Arezzo Italy travel guide: things to do in arezzo italy

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Just a stone’s throw away from the mesmerizing city of Firenze, Arezzo Italy stands proud as an iconic representation of Renaissance-era in Tuscany.

Nestled among picturesque vineyards and renowned for its rich Etruscan history, this Tuscan gem continues to honor ancient customs through its array of museums, monuments, and events such as the Antique Fair – making it a must-visit destination if you find yourself planning a trip to Florence!

Indulge your tastebuds with delicious local fare while sipping on exquisite wines; get swept up in Arezzo’s dazzling charm steeped deep in centuries-old culture… all achievable within one day.

Arezzo Italy travel: What to know

Where is Arezzo Italy?

Arezzo Italy

Towards the center of Italy, south of Tuscany, the city of Arezzo is located south-east of Florence at the crossroad of four valleys: Val Tiberina, Casinentino, Valdarno and Valdichiana.

A town perched on a hilltop and close to many of the world’s most famous Italian wineries, there are no airport in Arezzo Italy, but the Arezzo train station makes it still easily accessible from Italy’s main cities.

How to get to Arezzo Italy?

Italy is an incredibly compact country, with its cities superbly interconnected by public transportation – particularly bus and train lines. If you choose to make Arezzo your destination of choice on your next holiday, there are a multitude of international airports from which you can conveniently land at and then travel onwards on the reliable transport system that connects it.

The Arezzo railway station provides everything necessary for successful onward journeys; simply select the one airport closest suited to your itinerary for maximum convenience! Below we present a brief summary of all possible travel options presented by Italy’s neighbouring international airports:

  • Florence airport: 1h by train, 1h30 by bus or car
  • Perugia airport: 1h15 by car or bus
  • Pisa airport: 2h30 by train, 2h by car
  • Bologna airport: 2h30 by train, 2 h by car
  • Rome airport:  4h by train, 2h15 by car

Once at the Arezzo train station, you can reach the historic center by foot or catch a bus. Our suggestion is to make the most of the landscape right away, and enjoy a picturesque walk to Arezzo’s central square!

A day-trip to Arezzo: Top 6 must-see places

For you to make the most of your vacation in Tuscany, and especially your day-trip to Arezzo, find what you must see in bella Arezzo! Art lovers will be spoiled for choice.

1. Arezzo Cathedral – San Donato e Pietro

Built above and ancient pre-Christian church, at the hill of Arezzo, the Cathedral of Arezzo is home to notable masterpieces such as the Seven glass windows by Marcillat, painted from 1516 to 1524; or a baptismal font relief that was sculpted by no other than Donatello.

2. Basilica of San Francesco

Arezzo Italy Cathedral
Basilica San Francesco

A modern Medieval church of Romanesque architecture that hides one of the country’s most famous Renaissance art piece: The Legend of the True Cross by Pietro della Francesca. One of Arezzo’s main attractions, this is an absolute must-see for your day-trip to Arezzo.

3. Medici Fortress

Famous Medici family built this fortress in 1500, on top of Arezzo’s hill. Today, it is used as a public park with beautiful gardens that you can visit – and enjoy breath-taking views!

4. Archeological Museum & Roman Amphitheatre

Right next to what is left of Arezzo’s Roman Amphitheatre, this Archeological Museum exhibits collections of artifacts Etruscan & Roman times such as the Aretine vases – peculiar vases with a singular red color.

5. Museum of Medieval and Modern Art

If you love Renaissance art, this is your must-see spot. The Museo Arte Medieval e Moderna gathers major works of art from the 13th century to the 20th century: Medieval sculptures, paintings… is offers a complete immersion into Renaissance’s art world.

6. Giorgio Vasari House Museum – Casa Vasari

Born in Arezzo, renowned Italian architect, painter and artist Giorgio Vasari has left some of his capolavori behind him: you can visit Casa Vasari, a palace that he decorated himself – a spot you don’t to miss to have ideas for your own interior decoration!

If you think you would like to settle a night or two in Arezzo, click here to book you perfect lodging!

What to do in Arezzo? Top 3 ideas

1. Have lunch at Piazza Grande for Italian liveliness

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Piazza Grande – Arezzo Italy

Arezzo’s city center is quite the embodiment of history, with architecture from Medieval and Renaissance eras readily visible. It’s a great spot to experience true Italian Dolce Vita – take time out to have lunch, dinner or coffee at one of its restaurants, cafes and bars that line Piazza Grande.

A lesser-known address in this bustling square would be Loggia del Vasari. When you’re there during winter period, don’t forget to indulge in their specialty dish – delectable pappardelle all’aretina!

