima Corgo wine region

Churchill’s Porto - Winalist
Guided tour and Classic port wine tasting
Guided Tour and Ruby Port Wine Tasting
Guided Tour & Commented Wood-aged Port tasting
Guided Tour & Gricha Vintage Port wine Tasting
Guided Tour & Vintage Port tasting
Guided Tour & Classic Douro wine tasting
Guided tour&Douro wine tasting w/Indigenous grapes
Guided Tour & Gricha Terroir Douro wine Tasting
Vila nova de gaia 44 reviews 4.7

Churchill’s Porto

We are a family-run Porto and Douro wine producer based in Vila Nova da Gaia and the Douro Valley...
Cima Corgo

20,00 € - 50,00 €

Quinta Do Tedo - Winalist
Visit and special tasting
Visit and Tawny Port Tasting
Visit and Tawny Port Barrel Tasting
Armamar 30 reviews 4.8

Quinta Do Tedo

In the heart of Portugal's Douro Valley, Quinta do Tedo awaits you! This renovated and moder...

32,00 € - 57,00 €

Caves Poças - Winalist
Poças First Experience tour and tasting - Tasting of 3 Port Wines
Guided Tour & Tasting of 2 DOC wines & 1 Port
Visit & Tasting: 2 Port wines & 1 Pastel de Nata
Instant booking Organic
Vila nova de gaia 23 reviews 4.7

Caves Poças

With more than 100 years of existance, Pocas lies in the hands of the 3rd & 4th generation, b...
Baixo Corgo Cima Corgo Douro Superior

19,50 € - 22,00 €

Real Companhia Velha - Winalist
Classic Tour
Premium visit
Visit Founders
visit Colheitas
Vila nova de gaia 23 reviews 4.7

Real Companhia Velha

Founded on September 10, 1756, by Alvará Régio d'El Rei D. José I, the Companhia Geral da...
Cima Corgo

15,00 € - 65,00 €

Quinta Da Gaivosa-alves De Sousa - Winalist
Classic Tasting
Premium Program
Rua doutor amândio de figueiredo 1305 17 reviews 4.9

Quinta Da Gaivosa-alves De Sousa

The Alves de Sousa family makes wines in the Douro Valley for 5 Generations. The quality and s...

25,00 € - 45,00 €

Quinta Do Vallado Wine Hotel - Winalist
Visit with Wine Tasting
Vilarinho dos freires 12 reviews 4.8

Quinta Do Vallado Wine Hotel

Quinta do Vallado, built in 1716, is one of the oldest and most famous Quintas in the Douro Valle...
Cima Corgo

30,00 €

Quinta do Val Moreira - Winalist
Val Moreira Tasting
Porto Premium Tasting
DOC proof
Premium DOC test
Quinta do val moreira – marmelal – sto adrião 11 reviews 4.6

Quinta do Val Moreira

Located on the south bank of the Douro River, in Cima-Corgo, Quinta do Val Moreira was purchased ...
Cima Corgo

12,00 € - 28,00 €

Quinta Nova De Nossa Senhora Do Carmo - Winalist
Winemaker for a day
Paired lunch at Terraçu's Winery Restaurant
Visit and Classic Tasting
Wines and Tapas on the Patamar
Visit and Tasting 2 Terroirs
A Day at Relais et Châteaux in the Douro
A Day in the Vindima
Instant booking Sustainable
Covas do douro 8 reviews 4.8

Quinta Nova De Nossa Senhora Do Carmo

With a bicentennial history, Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo extends over 120 ha of land, r...
Cima Corgo

32,00 € - 275,00 €

Quinta S Luiz - Kopke  - Winalist
Vineyards Tour
Adorigo 8 reviews 4.6

Quinta S Luiz - Kopke

Quinta de São Luiz, origin of Kopke brand, is located in left bank of the Douro River, near Pin...
Cima Corgo

35,00 €

Quinta Barqueiros D'ouro - Winalist
Douro wine tasting in a family winery
Barqueiros 7 reviews 4.9

Quinta Barqueiros D'ouro

Located in the demarcated Douro region, in Barqueiros, recognized for its long and illustrious hi...
Baixo Corgo

