Your Perfect 1-Day Trip to Pisa from Florence, Italy

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Explore Pisa from Florence with Winalist using this amazing 1-day itinerary.

Welcome to Tuscany, Italy, where you can step back in time and discover this famous region’s rich history, stunning Renaissance art, picturesque landscapes, and indulgent cuisine. If you’re based in Florence, a day trip to Pisa is a perfect way to explore the charming city renowned for its iconic leaning tower and other popular delights.

Pisa is just an hour away from Florence by train, and with pre-booked tickets and an itinerary in hand, you can have a fun-filled day exploring Pisa’s famous landmarks, admiring its beautiful architecture, and sampling the local cuisine. As a tour guide with expertise in Europe and Italy, I’ll be your virtual guide and take you through the beautiful city of Pisa from Florence in a day. Let’s explore together!

Discover the romantic Florence, Italy

Florence is a romantic and dreamy city in the Tuscany region of Italy, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, Mediterranean landscapes, and local cuisine. Many describe it as the “cradle of the Renaissance” because of its central role in the flourishing of art, literature, and science during the 14th and 15th centuries. If you’re based here and what to explore Pisa, you’re in luck! Pisa is a quick and easy day trip from Florence.

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Why you should go to Pisa, Italy?

Pisa is a city located in the Tuscany region of Italy, famous worldwide for its iconic Leaning Tower. But beyond this enchanting sight, Pisa has so much more to offer visitors looking to immerse themselves in Italian history and culture.

One of the main attractions of Pisa is the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) which features not only the world-renowned Leaning Tower but also the Baptisterium, Cattedrale de Pisa, and Camposanto. These monuments represent some of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture and are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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PISA, ITALY – DECEMBER 17, 2021: The Leaning Tower of Pisa in the Square of Miracles at twilight.

Aside from the Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa offers many other cultural and historical sites such as the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, which houses original pieces from the Cathedral of Pisa, and the National Museum of San Matteo, which showcases religious art and archaeological artifacts from the region.

But Pisa isn’t just about history and art, the city also has a vibrant culinary scene, with traditional Tuscan dishes like Truffle Pasta and Ribollita on menus across town. Not to mention the abundant gelato shops that can be found in the city center.

When visiting Pisa, it’s worth taking the time to walk around the historic center of the city, which offers glimpses of Pisa’s ancient architecture and numerous shops, cafés, and boutiques. And if you’re looking to relax and unwind, why not take a stroll along the Arno River, which offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings.

Pisa is easy to get to as the city has its own airport, Pisa International Airport, which offers direct flights from major cities across Europe. And once you’re there, the city is simple to navigate on foot or by public transport, with buses and trains connecting Pisa to other cities in Tuscany and Italy.

In conclusion, Pisa is a city rich in charm and history, offering visitors a chance to experience the best of ancient Italian architecture, culture, and cuisine. So whether you’re planning a short city break or a longer stay in Tuscany, make sure to put Pisa on your list of places to visit. And don’t forget to take a photo with the Leaning Tower!

The History of Pisa: A City’s Fascinating Journey Through Time

Pisa is a city located in Tuscany, central Italy, and is known for much more than just the Leaning Tower. The city has a rich and fascinating history, dating back to the time of the Etruscans, as evidenced by the many archaeological finds unearthed in the area.

Pisa was a thriving port town during the period of Etruscan rule and was known as ‘Pisae’ back then. According to historians, the city was established in the 6th century BC and was one of the most important Etruscan towns

During the Roman era, Pisa served as an important naval base and trading center. The city continued to be a hub of activity through the medieval period and was a leading maritime power in the Mediterranean.

The Birth of the Leaning Tower

One of the most famous landmarks of Pisa, the Leaning Tower, was built in the 12th century. It was originally intended as a campanile or bell tower to accompany the neighboring cathedral standing in the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles). But even before it was completed, the tower started leaning, causing much consternation among the builders and locals. Today, the tower still leans, but it has been stabilized and is open to tourists.

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The Renaissance and Beyond

During the Renaissance, Pisa witnessed a cultural resurgence, and some of the finest pieces of art from that era were created here. But the city’s fortunes declined in the latter part of the 16th century, following a series of wars and political upheavals. In the 19th century, Pisa played an important role in the unification of Italy, when it became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.

Pisa Today

Today, Pisa is a modern and thriving city, known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and academic institutions. The University of Pisa, founded in 1343, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy, and attracts students from around the world. The city is also home to many fine art museums, galleries, and cultural centers that showcase the unique character of Pisan culture.