2. Find a Renaissance treasure at the Antique Fair on Piazza Grande

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Arezzo Antique Fair

Towers, churches and palazzos blend perfectly with one of the main attractions on Piazza Grande: famous Arezzo Antique Fair that take place on the first weekend of the first month.

3. Attend one of Arezzo’s great events

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  • End of August: The Tovaglia a Quadri – A great play in 4 courses about Tuscan Arezzo traditions;
  • Beginning of September: Palio della Balestra – A crossbow competition that takes place since the mid-15th century;
  • End of May: Maggiolata Lucignanese – A festival with floral floats, music and dancing to celebrate Spring.
  • May to October: I Giorni del Vino – Days of Wine, each Wednesday and Saturday a wine cellar near Arezzo opens its doors for wine tastings and tours.

Tuscan wineries to visit near Arezzo

Speaking of wine tasting in Tuscany, Arezzo is the starting point of a long Wine Trail! Come and discover the Wine Route itinerary from Arezzo, and wineries you can visit with Winalist.

Arezzo Italy map – Itinerary of the Arezzo Wine Trail

If you are up for a beautiful wine road trip to Tuscan vineyards, follow this amazing itinerary starting from Arezzo, towards Valdarno and ending at Valdichiana:

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Wine Trail itinerary starting from Arezzo

The Arezzo Wine Trail stretches on about 200km where many family estates grow several grape varieties (Sangiovese, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon or Trebbiano and Grechetto) and produce wonders such as:

  • DOCG Chianti Colli Arezzo,
  • DOC Cortone,
  • DOC Valdichiana
  • DOC Valdarno di Sopra.

Through the Tuscan Wine Route, you’ll be exposed to passionate families dedicated to their terroir and upholding traditions. They will gladly offer an array of traditional dishes as well as products perfectly paired with some exquisite wines:

  • Vegetables: zolfio beans, chickpeas
  • Cheeses: goat cheese, raw milk pecorino, ricotta, Arezzo’s Abbucciato
  • Honey and most excellent extra-virgin olive oil
  • Meat: renowned Valdarno chicken, Tuscan salami and Valdarno tarese.

Don’t wait any longer to plan this exciting upcoming wine trip in Tuscany!

Visit wineries near Arezzo

In case you prefer to stay near Arezzo but still meet local winegrowers, pay a visit to one of our hosts!

Visit Buccia Nera – Wine Tour & Tasting

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Located north of Arezzo, Buccia Nera welcomes you into their 50-hectar domain to present their organic and sustainable agriculture wine-growing methods. Experience the splendor of Tuscan vineyards and savor local wines on a Wine Tour & Tasting at their winery. Reserve your spot today!

Visit Villa La Ripa – Guided Tours & Tastings

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Villa La Ripa

Prestigious Renaissance Villa from the 1558 right next to Arezzo, a visit to Villa La Ripa is a must during your stay in Arezzo. Indulge your taste buds and discover the authentic Renaissance atmosphere with a Guided Wine Tour to sample three of their best wines.

For a more gastronomic experience, book their Wine Tasting where you can savor 36-month old Parmesan and Tuscan unsalted bread paired with Extra Virgin Olive oil!

Enjoy your Tuscan trip in Arezzo, Italy!

Just in case you’re visiting other cities or vineyards in Italy during your vacation to Arezzo and Tuscany, Winalist has you covered:

Arezzo Italy FAQs

How far is Arezzo from Florence?

Arezzo is quite close to Florence: about 1h by train, and 1h30 by car or bus. If you plan vacations in Florence, a day-trip to Arezzo is a must considering the beauty of the city and the short length of time spent traveling!

What to see in Arezzo Italy?

Arezzo Italy is a testimonial of Medieval and Renaissance periods, where Museums and Historical Monuments are well preserved. There, you don’t want to miss:
_ Arezzo Cathdral
_ Medici Fortress
_ Basilica of San Francesco
_ Church of Santa Maria delle Pieve
_ Archeological Museum & Roman Amphitheatre
_ Museum of Medieval and Modern Art
_ Casa Vasari

What to do in Arezzo Italy?

_ Visit Museums & historical monuments
_ Have a typical Italian lunch at beautiful Piazza Grande
_ Explore wonders at the Antique Fair
_ Attend traditional Medieval celebrations like Knightly tournaments, Crossbow competition, Floral floats, and any more.

What is Arezzo Italy know for?

Arezzo is one the major Etruscan cities where craftsmen use to create unique jewelries and unique pieces or art.

Is Arezzo worth visiting?

Arezzo is not short of activities, from its famous Antique Fair each month, gorgeous Events from May to October to wine tourism activities such as Tuscan wine tastings and tours – Arezzo is well-worth visiting.