Wine Bike Tours in France Best Destinations

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Want to see France’s beautiful vineyards and wineries through some of the best wine bike tours in this beautiful part of Europe?
If you’re an adventurous spirit intrigued by the idea of experiencing a Wine Trip in France, then look no further! A wine bike tour is the perfect option for you while exploring wine country. There are numerous vineyards to explore and nothing beats discovering them on two wheels. If you’ve ever been curious about taking part in a Wine Bike Tour through this stunning country, rest assured that it’s not only possible but also incredibly rewarding!

Let us help you visit the best France wineries for a one-of-a-kind biking tour throughout vineyards. Get ready to experience France in a completely new way – hop on your bike and pedal through breathtaking scenery while enjoying some of its finest wines!

It’s true that France counts many wine regions – each more beautiful than the other – and making this choice might become a little overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. This is when we can help you!

On Winalist, you can choose the wine tourism activity you wish for and where wine estates offer them in France. Or you can choose one wine region and discover all experiences that are offered to see what temps you most for your trip.

Back to our wine bike tours now, these are musts in almost every wine-region of France! The fact of cycling itself is something very French, as you may know, so cycling in a French vineyards is just one of those things you have to check on your bucket list!

1. Cycling on the Alsace Wine Route

Set off on a breathtaking 111-mile journey through the beautiful Alsace region of Eastern France near the German border, and marvel in its renowned wines. The wineries in Alsace are a must for any traveler – try that unforgettable late harvest Gewurztraminer while you’re there! Embark on this memorable experience today.

Wine bike tours
Hunawihr, Alsace, France

Come explore the stunningly picturesque Alsace Wine Route, located near the Vosges Mountains. As you traverse this enchanting land, be sure to take time and visit Thann, Guebwiller (the highest point of the massif), Husseren-les-Châteaux with its numerous panoramic Châteaux views, as well as Colmar – all idyllic villages waiting for your discovery.

While here don’t forget to treat yourself with some local wine tasting sessions and traditional Alsatian delicacies! Come ride around in search of adventure on an unforgettable bike tour through Alsace!

Our hosts Evindez Vous will be glad to take you on a private 4-hour tour with electric bikes along the Alsace Wine Route, that includes a tasting of 4 wines.

You might also enjoy what Joseph Cattin offers, to make your Alsatian trip a highlight of your trip in France. They will be glad to meet you!

2. Wine bike tours for Loire Castles

route des vins du centre val de loire-compressed
Loire Bike Trail

Visiting Loire Valley wineries is one trip you will remember all your life. A highlight of Frence’s territory and prestigious history, the Loire Valley gathers over one thousand castles. Talking about something to remember!

Choosing to discover fairy-tail wonders by bike such as cycling along the Loire river, is probable the best way to enjoy this breath-taking part of France! Not only will you discover historical Châteaux, but the region’s vast vine expanse will embellish your wine bike tour for sure.

The cycling route is actually 300 kilometers (about 186 miles) long, enough to give you plenty to see each day. You can absolutely consider spending a few days cycling on the whole route and simultaneously visit Loire Châteaux.

Here is an idea of itinerary for nice Loire wine bike tours:

  • Start pedaling at the Châteaux de Chambord: take the train from Tours to reach the city of Blois.
  • Head to Chaumont-sur-Loire and visit the Château de Chenonceau.
  • Cycle along the Cher river and reach the little village of Saint-Aignan. You’ll be able to visit Château de Valençay close by.
  • For more, continue through Montresor and Loches, one of the unmissable village of this bike tour.
  • Finally, you can go further and head towards Chinon and cross by castles and enjoy wonderful views. You’re last and final stop would be at the city of Saumur.

Along your route, don’t hesitate to go visit wine estates and those who love their wine land! You’ll know all there is about what makes great Loire wines.