In conclusion, Pisa’s history spans over 2,500 years and includes periods of great prosperity, artistic achievement, and political upheaval. Today, the city is an essential part of Tuscany’s cultural and artistic heritage and stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of its people.

How to Get from Florence to Pisa by train?

The easiest and most convenient way to reach Pisa from Florence is by train. The train stations in Florence are conveniently located in the city center, and the Santa Maria Novella station is the main hub, providing access to local and regional trains.

Trains from Florence to Pisa run frequently, roughly every 15 minutes, and the journey takes about an hour. You can choose from different types of trains, such as high-speed, regional, or intercity trains, depending on your preference and budget.

You can purchase train tickets in advance online or at the train station, but buying online might be more comfortable and save you time. Ticket prices average around $10 and can vary depending on the type of train and time of travel.

Whether you’re a history buff, an art lover, or a curious traveler, a day trip to Pisa is a must-do experience while visiting Florence. With the convenient train connection and an hour’s journey, you can easily make the most of your day exploring the iconic leaning tower and the city of Pisa.

Renting a Car in Florence to go to Pisa

Renting a car in Florence is a popular transportation option, especially for those who want to explore other nearby attractions besides Pisa, such as the beautiful Tuscany region. To rent a car in Florence, you need a valid driver’s license, passport, and a credit card. 

There are many car rental companies in Florence, including international chains such as Hertz, Avis, and Europcar. It’s generally recommended that you book your car in advance, especially during peak travel seasons. 

Renting a car in Florence may be your best method of travel if you’re looking to visit multiple towns and attractions outside of Florence, as public transportation options can be limited and less convenient. Additionally, having a car gives you the flexibility to move around on your own time and schedule.

Pisa from Florence: Our 1-Day Itinerary


Start your day early by catching a regional train from the Santa Maria Novella station in Florence to the Pisa Centrale station. The ride takes about one hour and 15 minutes. You can buy tickets at the train station or book your tickets in advance to skip the ticket lines. Don’t forget to stamp your ticket before boarding the train!

Once you arrive in Pisa, head straight to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It opens at 9:00 am, and it’s the busiest attraction in Pisa. Pre-book your skip-the-line tickets to avoid long queues. Climb up to the top of the tower for stunning views of the city and the surrounding landscapes.


For lunch, enjoy some local cuisines in one of the many restaurants in Piazza dei Miracoli, the Square of Miracles. Try some Cacciucco alla Livornese or a slice of Neapolitan pizza. After lunch, take a stroll and explore the charming historic center of Pisa.

Visit the Cathedral of Pisa and the Baptistery that stand next to the Leaning Tower in Piazza dei Miracoli. Cathedral of Pisa has some exquisite architecture and a collection of famous murals. The Baptistery, an impressive Romanesque marble building, is famous for its acoustics.

If you plan a visit to Florence, you’re already halfway to seeing the iconic leaning tower of Pisa. Pisa is just an hour away by train and makes for a perfect one-day trip from Florence.


As the sun starts setting, head back to Pisa Centrale station to catch your train back to Florence. You can take the train up until late evening, and it’s a good idea to check the schedules in advance. It’s been a day full of history, architecture, fun, and indulgences – enjoy the memories you have collected!

Our top picks to enjoy Italy’s gastronomy in Pisa

Try some of these delicious restaurants to refuel while exploring Pisa:

  • Montino is a well-known restaurant that serves quick pizza or chickpea flatbread snacks. Numeroundici offers a variety of fresh, seasonal dishes with a mix of traditional and modern flavors, and the menu changes daily. Laboratorio Urbano Polpette is centrally located and has an attractive atmosphere that specializes in meatballs, including traditional, creative, and meatless options.
  • Caffè Settimelli is a charming location in the heart of Pisa where you can enjoy a classic Italian breakfast.
  • Piazza della Pera is a charming square in Tuscany that’s perfect for enjoying an aperitivo or a fun aperitivo crawl. The square is filled with pubs, restaurants, bars, and pasticcerie that stay open until late.

Tip: If you have time, also stop for a delicious ice cream scoop at Tuffo 13 gelateria to cool off at the end of your busy day in Pisa.

Seeing Pisa with Winalist’s Pisa Wine Tours

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Many of these tours will take you through the charming landscape of Tuscany, allowing you to explore some of the region’s finest wineries, and taste world-class local wines, paired with Tuscan cuisine. 

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking to experience something new, Winalist offers an excellent way to discover Tuscany and experience a unique side of Italy. Book now and experience the best of Tuscany’s wine culture with a Winalist wine tour.