18,00 €

Quinta Do Jalloto  - Winalist
Guided tour with wine tasting
Casal de loivos 5 reviews 4.9

Quinta Do Jalloto

Quinta do Jalloto is a fifth-generation family vineyard and winery that has been operating since ...
Baixo Corgo

22,00 €

Quinta Dos Avidagos - Winalist
Winery visit and tasting
Visit to the Winery and Premium Tasting
Santa marta de penaguião 5 reviews 4.9

Quinta Dos Avidagos

The first farm has been in the family since 1670. Today there are 4 farms, with 80 hectares in al...
Baixo Corgo

25,00 € - 55,00 €

Quinta Do Monte Travesso - Winalist
Wine tasting Classic
Visit and wine tasting Premium
Visit and Wine Tasting Super Premium
Barcos 3 reviews 4.7

Quinta Do Monte Travesso

Quinta do Monte Travesso is a family farm dedicated to the production of wines and olive oil with...

10,00 € - 25,00 €

Quinta Do Noval - Winalist
Classic Visit
Sensory Visit
Premium Visit
Casal de loivos 3 reviews 4.8

Quinta Do Noval

"The name Quinta do Noval evokes for me above all a place. A magical place, an historic plac...
Cima Corgo

50,00 € - 100,00 €

Quinta de Santa Cristina - Winalist
Classic Wine Tasting
Selection Wine Tasting
Premium Wine Tasting
Celorico de basto 2 reviews 4.5

Quinta de Santa Cristina

Located in Celorico de Basto and integrated in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, Quinta de Sa...

24,00 € - 40,00 €

Bl Heritage Tours - Winalist
Wine Venture & Boat Trip in Douro Valley
Porto 2 reviews 4.8

Bl Heritage Tours

The value of this experience is in the people who share their knowledge and passion for this regi...
Cima Corgo

165,00 €

Churchill's - Quinta da Gricha - Winalist
A day in Gricha
Ervedosa do douro 2 reviews 4.8

Churchill's - Quinta da Gricha

Down-river and up-the-mountain from the tourist trails, Quinta da Gricha embodies the spirit of ...

120,00 €

Quinta do Infantado - Winalist
Infante visit
Pinhão 2 reviews 5.0

Quinta do Infantado

The history of Quinta do Infantado is long since it was created in 1816, more than 2 centuries ag...
Baixo Corgo Cima Corgo Douro Superior

75,00 €

Graham's Port Lodge  - Winalist
Graham's Visit & Super Premium Tasting
Graham's Visit & Symington Tasting
Vila nova de gaia 2 reviews 5.0

Graham's Port Lodge

Graham's Port is owned and managed by the Symington family, ten of whom work at the company ...
Cima Corgo Douro Superior Baixo Corgo

65,00 € - 135,00 €

Oporto Sensations Tour - Winalist
Douro Valley-Top Choice 2023, Boat, Lunch, Tasting
Douro Valley - Premium Private Experience
Douro Valley - Private Luxury Experience
Leça da palmeira 1 reviews 5.0

Oporto Sensations Tour

Oporto Sensations Tour is a family company based in Porto, whose goal is to provide our costumers...
Baixo Corgo Cima Corgo Douro Superior

170,00 € - 380,00 €

Quinta Da Chouza Agroturismo E Enoturismo  - Winalist
Classic Test
Sparkling wine tasting
Molares - celorico de basto 1 reviews 5.0

Quinta Da Chouza Agroturismo E Enoturismo

The wines, Chão do Rio, are enhanced by good local soil and climate conditions, in an idyllic te...

15,00 € - 20,00 €

Quinta Da Raza - Winalist
Discover the Autochthonous Castes of Basto
Discover the Natural Wines of Quinta da Raza
Alvarinho Wine Tasting
Route through Mondim de Basto with Wine Tasting
Custom Tasting: your choices
Visit to the Vineyard, Vegetable Garden and Animal Farm
Veade 1 reviews 5.0

Quinta Da Raza

With a history that goes back more than four centuries, many are the memories that have crossed g...

