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Wine tourism: a livelier tourism

Wine tourism: a livelier tourism

Oenotourisme vignoble

September 27 is World Tourism Day. As such, we mean a guided tour of sumptuous historical monuments, cities and different cultures with the sole purpose of exploring, for one’s pleasure, a place other than one’s own. On this occasion, we invite you to discover a more original form of tourism that is wine tourism. The goal ? Browse wine regions and their productions.

Wine tourism allows, first of all, to make surprising and enriching encounters. Professionals and wine lovers meet on the land where it all begins to contemplate the vines and share their passion. If you missed the article where we explain in detail the principle of this new form of tourism, this is where it happens!

To celebrate World Tourism Day as it should be, we have concocted a list of 4 unmissable places to visit in the 4 corners of France, so no jealousy. Our ultimate secret to make you dream during your getaway? Guided tour or oenological workshop but above all… wine tasting !

Wine tourism at Château du Bois Huaut in the Loire

Loire vineyard

Let’s start this wine tour of France in the Loire vineyards, more precisely in the Pays Nantais. Better known for its white grape varieties: Muscadet also called “Melon de Bourgogne”, Chenin, Pinot gris called “Malvoisie” or Gros Plant under the common name of “Folle Blanche”, the Vineyard also produces some red and rosé varieties such as Cabernet and Gamay.

During your stay in the Pays Nantais, we recommend that you make a stop at the Château du Bois Huaut. This estate located in the heart of the Nantes vineyard in Gorges, offers you a tour of the vines and cellars, followed by a tasting of 8 cuvées and a tailor-made oenology course. They welcome you so well that they offer you 2 bottles of the Château to end this experience in style. You can book this visit directly online on Winalist without further delay.

Visit of the Moët and Chandon cellars in Champagne


It is difficult to evoke the term “oenotourism” without pronouncing that of Maison Moët & Chandon. For this second oenological experience, we invite you to Champagne, to Épernay, to discover the underside of sparkling wine. During this experience, you will be charmed by the beauty of the city and that of its vineyards. The town of Épernay, classified as a “remarkable site of taste” in 1994 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, has 110 kilometers of cellars, some of which go down more than 20 meters deep.

Among these kilometers of happiness, it is the Maison Moët & Chandon which opens its doors to you for a Grand Vintage visit . You will live an initiatory experience around the Grand Vintage Blanc and the Grand Vintage Rosé which will give you the expression of the Cellar Master. This two-hour experience is available in English and French.

Stroll to the Domaine Enclos de la Croix in Languedoc

Domain Enclosure of the cross

For this third getaway, we are taking you to the south of France (and yes, the sunny days are not over). The Languedoc-Roussillon vineyard is full of estates as sumptuous as each other and today it is the turn of the Domaine Enclos de la Croix to shine. Their promise when you come: to be in the shoes of a winegrower in organic farming. You will visit the cellar, the sheep (in winter), their plow horses and you can even pick vegetables in their vegetable garden!

The Domaine will introduce you to its philosophy and will reveal to you the reason why it works in organic farming, the interest of animal traction and the production of wine. At the end of these beautiful words, a wine tasting is planned and followed by a delicious local lunch with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Book this original and surprising getaway on Winalist.

Visit a Bordeaux castle: the Château de Camarsac

Center of Bordeaux

The last wine tourism location to feature on this pretty list is indeed a Bordeaux chateau. Impossible not to mention this Vineyard which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and steeped in the culture of wine. Bordeaux celebrates wine every two years by organizing a grandiose event but this does not in any way prevent the surrounding castles from offering wine tourism activities throughout the year.

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This is also the case of the Château de Carmasac which invests as much as it can for its visitors who are passionate about wine and its history. To conquer them, he offers a visit as well as a tasting on the roof of the 14th century medieval keep which still retains traces of its 700 years of history. The view from this spot is amazing. If the weather permits, you can watch a wonderful sunset while tasting the wines of the Château.

Carmasac Castle

This non-exhaustive list is designed to guide you in your search for wine tourism activities. You can discover so many others on Winalist. Hundreds of estates welcome you in France, Italy, Switzerland and soon in Spain to make you travel around the culture of wine.

Reservations for experiences are available online on Winalist and are effective instantly. And if you want to discover wine tourism yourself, you can offer a gift card for the amount of your choice to practice wine tourism anywhere in France and in partner countries! Good wine stay with Winalist.

Who practices wine tourism?

The wine tourist is a person who has spent at least one night in France for a holiday leisure reason outside his usual environment and who has had a practice of discovering wine and vineyards (tasting, visits to cellars, museums, vineyards , wine routes, wine-growing villages, etc.).

Who are the players in wine tourism?

The regions that are home to the vineyards as well as the winegrowers are the main players in wine tourism. They benefit from the spin-offs of this activity which combines rural tourism and agritourism.

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