Château Beaubois
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Château Beaubois

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Château BeauBois, the origin of this name can be traced back to the XIII Century. In those days, the Cistercian monks of the Franquevaux Abbey had discovered a fabulous terroir* in the French countryside, which they cleared the forest for implanting vines and olive trees.

Fanny and François Boyer are the 4th generation who is taking care of the vineyard. Sister and brother who work together with combined competences and skills, are continuing the legacy of Chateau BeauBois.

The talented generation of the Costières de Nîmes appellation:
In 2009, François started the organic farming process in this 51 hectares vineyard.
Fanny, the winemaker, brings an added touch of femininity and exigent requirements to each year’s BeauBois wine series while maintaining the characteristic of the terroir. Her wine-making method enhances the freshness, fruitiness and adds an elegant touch to the taste.

Our wine

Grape varieties used

Syrah Grenache Cinsaut Mourvèdre Viognier White Grenache Vermentino

Wines prices

6,00€ - 40,00€ per bottle

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