22,50 € - 60,00 €

Vieira De Sousa - Winalist
Douro Premium Tasting
Premium Douro + Porto Tasting
Porto Premium Tasting
Peso da régua 1 reviews 4.5

Vieira De Sousa

The “new”/”old” space is dedicated to our customers, with Douro and Porto wine tastings a...
Cima Corgo

29,50 € - 39,00 €

Quinta De S. Bernardo - Winalist
The winemakers choice: visit and tasting
Mesão frio 1 reviews 5.0

Quinta De S. Bernardo

Quinta de S.Bernardo - Winery and Farmhouse is a boutique hotel located in the Douro region, devo...

70,00 €

Quinta Das Escomoeiras - Winalist
Green, in wine and in Nature
Arnóia 1 reviews 5.0

Quinta Das Escomoeiras

Located on the banks of the Tamega River, Quinta Das Escomoeiras offers stunning views of the sur...

22,50 €

Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta - Winalist
Visit to Sítio dos Prazeres
São joão da pesqueira 1 reviews 5.0

Ventozelo Hotel & Quinta

Located on the left bank of the Douro, upon reaching Ervedosa, Quinta de Ventozelo is one of the ...
Cima Corgo

25,00 €

A&D Wines - Quinta De Santa Teresa - Winalist
Standard Visit and Tasting
Top Range Visit and Tasting
Visit and Tasting No Limits
Baião 1 reviews 5.0

A&D Wines - Quinta De Santa Teresa

Quinta de Santa Teresa is a 66h property located in the extreme east of the municipality of Baiã...

20,00 € - 50,00 €

Quinta Do Bomfim  - Winalist
Dows Tasting
Enogastronomic Experience
The Specialist
Largo do videira, pinhão 1 reviews 5.0

Quinta Do Bomfim

Located on the north bank of the Douro River and known for producing the legendary Dow’s Vintag...

50,00 € - 175,00 €

Adega Gran Cruz - Winalist
Visit and tasting at the cellar
Alijó 1 reviews 5.0

Adega Gran Cruz

Adega Gran Cruz is an industrial unit in which the design and construction options, in addition t...
Cima Corgo

12,00 €

Quinta Do Vesúvio  - Winalist
Vesuvius Experience
Estrada nacional 222 4

Quinta Do Vesúvio

At Quinta do Vesúvio, located on the cliffs of the Douro Superior, the work of man and the work ...
Douro Superior

500,00 €

Quevedo Wine Lodge - Winalist
Mixology Workshop
Blind test
Vila nova de gaia

Quevedo Wine Lodge

Quevedo is part of a new generation of small family wineries based in the Douro. For many years, ...
Cima Corgo Douro Superior

44,00 € - 50,00 €

Quinta Da Côrte - Winalist
Exclusive visit and wine tasting
Valença do douro

Quinta Da Côrte

Located in the heart of the Douro demarcated region, in the golden triangle of the Cima Corgo sub...
Cima Corgo

58,00 €

Casa Dos Lagares - Winalist
Visit to the Fragulho wine cellar and wine tasting
Sanfins do douro

Casa Dos Lagares

Casa dos Lagares, producer of Fragulho wines, is characterized by a family business that has been...
Cima Corgo

60,00 €

Museu Do Douro  - Winalist
Self-guided tour with Port tasting
Peso da régua

Museu Do Douro

The Douro Museum preserves, studies, exhibits and interprets material and immaterial objects repr...

9,00 €

Luxury Douro Tours - Winalist
Luxury Douro tour (premium)
Douro Taste (premium)
Marão Mountain & Douro Valley (premium)
Vintage Car Tour in Mateus Palace and Vila Real (premium)
Instant booking Biodynamic
Vila real

Luxury Douro Tours

Hello everyone, my name is João and I created Luxury Douro Tours in 2018. I am from Vila Real...
Cima Corgo

90,00 € - 600,00 €

Monverde - Wine Experience Hotel - Winalist
Wine Blending & Sensory Experience
Notes of Legacy & Terroir
Taste the Vine
Winemaker Barrel & Vine Sessions
Hands-on Harvest
Family Tasting Experience

Monverde - Wine Experience Hotel

The Hotel Monverde project was born among the berries and vineyards of Quinta da Lixa, among our ...

