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Passing through Bar-sur-Aube and want to discover some vineyards before leaving? We are here to help you. Bar-sur-Aube is a town located in the North-East of France, in the Aube department of the Champagne-Ardenne region. It produces different appellation wines: Champagne and Coteaux Champenois. Through its vineyards, you will be able to contemplate the beauty of Champagne and discover the history of the winegrowers who produce wines with a unique taste every day. We offer a list of activities to do in Bar-sur-Aube and its surroundings: Champagne tasting, cellar visit, wine workshop, everything is there to please you.

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Take the opportunity to stop by the winemakers and visit their vineyards, they will be delighted to tell you their story and explain their job to you in more depth. The town of Bar-sur-Aube is surrounded by Champagne hills and hills, so you can contemplate nature, peace and gentleness without worry. The city is crossed by the Dawn, hence its name.

Ps: the city is full of anecdotes and is very rich historically speaking. But no one will tell you better than the locals themselves, the history of their city. Do not hesitate to ask them questions, they will be happy to explain what happened in the city in which they live.

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