Quai Cyrano
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Quai Cyrano

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South West Winery / Winegrower
Quai Cyrano, the brand-new House of Wines and Tourism and flagship of the Bergerac Duras vineyard, which is now the superb showcase, with a storefront on the Dordogne.
The vast tourism office area will direct you to suit your taste and your humour to the day’s wine- activities.
On the 1st floor, the Wine House, beside its spacious tasting lounges offers two fabulous terraces, one, panoramic, overhanging the Dordogne, and the other in the 17th century “Cloître des Récollets”.
You may choose to taste your favourite “appellation” (Bergerac, Pécharmant, Rosette, Monbazillac, Saussignac, Duras and Montravel) by the glass with a plate of Foie Gras or Perigourdian cheeses to share and plan your visiting program of the vineyards.

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