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Cantine Madaudo

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There are now four generations of the Madaudo family involved in the history of Sicilian wine. Even before 1945, when grandfather Al- fio was among the first to believe and invest in the production and marketing of wines made exclusively from autochthonous Sicilian grapes, providing a notable contribution to the development of an oenology still in its infancy. Since then Cantine Madaudo has been listed as one of the most important wineries in Sicily.
The Larderia plant is dedicated to sparkling wine production, here the winery focuses on bubbles using two different methods: the first is the long Charmat Method (180 days in still tanks) to produce the Capovero Grillo Cuvèe Extra Dry (a sparkling wine created by blending grillo grapes from different years selected for the aroma and freshness typical of the grillo grape but which acquires significant character and structure ); the second one is Capovero Metodo Classico, a classic method based on Nerello Mascalese Etna vinified in white, in which a limited number of a bottles have added yeasts and are left to mature for more than 36 months. The Larderia plant is also the reception area of Cantine Madaudo. This large 600 square meters hall is called PalaVerve and was designed exclusively to offer guests the opportunity to witness the bottling and capping phases of sparkling wine to give due importance to the joy of tasting it.

Our wine

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Inzolia Barbera

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€5.00 - €30.00 per bottle
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Larderia Inferiore, Messina, ME, Italia Italy

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  • Tasting of Sicilian bubbles at the sparkling wine plant

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