Service de vin d'une carafe dans deux verres à vin.

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- Top 3 wine tasting basics - Perfect guide for wine beginners - 2022 - 1
Top 3 wine tasting basics – Perfect guide for wine beginners

Are you a beginner in wine-drinking? Or, maybe you already drink wine, but are not sure how to appreciate the beverage in your glass. Or…

Epernay capitale du Champagne
Discover the Habits de Lumière Festival in Epernay

Do you know the Habits de Lumière festival in Épernay? Each year, the city of Épernay, Capital of Champagne, lights up for a long-awaited new…

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Discovery of the history of Champagne and its cellars

Vgnobles de Bo
Why wealthy Chinese invest so much in Bordeaux vineyards

The Bordeaux vineyards are renowned and their wines known around the world. The Chinese – whose taste for luxury products ‘Made in France’ and biggest…

Tourisme viticole : le meilleur
Development of wine tourism: a boon for travelers and regions they visit

“Let’s develop wine tourism in France”; this is what the newspaper Les Echos headlined in a column published in 2019. In the process of development,…

La recette de vin chaud se compose de très peu d'ingrédients, facile à reproduire chez soi !
Mulled wine recipe: the Glühwein

If you’re looking for a cure against cold or personal grief, we found a great way to start for you! Red or white wine sprinkled with warm spices, sugar or honey, this is called mulled wine, and Winalist will tell you all about this beverage’s secrets.

- Gift ideas for Wine Lovers - 2022 - 9
Gift ideas for Wine Lovers

For Christmas or for a birthday, for your loved ones or for yourself, here are some great ideas to delight and surprise wine lovers!

Le vin naturel ou vin nature est le résultat d’un choix philosophique visant à retrouver l’expression naturelle du terroir.
Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines – what are the differences?

Organic wines, Biodynamic wines, natural wines… are you getting confused ? Winalist tells you everything about these new terms and the differences between the wines they label!

Le vieillissement du vin, une grande étape de la confection du vin  : elle peut se faire lorsque le vin est déjà en bouteille, dans des cuves en acier inoxydable ou en fût de chêne
The steps and techniques of wine making

After the harvest, once all the fruits have been picked and gathered, do you know what happens? What are the steps and techniques to obtain wine out of fruits? Winalist gives you a useful lexicon of the art of winemaking, in order to understand the vocabulary and the challenges of the wine industry.

Le vin en avion, un business très attractif
The attractive business of wine on flights

Up in the air, wine tastes different. At least, this is what we think because our tastes atrophy slightly with altitude. Though it doesn’t bother thousands of passengers to enjoy wine from their cabin seat every day.