Planning your next Wine weekend: how to do?

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Organizing your wine weekend is not easy given the number of accessible wine routes! But going to a wine region remains a fun and enjoyable way to discover French and even European heritage. This form of tourism may be new to you, which is why in this article Winalist answers all your questions. to prepare your wine-tasting weekend in France .

What is a wine-tasting weekend?

It is a stay allowing to realize a route tourist for discover the wineries and châteaux wine producers in a region. We talk often wine tourism to bring together the different activities accompanying the discovery of a terroir such as tastings of wines, educational meals on food and wine pairings, wine workshops or even cellar tours.

Some wine routes benefit from fully organized trips , with accommodation, while other tourists prefer to follow the wine route at their own pace, reserving different activities as they see fit.

In regions famous for their viticulture such as Aquitaine, Burgundy or even The Loire Valley among others, very often the history of wine is closely linked to the architectural and cultural heritage . Organizing a wine-tasting weekend is therefore often also an opportunity to learn about the heritage of a region as a whole.

Wine-tasting weekend in France, Switzerland or Europe - Prepare it with Winalist!

Prepare your wine-tasting weekend on a wine route

To choose a destination and plan your trip, several criteria enters the game :

1) The preference in terms of wines;

2) The climate and the season;

3) Your geographic preferences;

4) Who will you be traveling with?

Choose a region based on local wines

All the regions of France produce very specific wines, without which our beautiful country would not be a world reference in wine culture! To make a choice, you have several options if your objective is above all oenological. You already know the wines of a region , which does not make you want to go back, you therefore proceed by elimination . If you are a fan of certain wines in particular, such as Riesling for example: You decide to go to Alsace to learn more and discover production methods. For fans of red wine, the Bordeaux wine route is a pilgrimage!

Find out about the types of wines produced in each region to guide your choice according to your oenological tastes.

Take into account the climate

You will know that the weather is very different between the oceanic climate of the Bordeaux basin or the continental climate of Alsace. Logically, you will choose a wine route according to the most favorable season according to your desires . Some fans of atypical landscapes will want to see the vines of the Champagne wine route under the snow in winter for a weekend, while others will prefer to wait until summer to taste the fresh rosé and white wines of the South-West. Don’t forget to pack sweaters to go down most Champagne houses cellars as the temperature is pretty chill there.

Your geographic preferences

The landscapes and monuments that stand in your way are a prime reason for a successful wine-tasting weekend . Even within a vineyard, the paths, elevations, and tours available may vary. Like the wine routes in Burgundy : the Coteaux de Pouilly-Sancerre Route along the Loire has a different charm from that of the Grands Crus between Dijon and Beaune.

The number of travelers

As a couple, as a family with children, or with a group of friends, trips are not organized in the same way. This is why it is recommended that you check with the areas along your route in advance if you are traveling in a group. Some activities are reserved for a limited number of people like privileged visits, while others are open to a larger number , sometimes with other groups of tourists like a wine tasting or a visit to a cellar.

Visits, wine workshops and other activities along a wine route with Winalist

Our search engine is the tool you need to organize your trip along the Wine Routes throughout France and Europe. Thanks to our partnerships with many winegrowers, we allow wine tourists to book their walks, visits, tastings and excursions directly in a few clicks . Our search engine helps you select your criteria (dates, number of people, budget, etc.) in the region of your choice. Discover accessible and personalized wine tourism. You can quickly find out if the estates have certain wine tourism labels such as Vineyard and Discovery label .