Make the right choice for your first experience in wine tourism

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Whether you’re already a wine lover or just curious to know more about it, wine tourism is an excellent way to fully discover the riches of our French terroirs. More and more winegrowers are opening their doors to us, offering visitors a chance to live for a few moments at the rhythm of their noble profession. The possible activities are many walks in the fields, private tastings, wine workshops … So many that it can be difficult to make a choice.

Select the wine region of your taste

Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Provence … Wine tourism in France is particularly famous for its wine regions with unique grape varieties . Indeed, the location of the vines plays a big role its sunshine, its temperature or its latitude are all elements that will contribute to the formation of a very particular grape. It is then local know-how that will come into play and allow the marketing of world-renowned cuvées, which are exported to America and Asia.

This is a criterion that can guide your tastes in wine when you first experience it. You can start with a region whose wine you appreciate, you will not be disappointed. Indeed, for lovers of rosé wine, Provence and its fruity grape varieties are an ideal destination. But do not hesitate to be adventurous by choosing on the contrary a region whose particularities you ignore. Booking a wine tour in Burgundy are essential if you want to discover the legendary great wines of this wine region, for example.

Follow the grape through the seasons with wine tourism

When you have chosen the region to visit, you must then think about the season that appeals to you the most. Before summer, the vines will cover themselves with leaves and then flowers. It is only in June that the grapes will gradually appear, then ripen under the sun until they are ready for harvest. It was then the harvest, very busy periods for wine-growers, but also full of life and animation. Moments of hard work (and celebration, especially when the harvest is generous), the harvest is one of the key points in the life cycle of wine. Do you want to fully experience the excitement of the harvest? The demand is high and the winegrowers are very busy, so it is crucial to plan your visit well. Winalist allows you to book your wine tourism activities online to avoid any unpleasant surprises as the big day approaches.

Choose the right activity for your needs and your group

Wine tourism in Italy for exemple is practiced through multiple activities, from tastings to hot air balloon rides over the vineyards. Some programs combine both guided tours and tastings, ideal for exploring French wines. But you can also opt for more specific organic wine tasting activities, discovery of behind the scenes of the viticultural profession, wine & cheese pairing workshop… French wine tourism has many surprises in store for you

Obviously, certain activities such as themed meals or privileged visits are more suitable for small committees, especially couples. Alone alone (or almost) with the winemaker, you can take full advantage of his knowledge and valuable advice. The number of participants must therefore be taken into account in order to choose the appropriate program. Our wine terroirs are full of riches, and Winalist is there to help you discover them. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information to plan your first wine tourism experience.