22,00 € - 70,00 €

Quinta da Foz - Winalist
Private Tasting Vinhas Velhas

Quinta da Foz

Quinta da Foz is located in the middle of the Douro Wine Region, in the sub-region of Cima Corgo,...
Cima Corgo

65,00 €

Douro Best Tours - Winalist
Visit the most famous wine village in Douro Valley
Favaios, 265

Douro Best Tours

"Visit the most famous wine village in Douro Valley" Come and explore the enchanting D...

100,00 €

Lavradores De Feitoria - Winalist
Terroir Guided Tour
Superb Private Guided Tour
Winemaker for a day
A day at the harvest

Lavradores De Feitoria

In Douro, with 20 farms strategically spread across the three sub-regions – Baixo Corgo, Cima C...
Baixo Corgo Cima Corgo Douro Superior

35,00 € - 200,00 €

Quinta Da Boeira - Winalist
Premium Port Wine Tasting
Douro to Porto Tasting with Gastronomic Harmonization
Vila nova de gaia

Quinta Da Boeira

The history of Quinta da Boeira dates back to 1850, the date of construction of its imposing mans...
Cima Corgo

30,00 € - 45,00 €

Quinta dos Poços - Winalist
Wine lunch
Winery Visit with Port Wine Tasting

Quinta dos Poços

Quinta dos Poços because when rainfall is intense in the region, multiple water springs emerge i...
Baixo Corgo

40,00 € - 60,00 €

Wine And Soul - Winalist
Terroirs Test
Vale de mendiz

Wine And Soul

In 2001 the adventure of Sandra Tavares da Silva and Jorge Serôdio Borges began. In the beginnin...
Cima Corgo Douro Superior Baixo Corgo

38,50 €

Quinta Do Pessegueiro - Winalist
Visit Douro
Prestige Visit
Ervedosa do douro

Quinta Do Pessegueiro

Located on the steep banks of the Douro, in the heart of this valley, birthplace of ancestral Por...
Cima Corgo

27,50 € - 45,00 €

Kranemann Wine Estates - Winalist
Visit and tasting

Kranemann Wine Estates

A Fascinating History that is Part of the Douro. Quinta do Convento de São Pedro das Águias is...
Cima Corgo

70,00 €

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Other appellations in Cima Corgo

Glowing reviews

They loved their experience!

4.80 (185497)

Churchill’s Porto

A great experience! The wines were delicious and the atmosphere very cozy.


Quinta do Infantado

Our best wine tasting experience! An informative tour for those of us who have been on many. The owner and his son shared the history of their vineyards, and gave...



Real Companhia Velha

Fantastic experience, the guide was good, passionate and very nice. 4 tastings of different Ports. Absolutely recommended!



Real Companhia Velha

The port wine tasting was excellent. The tour of the winery was informative and interesting.


Quinta Do Vallado Wine Hotel

I had a wonderful tour of the winery with my 9 yr old son who was entertained by the



Quinta Nova De Nossa Senhora Do Carmo

An incredible experience! We enjoyed delicious wines with exquisite dishes. The atmosphere was simply breathtaking.


Quinta Do Vallado Wine Hotel

The tour and tasting were excellently organized. The production process was explained with VR glasses. Impressive. What was disturbing was that the booking platf...



Churchill’s Porto

The port wine tasting was fantastic. Great ambiance and delicious wines.


Caves Poças

We really enjoyed the visit. It was very interesting to learn about the history, see the barrels, the instruments used and try the wines. The guide Fabia was very...



Churchill’s Porto

Really good tour and delicious port tasting. Staff were really lovely



Adega Gran Cruz

What an incredible experience! The wines were delicious and the winery tour was very informative. We had a fantastic time.


Churchill’s Porto

Our group had a blast at the wine tasting! The port wines were top-notch.


Quinta Nova De Nossa Senhora Do Carmo

The welcome was perfect and so was the location. The view is breathtaking over the Douro. The wines and port are very good



Churchill’s Porto

An incredible experience. The port wine was delicious and the place very cozy.


Vieira De Sousa

Great experience! Nice wines 👌🏻



Caves Poças

Visit with a passionate and fascinating guide.



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