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How does Winalist work ?

Booking a wine experience on Winalist is simple. 

First, fill in your important search criteria like the wine region you wish to visit, the number of visitors composing your group, the date or range of date for which you wish to book an experience. Those search filter will reveal some bookable experiences on the map. 

Once you find the experience your wish to book, simply fill in the language in which you wish to book it and let us guide your during check out. 

During those steps you will be able to add a note to your host, use a gift card or specify your food allergy or meeting point. 

After that, you will have to fill in your billing information and credit card or payment method information. If the experience is an instant booking one, then your payment method will be charged right away and your booking confirmed. Otherwise, if it's a booking request, then we'll just autherize your payment method and only charge it if the host accepts your request (except if you are using Wechat Pay or AliPay for which we have to charge you, then refund you). 

Still have questions?

You can contact or support team by chat. If no one is available, we'll bring you an answer as soon as possible.

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