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Glowing reviews

They loved their experience!

4.80 (184080)

Slow Wine Travel

The guide and the winery staff were very nice. It was wonderful to see how the villagers all helped each other and looked after the winery as if it were the villa...



Champagne Veuve Clicquot

Martha was great, we had a great time



Château Fortia

A nice visit - informative. One of the oldest wineries around but still very active.



Oporto Road Trips

Super nice day with Yvo, very good guide, great tastings without feeling rushed, beautiful landscapes, and perfect day!!! I recommend 1000 times without hesitatio...



Safari Tours

Beautiful discovery of the Côte de Beaune thanks to our great guide who taught us lots of things :-)



Champagne Mercier

Very nice cellar. Good audio guide explanation. The champagne is also excellent, but the tasting while standing is a disadvantage. It would be more pleasant if th...



Château Ferrand

A very appreciable family castle. Terrific exceptional wines! And a young woman who transmits her passion, a very nice visit.



Château Yon-Figeac

A very warm welcome, Good listening, We learned a lot about the different wines of St Emilion, And, their grape varieties etc. Very interesting !… And t...



Château Du Cléray

A wonderful welcome, a high-quality tasting and an expert guide! thank you for this great experience!



Château de Sales

The young lady was charming, pleasant, and very attentive to everything she explained to us...



Champagne Pol Couronne

Very friendly and very committed. Mrs. Antoine guided us through the rehearsal. Great. It was very good. The only downside was the modern premises in the city c...



Champagne Moët & Chandon

The tour was excellent . Very well narrated and loved looking at the cellars. The tasting session was very good. We enjoyed cycling there from Reims; such beautif...



Champagne Le Gallais

Very interesting and individual



Château La Garde

Very nice visit. Received by a very kind person.



Château de Rayne Vigneau 1er Grand Cru Classé 1855

Very clear and informative tour and wine tasting.



Château Tournefeuille

It was a great visit, we recommend it. Juan Bautista was very kind and spoke to us the entire time in Spanish. He showed us the vineyards and the way to produce i...

Jose Miguel


Champagne Ruinart

A very nice experience, wonderful tasting and wonderful tour



About Wine & Spirits tourism in Germany

Wineries in Germany offer an array of exquisite wine experiences, set in some of the most picturesque vineyards in the world. Known primarily for their Riesling wines, German vineyards also produce a wide variety of white wines, including dessert and sparkling wines, each crafted to perfection across the different wine regions of Germany. From the terraced vineyards along the Mosel River to the historic regions along the Rhine, Germany’s wine culture is rich and inviting for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts alike.

The wine tours in Germany are a prime attraction, especially in regions like the Rhine Valley and the Mosel Valley, where the landscape is dotted with family-run wineries that have been producing amazing wines for generations. Each German wine region, from the well-known Franken to the smallest wine region in Saxony, offers a unique wine route that showcases the best vineyards and local wines. These tours often include wine tastings, where visitors can taste wine alongside a wine expert, learning about the wine production processes that make German wines so distinctive.

Visiting wineries in Germany will be among the top recommendations for those looking to explore the best wines and wine-growing regions. The 10 best wineries to visit in Germany offer everything from traditional German sweet wines to the more modern organic wines, reflecting the diversity of wines produced within Germany. Places like Mainz and Rüdesheim are notable stops for anyone interested in exploring the wine culture and wine festivals that are integral to local traditions.

Wine tourism in Germany also extends to the educational aspects of winemaking, with many wineries offering a tour and wine tasting that delve into the types of German wines, including the renowned German Riesling and red wines. These experiences are designed to enlighten both novices and seasoned wine tasters about the rich tapestry of grape varieties and the wine-making heritage that Germany prides itself on.

Moreover, the best wineries in Germany are not just about wine; they are about the entire experience. These destinations for wine promise a journey through some of the best vineyards in Germany, where wines are made with a dedication to quality and sustainability. From the bustling wine festivals in the wine regions of Germany to the quiet, scenic tours along the Rhine, each visit promises a memorable blend of history, culture, and excellent wine.

Tthe wineries in Germany are a must-visit for anyone interested in the art of wine. With their blend of traditional and innovative wine-making techniques, and settings that range from the dramatic cliffs of the Rhine to the peaceful expanse of the Mosel river, German wineries offer a comprehensive wine experience that is both educational and enjoyable. Whether you are exploring the famous German vineyards or tasting some of the best wines Germany has to offer, the wine tours in Germany are an unparalleled adventure in one of the most renowned wine countries in the world.

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