Domaine La Siraniere
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Domaine La Siraniere

Visit Domaine La Siraniere in La Livinière

Languedoc-Rousillon Winery / Winegrower

Our wine

Grape varieties used

Grenache Noir Black carignan Syrah Cinsaut

Wines prices

€8.00 - €28.00 per bottle

Labels & awards

Vigneron Indépendant

Vigneron Indépendant

Guide Hachette

Guide Hachette

Winner of wine tourism trophies by Terre de vin

Winner of wine tourism trophies by Terre de vin

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Domaine La Siranière, Route des Meulières, La Livinière, France France

Services & accessibility

On-site catering
Pets welcome
Families welcome

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