8 beautiful cities in Tuscany: Best Tuscan villages

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Are you planning a trip to Italy and wondering what cities in Tuscany you should visit? Winalist is here to help you!

While Tuscany is a stunning region, with renowned wine and some of Italy’s most beautiful towns and villages, the decision to choose which one to visit can be difficult.

To maximize your journey in this area, settle in the city that best meets your needs! Whether you are looking for an adventure centered around wine-tasting or just enjoying a romantic retreat, discovering the right cities within Tuscany to explore will set you up for success.

Top 3 most beautiful Tuscan cities

1. Pisa

cities in Tuscany - Pisa

Aah Pisa, after the Eiffel Tower, who has not tried most hilarious picture poses next to the leaning Tower of Pisa? If you haven’t this is your cue! Probably the best-know town of Tuscany after Florence, Pisa is much more than a beautiful tower.

2. Siena

Cities in Tuscany - Siena

Right after Florence comes Siena: Tuscany’s second largest city, all the more charming. Starting from Siena’s historic center, a UNSECO World Heritage Site – one that attracts many tourists each year for its simple beauty. Right in the heart of Chianti wine region, settling in Siena is a great opportunity for exploring several of the region’s Chianti appellation, and surrounding wineries to meet Chianti wine producers.

3. Lucca

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A big favorite amongst Tuscany most beautiful tows: Lucca. One of the only Tuscan cities not to be perched on a hilltop, bella Lucca is world famous for its authentic and most typical Italian Piazza – that is, Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. Located north-west of Florence, close to the Italian coast, this small Tuscan city is entirely surrounded by Renaissance town-walls, on which you can stroll along by foot are bike. From up there, you will have a tremendous viewpoint on the Tuscany valleys and the city in itself. If you are a fan of Puccini, there is no better place than the Church of San Giovanni in Lucca to enjoy concerts recitals for an evening!

Top 5 most beautiful Tuscan villages

Tuscan villages are part of these romantic experiences couples are longing for. But Tuscany’s region is simply adored by anyone who spends a couple of days there, for any kind of tourism stay. If you are fascinated by picturesque an authentic Italian village, this top 5 selection will delight you.

1. Montepulciano

Cities in Tuscany - Montepulciano

A visit to the captivating terracotta Tuscan wine village of Montepulciano is an absolute must during a trip to Tuscany! Especially if you have in mind visiting some wineries – because who hasn’t heard about its celebrated full-bodied red wine? To fully experience all that Montepulciano has to offer, drop by Croce di Febo and be prepared for your heartstrings being tugged. This gem will certainly make you fall in love with it all over again!

2. Montalcino

Cities in Tuscany - Montalcino

Not too far away from Montepulciano is the Tuscan village of Montalcino. Talking about a terrific wine tour in Tuscany! Back in the Etruscan times, locals have made this little Tuscan hill their home. From up this medieval Tuscan village, you can enjoy most fantastic belvedere: a complete view on the Arbia, Aso and Ombre valleys, covered in olive trees, vineyards, villages and fields.

3. San Gimignano

Cities in Tuscany - San Gimignano
San Gimignano

Another hill where Etruscans settled, the village of San Gimignano is not part of the most famous towns in Tuscany, but is definitely part of this list of most beautiful ones to visit. While Rome is popular for its “Seven Hills”, San Gimignano stands out for fourteen medieval towers – poetically rising above Tuscan vineyards and countryside. This architectural heritage is a true testimony of glory days and ancient history – an attraction that tourists are well-aware off, and consistently explore each year.

4. Volterra

Cities in Tuscany - Volterra

Close to superb Firenze, the walled town of Volterra dates back from before the 8th century BC.

The village’s architecture actually gathers several periods and peoples that have left traces: Etruscans, Romans and the Medieval periods. You will absolutely adore the Roman Theatre of Volterra and the art inside the San Fancesco church.

5. Greve in Chianti

Cities in Tuscany - Chianti

You can’t be more into Chianti Classico’s terroir than in the beautiful Tuscan village of Greve in Chianti. This wine city of Tuscany is actually names after the small river that runs through the village. Between excellent Chianti Classico wines, extra virgin Tuscan olive oil and truffles – local products of Greve will treat you more than well. Not mentioning typical dishes with most high-quality pork products like Cinta Senese.

Enjoy your discovery of most beautiful cities in Tuscany!

Tuscan Villages FAQs

What is the most beautiful village in Tuscany?

On top of being a famous wine village, San Gimignano is also considered as one of Tuscany’s most beautiful and cute villages.

What is the most beautiful part of Tuscany?

The top rated are in Tuscany is the one of Florence. However, anywhere you go in Tuscany, you will find the area absolutely stunning. Whether you prefer the coast, vineyards, Medieval villages or large cities, Tuscany has it all. Not mentioning terrific wine and wine activities.

What is considered the heart of Tuscany?

The city of Florence is considered the heart of Tuscany.

What is the best town to stay in Tuscany?

This depends on your personal preferences: do you like quiet cities, cultural cities, medieval villages… In any case, you will find what suits you best as Tuscany will spoil you for choice.

Where do you fly into to go to Tuscany?

To reach Tuscany, you can fly to:
_ International Airport of Pisa
_ International Airport of Florence.

Which is better: Lucca or Siena?

Both of these beautiful cities in Tuscany are worth visiting. Lucca is smaller than Siena, rather quiet and easy to get around. It has one of Italy’s most famous and authentic piazza. Siena is more of a large city. It’s a great choice if you are planning a wine trip in Tuscany, because it is in the Chianti region and close to wine villages such as San Gimignano.