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4 ideas of Loire Valley Wine Trips from Paris

4 ideas of Loire Valley Wine Trips from Paris

Val de loire

Did you know that the Loire Valley is rather close to Paris?

When you think of France, it is easy to visualize where Paris is, but for the rest of renowned French wine regions, it’s something else. It is indeed a nice surprise when you understand that you can plan a very nice trip to the Loire Valley and still land in Paris without having to expect to spend too much time on the road to reach your destination.

That’s why in this article, we are happy to give all the tips and tricks to plan nice Loire Valley Wine Trips from Paris! Stay with us to see what you need to know before you go.

Where is the Loire Valley and how to get there from Paris?

Where is the Loire Valley?

By definition, the Loire Valley is a vast area – a valley – as it stretches or about 280 km along the Loire River, in the center of France. The beginning of the Loire Valley, when it comes to visiting the extensive list of superb Châteaux that surround the river, we consider that the starting point is the city of Tours. If you wish to settle there, you will find many accommodations.

Is the Loire Valley close to Paris?

This is when you can concretely understand the proximity between the Loire Valley and Paris: it will only take you about an hour and a half by train from Paris to Tours. The train will indeed be your best option, as France has a rather efficient high-speed train network that links Paris to other main French cities though direct trips. Therefore, you can also consider reaching the cities of Blois, Amboise and Orléans in a couple of hours.

How to travel once in the Loire Valley?

If you have the opportunity to rent a car, this will be a true asset to make the most of your time in the Loire valley vineyard. Indeed, as it is very much stretched, but very much beautiful indeed, it will be an amazing day-road-trip to browse the roads of the Loire Valley, even if you go back to Paris in the evening.

If however your are looking to spend less time in the car and more in wineries or castles, you should go for the train. As mentioned, you will find it convenient to reach main cities by train, and most famous Loire Château are accessible by public transportation such as buses or shuttles.

There we go, you can already start logistics to plan a Loire Valley wine trip from Paris!

Loire Valley Wine Trips from Paris

Planning a trip to the Loire from Paris may be a little tricky since you will find a lot of ready-made Loire Valley tours tours from Paris in tourism agencies. Our wish is for you to find the best kind of a trip you want, whether in cities, outdoor wine tours, wine tastings in vineyards or visits to Loire wine estates, you will find it all here!

1. A day-visit in the city of Tours

loire valley wine trips from paris
The city of Tours at the border of the Loire river – Pixabay

Hop on the train in Paris and arrive in beautiful Tours just an hour and a half later! There is plenty to see in Tours and its surroundings for a successful stay even if you just go back and forth from Paris in one day.

There is plenty more to see in Tours, discover all about it in this dedicated article!

Loire Valley winegrowers will be happy to welcome you to their estates for many wine experiences. Book your next Loire Valley wine tasting while you visit Tours!

2. Val de Loire travel: private wine tours from Paris to Loire Valley

The Val de Loire travel team will be glad to meet you during this one-of-a-kind private day tour in the Loire Valley they have put together.

They will pick you up in the morning around Tours, to start a day trip in the vineyards. From the discovery of Loire Valley terroir, the richness of professional explanations, cellar visits, exquisite lunch and wine tastings, choosing this tour will be the highlight of your wine trip near Paris.

3. Outdoor Wine Tours in Angers

From Paris, you can reach Angers by train after a short 2-hour high speed train trip. There, you will be delighted to find several wine-tourism-trail to ride your bike on. You will be immersed right in vineyards with amazing views on the valley. This is a very nice option for an outdoor Loire Valley day trip from Paris to do with family or friends!

Here are ideas of 3 Tours in the Loire Valley from Angers.

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Angers is also blessed with beautiful vineyards, to the delight of local winegrowers who will be happy to share their knowledge with you. Don’t hesitate to go discover one of the estates near Angers!

4. Discover magnificent Loire Castles in 1 day

Sur la route des vins de Loire, visitez le plus haut château de France
Château de Brissac – Loire Valley

While you are wondering how to take advantage of you time in the Loire Valley, some visits to Loire Castles are absolute musts. Altogether, there are maybe more than a thousand castles along the Loire! No worries, we’ve done what we like most and have come up with a list of top 10 Loire Castles you don’t want to miss during a day trip to the Loire Valley from Paris.

Enjoy your amazing Loire Valley Wine Trip from Paris! But remember, you will probably want to come back for more amazing experiences! Once on site, don’t hesitate to consult wineries near you on Winalist.

FAQ & Useful resources

Is Loire Valley worth visiting?

The Loire Valley is well worth visiting. If you just consider wonderful the castles & gardens, charming cities like Saumur, and exquisite wines – without even mentioning the amazing landscape – you will find yourself in love with this part of France.

How many days do you need in Loire Valley?

For your trip in the Loire Valley, the best it to plan a stay of at least 2 or 3 days, if you actually want to enjoy some of its beauty without rushing too much. You can however easily spend a week to vary your activities between bike tours, Châteaux visiting, wine tastings and tours and more relaxing moments. Finally, a day-trip is also worth the shot, since it is easily done starting from Paris thanks to all train networks and tourism agencies that organize day-tours.

When is the best time of year to visit the Loire Valley?

If you want to enjoy Loire Castles and their beautiful gardens at their best, then mid-May to June is your period – especially since it is not a high season, so blossomed flowers will wait only you.
If you are looking for a little more dynamism in the area, the Loire Valley organizes many events, shows and festivals from June to September.

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