Champagne Drappier

Champagne Urville, France
Champagne Drappier
Located in Urville, the estate cultivates forgotten grape varieties (Arbane, Blanc de Vrai and Petit Meslier) which you can discover during the tasting of the House's Champagnes which will follow the visit. The family home is built around remains from medieval times. The 12th century cellars built in 1152 by the Cistercian monks of Clairvaux, the winery of the house and other important places will be part of the route.


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Champagne Drappier, Urville, France

Frequently asked questions
Where is Champagne Drappier located?
Champagne Drappier is located in Urville in the Champagne wine region.

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Visit Champagne Drappier

In the maze of these limestone cellars, the visit of the Champagne Drappier house , which is done by the family itself, leads to the "Cercle", a Champagne term which designates the place where the reserve wines age in different containers, often in ringed casks, where there are also muids, demi-muids and spectacular pieces such as this “Ovum”, egg in Latin, with a capacity of 3342 liters which house the finest vintages of the Aube house. Come and discover this fabulous wine estate and their cellars and finally, a tasting of three of the prestigious cuvées will delight your taste buds.

Drappier Champagnes

  • BRUT NATURE: This cuvée is made exclusively from Pinot Noir. It is structured, intense, with fruity aromas.
  • CARTE D'OR: This champagne is fruity, slightly vinous and fresh. An ideal bottle for a cocktail or an aperitif dinner.
  • CHARLES DE GAULLE: This cuvée was General Charles de Gaulle's favourite. He was the loyal customer of the house; his Boisserie property in Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises was not far from the Drappier estate.
  • CLAREVALLIS: This cuvée was created to pay homage to Saint Bernard de Clairvaux. Clarevallis is the name given by Saint Bernard to the abbey founded in 1115. These cellars now belong to the Drappier house. This cuvée is composed of a blend of Pinot Noir with a touch of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and mainly Pinot Blanc, it is also called Blanc Vrai.
  • THE BRUT EXCEPTION VINTAGE: This cuvée is rich and complex with pastry and fruity notes. It is concocted with the purest juices from the first press.

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