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Why do I need to provide you with legal documents to register?

As a company based in Europe, the new Directive on Payment Services (DSP2) which will come into force on March 30, 2020 requires us to ask all of our guests for information about the company but also the person (s) charge of it on Winalist.

In order to manage all of our financial flows, we use Stripe , an international banking establishment allowing us to split customer payments in half between

- Winalist service fees and
- your turnover.

All without making collection for the account of third parties (collection of the amount paid by the visitor then transfer of part of it to the hosts).

This banking operator asks us on a case-by-case basis for the information necessary to bring each host's account into compliance. Also, on your dashboard and by clicking on "Update your legal information to activate your account", you will be directed to a questionnaire asking for your information:

• Social reason of the company

• Company details (name, type, address and copy of the registration form)

• Information on the owner of the company and / or the account manager (name, address, position in the company and copy of the identity card on both sides)

• Proof of address for the manager

• And possibly additional information depending on the country in which you are based

Without this information, our banking operator will not be able to verify your account and we will not be able to activate the booking of your experiences or transfer money to your bank account.

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