3. Champagne vineyards on wine bike tours

Cote des blancs, Champagne

The Champagne houses tours is synonym of luxury and class, the beverage having made France a beacon to wine connoisseurs all over the globe. Nestled near Paris, this French vineyard region offers plenty of possibilities for an unforgettable cycling experience through its historic cities: Reims, Epernay and nearby areas classified as “Cities of Art & History”. Embark on your Champagne bike tour today and discover why it’s one of the most sought-after sites in Europe!

Exploring the Champagne region by bike is an incomparable experience! With 300km of trails that include canals, green tracks, countryside, and vineyards – all with a flat terrain for easy peddling – it’s sure to be a delightful adventure. Additionally, biking from one cellar to another will give you the best of both worlds: enjoy world-renowned tastings and tours while taking in breathtaking views along your journey.

We recommend planning a Day Bike Tour near Reims, or a Day Bike Tour starting from Epernay.

4. Burgundy wine bike trails

Route des grands cru de Bourgogne
Burgundy Wine Route

Did someone say wine bike trails from one Burgundy wine regions to another? From Chablis, to Beaujolais, you can experience the true Bourgignon lifestyle by cycling along these magnificent countryside trails and even picnic in vineyards.

This tourist wine route in not the longest you’ll find France: 60 kilometers long (about 37 miles) – but if you know your Burgundy wines, than this is the bike tour destination for you. Actually, whether you’re a wine buff or not, this wine bike route is one to consider!

The highlight of this bike trip will be the discovery of picturesque Burgundy villages with breathtaking architecture and landscapes. On the Route des Grands Crus, you will be astonished by the simple beauty of wine estates, humble Villa Bourgignones and the beautiful cities of Dijon, Beaune and of course Châteneud-du-Pape.

We are happy to suggest the Day-Bike-Tour our host Bourgogne Evasion By Active Tours offers: a day to peddle a downhill 24km circuit with guides ans Burgundy wine specialists, that will explain all there is to know about local terroir and appellations. This Burgundy Bike Tour includes the tasting of 9 Burgundy wines and meal… What more to expect? You’ll have an amazing time!

5. Bordeaux wine bike tour: castles and more

13 régions viticoles en France : ici, les vignobles de Bordeaux
The famous Chateau Cos D’Estournel, Bordeaux Region, France

Ah Bordeaux wine, Bordeaux Châteaux… Why not Bordeaux wine bike tour?

Birth vineyard of world most famous red wines, Bordeaux hides many wonders, from medieval villages, superb Wine Châteaux and breathtaking views, the Médoc Wine Route is once more one to consider when planning wine bike tours in France.

The highlight of your Bordeaux wine bike tour will be the discovery of famous Saint-Emilion wineries after exploring the pitoresque village, along with all the Wine Châteaux you will come across where you can enjoy gourmet meals and picnic. Where better to taste Bordeaux wine than in a Bordeaux wine estate!

Full of fun activities for families, groups of friends, couples or single travelers, Bordeaux wine regions offers delights to all.

You see, France is an incredibly rich wine-destination, blessed with varieties of terroir that each have unique character. One on-site, feel free to use Winalist’s interractive maps to see wineries next to you and book tastings and tours for the next day!

Whatever the region you choose to visit, enjoy your amazing wine bike tours in France!
If you want to discover a new region by bike, we recommend Burgundy.

What to wear on a Bike Tour?

The key-word is: comfortable. There is no dress code for bike tours of course, but since your tour will last a couple of hours, and that you will be outdoors probably eating on grass or wooden benches, the best option is to go for something comfortable and that you don’t mind getting dirty. Wineries usually don’t hand out clothes or shoes, so it is best if you take this kind of outfit in your suitcase.

Are French wine regions bicycle-friendly?

Yes indeed! If you plan a trip to France and to freely bike around vineyards, all Wine Routes will meet your expectations and beyond! Whether you feel like visiting, Alsace, Champagne, the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux or even Provence wine regions, all wine routes are the fruit of region’s beauty.