Visit the most famous wine village in Douro Valley

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Come and explore the enchanting Douro Valley: travel through the vines and find Favaios, the most noble and authentic vineyard village. Inserted in a UNESCO World Heritage region, Favaios is a cradle of traditions, where the inhabitants perpetuate the stories of theis ancestors,through strong land connections, especially in the cultivation of vineyards and wines,as well as in the production of the famous Favaios bread. Enjoy our traditions and experiences: relish the Douro and come live unforgettable moments.

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Tasting of 3 wines




Tour / Excursion Cellar visit Car Visit in the vines Culture / Heritage Guided Green Tasting Harvest Kids/Family friendly Ideal with friends Romantic place
Visit the most famous wine village in Douro Valley - Winalist
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Praça de Almeida Garrett, Porto, Portugal

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